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  1. Put Montgomery back in at WR and give C-Mike the lead back role?
  2. Was able to drop him and pick up Blue, but thanks to Cousins and Merideth I'm so far behind now it won't matter.
  3. Got (the really bad word)ed because Cousins already ran 2 in. Lousy rotten bastard.
  4. Still can't grind out yards behind an even worse offensive line than he started the season with. Still loses fumbles in clutch situations. Yep, he's back.
  5. I should have drafted Alice Cooper.
  6. Had to start Marshall as well. Sucks but maybe he'll get a lucky break in the second half.
  7. Eli had those weeks with 13, 14, and 9 that cost me badly. Maybe he's got his game together, but I want nothing to do with the befuddled wonder anymore.
  8. Been starting Kaepernick 3 of the last 4 weeks in one of my leagues and loving it. No way I go back to a schlep like Eli.
  9. Ok Rams fans, turn your head and Goff.
  10. I wasn't referring to that as a reason for his leaving, but more of an excuse for critics of the offense the last couple weeks. Sounded like Zim was surprised about the announcement. Maybe Norv had just had enough in general and his heart wasn't in it?
  11. Lots of speculation as to why he resigned. In his defense, a vertical passing game like his doesn't work when your offensive line can't block and your QB is as mobile as an anvil.
  12. Well that's just a kick on the nuts.
  13. Go to hell Eli.
  14. I'm going with Hoyer over Eli in one league. In another, I traded to get Carr and dropped Eli outright.
  15. He caught 5 passes on 5 targets week 1. Got hurt the next game. Hard to say for sure, but he's at least somewhat involved in the passing game.