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  1. Who thinks Herndon will play?

    Cutting him and putting in a WW bid for Everett. If I get him, great. If not I’ll hold onto Herndon until the weekend to see if he can go and if not drop him for a warm body who is playing. Guys like Cook, Witten, and Graham are available in our league. (Only 10 teams so WR and TE pool is fairly deep).
  2. Michael Thomas... $100 million

    F’n Vikings.
  3. They're BACK

    Or conversely, your opponents top guys are playing the likes of the 49ers, Vikings, and Packers while yours are playing the Steelers, Buffalo, or Tampa Bay. Actually, this year the bye weeks won't ding me too much, so I'm not really worried there. I do play the Manning/Harrison owner in one league the week they are on bye though. And FWIW, I played that same owner last week as well.
  4. Let's talk about the Metal

    Lot's of bands here I hadn't heard of before. I'll have to check some of them out. GI, I believe you said you were going to check out Queensryche at the Myth. Should be an awesome show! I'm not a big Queensryche fan, but I saw them open for Priest at the Excel earlier this year and the put on a great show! Is too geeky for a metal post? Anyways, I'm more a child of the 80's. Came home tonight, had a couple of beers and cranked up Scorpions Love At First Sting.
  5. Fantasy Hockey info?

    All I found was a list on RotoWire's hockey section that listed the players by their fantasy scoring format. Essentially, I got all I wanted out of it, a list of names and the positions they played (LW, RW) that I wasn't too sure about before. That and I found team depth charts that are up to date are all I have for what you could consider "cheat sheet" info. This is my first fantasy hockey draft coming up, and I'm basically going on what I know of the players from my own research and memory. And avoiding players over 40 for the most part.
  6. Hockey's Back!

    So me and a buddy go to the Wilds exhibition game last Saturday against Phoenix. Start out by getting into St. Paul around 3:30 and grab a table at the Eagle Street Bar & Grill for some food and a number of beers. Summit Pale Ale to be exact. Nice to see all the people out in St. Paul again, and you gotta love hockey in the warm weather months, just for the scenery that is presented by the female fans. ( ) ( ) The game starts at 7, we have pretty good seats on the lower level courtesy of my friend's fiancee who got the tickets from work, at no cost to either of us. As the game goes on, you can really see the advantage of eliminating the red line in the 2-line pass, the game moved up the ice much faster than in the past. Now the part of the evening. Penalties called every couple of minutes. The Wild got hit with 5 in the first 12 minutes, and Phoenix with 1, mostly for the new obstruction rules. However, it is now a penalty to try to muscle a player out from camping in front of your goalie! When did this happen? What was called was a cross check, but the defenseman barely touched the Phoenix player. This is getting to be like calling the hand check in basketball. Nice job Bettman, you messed up another aspect of this game you know nothing about. End The Wild's new tough guy, Nazarov, also mixed it up in what was considered to be a draw. As for the shrinking of the goalie pads, it didn't seem to bother Rollie as he got the shutout as the Wild rolled to a 7-0 victory. 18,000 watching a preseason hockey game. Man, I can hardly wait for the real season to begin.
  7. The Huddle on the Puddle returns !

    I'm out of town working in Philly that week. If I don't have my laptop up and running then, I'll force myself to some hippy internet cafe if need be. I guess I'll have to use autodraft during the day, as there aren't a lot of internet connections in the middle of a creek while you're shocking fish. And put me down for Scott Stevens. No wait, Ron Francis. I mean Al MacInnis. No, Vincent Damphousse. Cripes, you mean I have to do research
  8. Tie-breaker

    Agree with what was said here. I'm in a league that does allow ties, but we have a detailed tiebreaker for playoff games.
  9. Week 1 how'd you do?

    Bundy Fantasy Football: won handily. Bleechers League: won handily. Koolkids League: lost by 8 because I started Ashley Lelie over Jimmy Smith
  10. Tice

    He's on IR. Sheesh.
  11. Al MacInnis is retiring

    The man had a cannon for a shot. MacInnis and Stevens both retiring. Looks like the off year allowed them to put things in perspective.
  12. NHL has new National TV home

    Here's the schedule of games on OLN this year 6 games for the Wild on national TV! But only two Canadiens games.
  13. 2005 NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 1

    St. Louis Rams
  14. Old School WWF

    You aren't thinking of the Kiwi Sheepherders are you? That team went on to become the Bushwackers when the signed with the WWF, before that I only remember seeing them in the NWA. Anyone else here remember the Moon Dogs? I thing the main ones were Moondog Rex and Moondog Spot, and came to the ring carrying what looked like chewd up ham bones.
  15. Old School WWF

    He was DA MAN!!!! I've got 2 tapes with about 4 hours of UWF footage on each. Hot Stuff is AWESOME! Man, it's amazing how good Hacksaw Duggan was back then. And don't forget the tag team, I think it was the Blade Runners, of the men who would later become the Ultimate Warrior (after a stint as the Dingo Warrior), and another who became known as the man named Sting, who went on to a very good career in WCW and was made a star in the first ever Clash of the Champions by the Nature Boy Ric Flair in what was a phenomenal match.