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  1. Robby Anderson question

    I've been playing fantasy football for 6 years and hate to admit I still don't know what people mean when they say this. Is calling someone a WR3 better or worse than calling them a Flex play?
  2. Which one should I give up? Owner said he'll take either.
  3. Qb start

  4. Trade away James Robinson for E Sanders

    Like Montana says, it really depends on your team. But in standard scoring I wouldn't because Robinson got a lot of work.
  5. Don't know if week 1 was a fluke against the dolphins or if I should trust them.
  6. TY and Hock for Mike Evans?

    Thanks guys, I accepted. Do you think I'd be better off picking up Logan Thomas or Darrell Williams off the wire?
  7. PPR Other tight end is Henry and Logan Thomas is on waivers.
  8. I'd be crazy not to accept this right? 0.5 PPR
  9. I would do it. You need help at RB and Saquon is the perfect one to help
  10. PPR league. Have an open spot and a lot of WRs already. Should I pick up one of these guys or MVS or Gage?
  11. ROS: Minshew or Goff?

    I'd say it's better to take a flyer on Minshew. I was burnt by Goff last year and feel like it's gonna be some more of the same this year with 1 less good WR to throw to.
  12. Marv Jones or Campbell in Dynasty?

    Campbell by far. Jones will be pretty good this year, but Campbell is the better log term investment