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  1. Should I trade

    Ppr league... iam trying to get D.Cook. should I give up J.mixon and D.Montgomery . Or J.Mixon and S. MITCHELL for D. COOK. My other Rb is J.Conner. and Ekeler. Please help. And again. Thanks in advance
  2. M.Gordon,D.Cook.M.Ingram

    In a TD heavy league ... out of M.Gordon, D.COOK., M.Ingram. who will have the better numbers at the end of the season.? Please help. And thanks in advance.
  3. Winston or matt ryan

    In a td heavey league.. what Qb should I go with in week 1? Matt Ryan vs vikings or J. Winston vs 49ers.? Please help. And thank u in advance
  4. Winston or matt ryan

    Lol. Echo... thanks guys
  5. WR in the 12th round?

    Hey guys. In a td heavy league.. what wr is a good pick out of these players for the 12th round.? 1.Funchess 2.Dede Westbrook 3.Tyrell Williams 4.S.Shepard 5.Valdes Scantling Please help, and thanks in advance.
  6. WR in the 12th round?

    Ya , I am loving scantling. But like purplemonster said... luck is throwing to funchess. N I believe D. Westbrook's will b the #1 wr in that offense.. it's pretty much out of them 3....
  7. List YOUR Top 10 RB's

    1. Barkley 2.mccaffrey 3.elliot 4.kamara 5.johnson 6.mixon 7.conner 8.bell 9.gurley 10.M.Gordon