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  1. Fantasy Football for Beginners

    hahahahah, nice recommendation - if you plan to make it - write me Anyways I found this website very informative -- I mean it explains it with a lot more words than your second replay - I guess this will work for him. And I will definitely tell him to subscribe to - Thanks!
  2. So a friend of mine wants to learn more about the Daily Fantasy World, but I work some crazy night shifts this month and I don't have time to help him so I wonder if you know any website, which can help him with the whole explanation about this? Thanks in advance!
  3. It is still blocked for EU... Will somebody fix it soon?
  4. RIP Kenyatta Jones

    So sad... RIP
  5. The NFL Hall of Fame 2018 Class

    I totally agree with this list.
  6. Chris Godwin

    Godwin played well beyond his years as a rookie and he continues to make a strong impression on all of his coaches.
  7. So I guess we are going to find out what will happen with him on July 19...