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  1. Why would you even consider this?
  2. Singletary or Tate??

    MIA D is so bad. I think you gotta go Singletary.
  3. Trade Advice

    I’d rather have Fournette but if you need another WR I’d do it. If you don’t need an WR than I’d stay put.
  4. Very Interesting Trade. Thoughts???

    I think you gotta keep Hopkins. The talent is there and I think he rebounds the second half of this season.
  5. I have Mixon in now but I’m wondering if Murray is the better play?
  6. Murray or Goff this weekend

    Thanks for the input! I’m still uncertain haha, to be honest but I’m leaning Murray just because of the consistency.
  7. Only reason I’m even considering Goff is because of how bad the ATL defense is. What do you think?
  8. Curiosity....

    Since Singletary is coming back from an injury I think you gotta go Kerryon even if it’s against the Vikings
  9. QB start?

    Even though the dolphins are terrible, I still think you gotta play Russell just based on how great he’s been playing
  10. Need advice on a trade

    Do the trade before he takes it off the table.
  11. Who should I drop???

    I could see him getting less touches going forward considering Walton looked better today and he missed the two-point conversion (not really his fault). But it seems like the Dolphins are doing everything in their power to tank so who knows haha.