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  1. Bears vs Rams (MNF)

    Maybe it’s me, but I’ve seen more wiggle from a garden slug after you put salt in it than I’ve ever seen from Montgomery.
  2. Week 7 Chat

    Anybody happen to start Buffalo’s kicker this week? Sheesh!
  3. Tua Time in Miami

    Fitzpatrick makes the Dallas offense dangerous again, that would be the best landing spot for him. Washington has some playmakers, but overall that team still seems like a hot mess. As for the Jets, despite what some people think of him, I think Darnold is probably doing about the best he can with the broken tools around him. I don’t see Fitz doing any better there. Wouldn’t mind seeing the Vikes swap Cousins for him though. But that’s just a pipe dream.
  4. Chiefs vs Bills (MNF)

    I’m up 3, with Allen and Hill going against Murray and Cooper. This weather is not making me feel good about my chances.
  5. Is the milk carton thread on a milk carton?

    I cut him in one league a couple weeks ago for Tee Higgins. I will be cutting him in another league this week for either a bowl of soup or a month old convenience store hot dog. (Waiver wire is pretty thin in this league).
  6. Covid Thread- All things Covid and the NFL

    Rotoworld has an update that 1 player and 3 staff members had false positives and that the game with Cincy is likely to go on as scheduled. I’m my line of work, if a lab had as many screw ups as whatever testing lab the NFL is using we’d fire them in an instant. Granted, the labs I used were for a different purpose (environmental sampling) but you’d think a medical lab would have better QA/QC procedures than it appears they do. None of this botching of test results helps anyone.
  7. Bell released';

    As a Gaskins owner I’m delighted. Also as a Gaskins owner I’m depressed to have to rely on him.
  8. Week 5 chat

    That was a most impressive way to lose a football game. Just when I think the Vikes hit rock bottom, they dig just a little harder and find a new level.
  9. +COVID test - game delay (very possible)

    If the Minnesota defense doesn’t practice, would anybody notice?
  10. Bad or wrong lineup decisions this week

    .5 ppr DJax over Mike Davis Next one wasn’t my team but worth mentioning as it happened in one of my leagues. Cam over Mahomes
  11. How bout them Cowboys!

    More place kickers!
  12. What team(s) took you to the championship game? ?

    12 team BoTH league, 0.5 ppr. QB: Darnold, Garappolo RB: Chubb, Singletary, Gore, Duke Johnson, Washington WR: Allen Robinson, Curtis Samuel, Mike Evans, Hurns, Marquis Brown TE: Kelce, Doyle K: Zuerlein Def: Saints Over the course of the season I lost Stafford and Kerryon Johnson. The only other real notable player I had for a while was Goff. Smoke and mirrors, about to get shattered.
  13. Venting: Never bench your studs BS!!!!

    What was it Chief Dick always used to say? Fantasy football is 95% luck and 5% luck. Or something like that anyways.
  14. David Montgomery

    In my case he’s a must start because I have no one else available.
  15. Who thinks Herndon will play?

    Cutting him and putting in a WW bid for Everett. If I get him, great. If not I’ll hold onto Herndon until the weekend to see if he can go and if not drop him for a warm body who is playing. Guys like Cook, Witten, and Graham are available in our league. (Only 10 teams so WR and TE pool is fairly deep).