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  1. Choose the best WR for this week

    Appreciate the input. I originally had Funchess in my lineup because of the matchup but I think I’m going Thomas now.
  2. Pick 1: PPR Allen Robinson Devin Fuchness Demaryius Thomas Courtland Sutton
  3. Flex Pick 2

    PPR League Tevin Coleman Allen Robinson Devin Fuchness Chris Thompson Demaryius Thomas Courtland Sutton
  4. Flex and defense question

    I’d say Cook and Broncos
  5. DEN D or GB D

    With AJ Green ready to play on Sunday do we still feel as confident about Denver D, or is GB a better play?
  6. Big PPR Help (WHIR)

    I’d consider the trade 50/50. Kittle is definitely an upgrade put you already have Kelce so I don’t know if you need him. Then it’s Hunt/Boyd for Fournette/Thomas. Hunt is for sure the best guy in the trade; but I don’t trust the new Bengals QB, so I’d probably do it.
  7. I’m in a PPR and he’s coming back from an injury. Was going to drop Wentz anyway for Malcolm Brown but now I’m thinking of picking up Thompson.
  8. This is a must win week for me. There are lots of other decent options on the waivers like GB, MIA, IND, and TEN. Who should I go with?
  9. Thank you. I had the other two out in but I think I’m going to switch. Even though A Rob and Funchess are technically the WR1 on their team I could see that Sutton and Thomas might get more looks.
  10. My league has 6pt passing TDs