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  1. Who wins this trade?

    Assuming that all 4 players are in starting roles, and that it's not a keeper league, I pick the team getting Hopkins and Freeman
  2. If you didn't have to have the player this week, how about Kirk for the better long-term outlook?
  3. Sell high on Diggs?

    Fair enough. Do you think Diggs is worth holding on to, looking at my team as a whole, or would you use that huge week he just had to try and move him, and if so for what?
  4. Amari cooper

    I'd keep Cooper and try to upgrade with a deal similar to the one mentioned in the post above...
  5. Trade or no?

    What does the rest of your roster look like? Scoring system?
  6. Sell high on Diggs?

    Keeper auction league, 12 teams with $200 cap, 20-player roster (I have 18 because weekly waivers are ongoing and I cut two injured players), start QB/2RB/3WR/TE/K/D. Diggs was my nominal #1 at $21 coming into the draft, and I'm luckily 4-2 because of my Cook/Chubb/Godwin core. Can't see them doing this all year, so I need to improve the team if possible, or at least tread water and get cheaper talent to keep (kept players go up $5/year). Better QB wouldn't hurt either... Or do I hold on to him? Rodgers ($15)/Goff ($5) Cook ($27)/Michel ($15)/Chubb ($11)/Guice ($7)/R. Freeman ($5)/Walton ($1) Hilton ($26)/Diggs ($21)/Godwin ($9)/Sutton ($8)/D. Jackson ($5)/M. Brown ($3)/P. Williams ($1) Kittle ($10) Gonzalez ($2) Chargers ($5)
  7. Which Defense this week?

    Lions for me
  8. Blow Up the Team or Stay the Course

    Is this a keeper league? How many teams make the playoffs, and what kind of finish do you think you'd need to get in? Think you could move Diggs or Woods plus Jacobs or Henry to get a top-shelf WR?
  9. Just had my trade vetoed!!

    I'd be looking to leave said league after kicking their behinds this year, or at least blast the hell out of them...
  10. Do I take the trade??

    Agreed. Even in a weak year for rookies, I would think the #1 spot would benefit someone enough to pony up more than that...
  11. Michel for Golladay?

    My league's (12 team auction, .5 PPR, $200 cap, start 1QB/2RB/3WR/TE/K/D, player values go up $5/year) deadline for protecting 10 people is Friday, and I'm mulling a trade offer while trying to iron out my last couple of keeper candidates. My keeper candidates: QB - Luck ($13) RB - Cook ($27), Chubb ($11), Michel ($15), Guice ($7), Freeman ($21) WR - Diggs ($21), Godwin ($9), Sutton ($8), Fuller ($15), Jeffery ($16) TE - Kittle ($10), Henry ($6) My 7 lock keepers, barring trade, are above. They cost $100. Luck is about a lock. I think Henry's value is too good to throw away. Sutton has an edge for me because of his lower price point, though Fuller is likely to perform better in 2019, injuries notwithstanding. I offered Freeman and Jeffery for Kenny Golladay ($10) but got a quick no. The other owner countered, asking for Chubb, and I gave him a quick no. Seeing my roster requirements, log of good but not great keeper options for my last couple of spots, and space available, would you offer Michel for Golladay? If so, that makes Freeman a mandatory keeper, right? And then who gets the last spot or two (if you don't think Luck is a lock)? Thanks for the help!
  12. I agree that this is too much for Hunt.
  13. Trade away Antonio Brown? Dynasty PPR

    Not sure how Hill's outlook may turn out with his pending role in a police investigation. That said, I agree that if you could get a back-end #1 RB, it would be a nice deal. Then maybe you can turn Fournette into something the very first nice game he has next year. But I'm getting ahead of myself...
  14. Is Chub worth keeping?

    Chubb is absolutely worth keeping, and definitely so over Carson. As to whether he or Keenan Allen is better, that would be a case of player costs, available players, league structure and such...