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  1. Hi, I am in a 12 team dynasty, 2 QB league. I am in a rebuild situation, but i do have some assets to build from already. Some of my rebuild players and assets already rostered Josh Rosen QB Deshaun Watson QB Derrius Guice RB Rashad Penny RB Josh Adams RB Corey Clement RB Jaylen Samuels RB Chris Warren III RB Cooper Kupp Will Fuller Christian Kirk Deon Cain Marques Valdez-Scantling Robert Foster Picks: 2019 1.01, 1.03, 1.04, 2.10 2020 mid-1st, early 2nd I am being offered Tyreek Hill for 2 x 1st rounders. I'm intrigued for a couple of reasons: 1) 2019 draft isn't that strong, and it seems to be WR heavy ... but there is no clear cut #1 WR potentials. 2) There isn't amazing RBs or QBs available. 3) I would keep one of my 2019 1sts to still play that draft. 4) Pairing Cooper Kupp (top 5 WR through week 5) with another top 5 WR in Tyreek Hill who is also 24 is a strong WR core to build off I would only consider it for the 2019 1.03/1.04 ... the 1.01 and 2020 1st (much better draft) are off the table. What do you think?
  2. I am in a Dynasty 12 team, 2QB PPR league. I am in rebuilding mode, with no chance of winning this year or next most likely. In fact, I am hoping not make my own 2019 1st rounder .. #1 overall. I am looking at trading Doug Baldwin, Marlon Mack, late 2019 first (guy finished 3rd last year) for Baker Mayfield 2019 mid 2nd 2020 mid 2nd $200 waiver wire dollars Yes or no?
  3. Kirk Cousins Trade

    Well ... here is the thing ... no one really replaces Cousins in this scenario. I have Deshaun Watson as my other starter. I have my own 2019 1st rounder. So, I am thinking to shed Cousins for a young, promising QB prospect + 1st, toss this year for the future with no viable second starter. Making my own draft picks better for 2019, possibly #1 overall. I'm confident Rosen starts next year (possibly some point this year).
  4. Kirk Cousins Trade

    I am looking at a Kirk Cousins trade in a Dynasty 12 team, 2QB PPR league. I am in rebuilding mode, with no chance of winning this year or next most likely. Cousins for ... Josh Rosen 2019 mid 1st Yes or no?
  5. Corey Davis Trade

    Guy loves CD
  6. Corey Davis Trade

    12 team dynasty league. I am in a rebuild situation. I am looking at a Corey Davis trade. Corey Davis for 2019 early 1st rounder (possible 1st overall) My choice of TWO of the following: Ronald Jones III Alshon Jefferies Sammy Watkins George Kittle 1. Would you make this trade? 2. Which two would you pick?