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  1. Week 16 D/ST: BAL, DEN or NYJ

    I'm choosing between BAL, DEN, and IND and I think I'm going with DEN this week just cause I don't think the Lions have a chance of scoring much at all.
  2. Washington Peterson Montgomery
  3. Week 15 QB

    I'd probably play Tanehill
  4. Which D/ST should I play?

    I'd say KC
  5. Which RBs - Need 2.

    Ekeler and Jacobs if Jacobs doesn't play then pivot to Mostert
  6. I somehow still have all 3 haha
  7. Lineup help

    I like Slayton better than Pascal and Sanders
  8. Lineup Help

    Either Tanehill or Ryan and I'm strongly leaning Tanehill.
  9. Lineup Help

    Should I keep my lineup as is or switch out any bench players? 0.5 PPR
  10. Who do I drop?

    Need to drop one of these guys, who do I cut? Marvin Jones Darius Slayton Zach Pascal Deebo Samuel
  11. Moving on to the next round!