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  1. Dynasty league deep rb prospect

    Today, I take Richard. Especially if your league scores any PPR.
  2. 2 keeper league...who to keep?

    I don't know if it changes my answer, but where do you draft? I was considering something like keeping Chubb and Johnson is you knew you could get either Brown or Jones with your pick, or something like that... without that info, I think I keep Chubb and Julio, pending AB news.
  3. 1.06 in a 12 team dynasty start up

    I think I like them just in the order you listed them...
  4. Which 3 do I keep?

    Without knowing scoring, league size, or if the value varies (round value or player cost?) - I would go Hopkins, Kittle, and Fournette. Do you have the option to trade players at this point? Moving some combination of Wilson, Fournette, Carson, and Ridley for a no-doubt keeper would be nice...
  5. 10 Keepers for 2019

    I'm in a 12-team .5 PPR auction league with a $200 cap. Roster is 20 players (start QB/2RB/3WR/TE/K/D), we protect 10 in mid-February (lose everyone else), and keep 0-10 of those in August. We can trade after the fantasy playoffs end after Week 16. Player values go up $5/year, $$ shown below are 2019 #s -QB - Luck ($13), Winston ($7)RB - Cook ($27), Michel ($15), Chubb ($11), Ajayi ($8), Guice ($7), R. Jones ($6), McGuire ($6)WR - Hilton ($44), Diggs ($21), Jeffery ($16), Fuller ($15), Godwin ($9), Sutton ($8), Pettis ($6)TE - Kittle ($10), Henry ($6) Which 10 players do you protect?
  6. Trade Advice/I Respond to yours as well

    With your scoring system, I think you're giving up more than you get, but to be fair, I'm not a big fan of Landry. My post:
  7. Will Fuller - Keeper value

    3 teams, including myself, are cooked and should be looking for next year. So I will have some likely competition, but it's a tightrope to walk. I could bid $22 (my open cap space) and get him for sure, but I won't keep him at $27. The number I'm trying to find is where, if someone outbids me, I won't feel that they're getting a great deal. Yeah, I'm rebuilding. Still trying to talk myself into dealing Dalvin Cook ($27 next year) as well. In case you are curious, or think it would matter, I can keep up to 10 players, and here are the current candidates on my roster, with current values: QB - Luck ($8) RB - Cook ($22), Michel ($10), Chubb ($6), Ajayi ($3), Guice ($2) WR - Diggs ($21), Jeffery ($16), Gabriel ($5), Godwin ($4), Sutton ($3) TE - Kittle ($5), Henry ($1)
  8. Michel and Chubb for Melvin Gordon?

    I see Cook vs. Chubb as almost a push myself, especially with the injuries Cook has had this year. If he'll give you Gordon for Chubb, Michel, and a Saints WR, do that in a skinny minute!
  9. Another vote for the first three...
  10. Fuller (ACL) is done for the year, and may not be ready to go by week 1 of 2019. His owner cut him in a 12-team keeper league, where he is 21st in average points per game. We start 3 WR a week. With a $200 cap, where player values go up $5 a year, what is Fuller's value were I to bid on him before 7:00 tonight? Thanks!
  11. TRADE ADVICE Simple

    I'd want Juju unless I got a much better RB, and Breida has been dinged up a lot. Which side is yours? If you can get Juju for Breida, do it. If you can get Cohen for Cooper, I'd probably do that, too...
  12. Commie is pissing me off...

    Lots of leagues out there, and if the other owners aren't comfortable with you anyway, I'd be looking to move anyway...
  13. This Weeks Defense

  14. What do you guys think of this trade? Unfair?

    Highway robbery, unless Fournette was out for the season and the other player was RB desperate
  15. Possible trade

    Assuming this is a PPR? In a non-PPR, it's a better deal, though I'd have real concerns about Fournette's return from injury, and your RB depth. If you would start Jeffery, Fournette and the third player, I think I might do it. However, can we see what your roster looks like now?