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  1. Week 16 D/ST: BAL, DEN or NYJ

    I'm choosing between BAL, DEN, and IND and I think I'm going with DEN this week just cause I don't think the Lions have a chance of scoring much at all.
  2. Washington Peterson Montgomery
  3. Week 15 QB

    I'd probably play Tanehill
  4. Which D/ST should I play?

    I'd say KC
  5. Which RBs - Need 2.

    Ekeler and Jacobs if Jacobs doesn't play then pivot to Mostert
  6. I somehow still have all 3 haha
  7. Lineup help

    I like Slayton better than Pascal and Sanders
  8. Lineup Help

    Either Tanehill or Ryan and I'm strongly leaning Tanehill.
  9. Lineup Help

    Should I keep my lineup as is or switch out any bench players? 0.5 PPR
  10. Who do I drop?

    Need to drop one of these guys, who do I cut? Marvin Jones Darius Slayton Zach Pascal Deebo Samuel
  11. Moving on to the next round!
  12. Mixon over Carson?

    The real question is whether you start him against the Pats after his past 5 great weeks
  13. Are the Pats D droppable?

    The only reason I grabbed a 3rd defense was because I had an empty bench spot, but now I wanna pick up a WR lol
  14. I’ve got the Steelers D and Ravens D as well.
  15. Are the Pats D droppable?

    Over the Steelers and Ravens?
  16. Help with my team

    Should I prioritize Mostert over Slayton?
  17. Help with my team

    My team: Winston Carson, Chubb, Mixon Edelman, Marvin Jones, Landry, Ty Williams, Westbrook Hooper, Hollister Steelers, Ravens, Pats On waivers: Dak, Tanehill, Ryan Mostert Slayton, Beasley, Fitzgerald