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  1. HELP!

    I need to start Hyde or C. Kirk. In our league a running back gets 1 point for every 50 yds rushing and 6 for a TD and 1 point for every 25 yds receiving. A Wr gets 1 point for 25 yds and 3 for a TD. Who should I play? Hyde vs. Bucs and Kirk vs. Sea Hawks.
  2. Gallup Or Diggs?

    I have Cupp need one of these two?
  3. Mahomes has a bad hand and they may run more. So is Cousins a better play.?
  4. I was thinking Eagles?
  5. Carson Or A. Jones?

  6. Carson Or A. Jones?

    A.Jones vs 49’ers or Carson vs Eagles. I need a win for a first round by?
  7. Drop Drake For Mack?

    Drake is a backup on my bench. I have CMC, Barkley, A. Jones, Carson ?
  8. Burkhead or Boyd ROS?

    I would say keep Boyd . Burkhead splits carries with two other backs. Boyd is starting and will see more scoring opportunities.
  9. Not sure which is the better play Lambo at Tenn. or Maher at NE?
  10. Patriots / Ravens DST - Rest of Season

    Thats why I picked up The Ravens. Now I have Steelers and Ravens D for the playoffs!
  11. Drake Or J. Williams ROS?

    John Williams from the Colts?
  12. They both will split carries! But who would you want going forward?
  13. Need To Win Out-DST???

    The Ravens D has had very good weeks the last 3 or 4 weeks scoring.
  14. Need To Win Out-DST???

    That is what I was thinking. Maybe I should pick up the Ravens as a back up?