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  1. Trubisky hurt? Out Thursday?

    I’m starting Howard this week with confidence. I mean, I’m starting Howard because I have a good feeling about this situation. Umm, I’m starting Howard because I’m out of options.
  2. Dalvin Cook

    Yeah, those bi weeks can go either way.
  3. Who has been here since the 90s?

    I was coming here just before it went to a pay site, but didn’t sign up on the forums until 2004. I also have a Huddle hat at home I got from 2v when he used to hold a Minneapolis Huddlers get together. Still have a Huddle pen somewhere too.
  4. What do the Vikings do with their stable of QB's?

    Yeah, I can’t see giving Case top 5 money for one year. Not tagging him doesn’t bother me. Maybe if the Vikes miss out on Cousins they can bring back Case on a multiple year deal, who knows? As for for the uber hype on Cousins, he’s shown more than a lot of FA quarterbacks in the past where I wouldn’t have any issues about signing him. I also think he is an upgrade over Case, and I liked the way Case played last season. I do see the Vikes possibly drafting a QB in a couple years though.
  5. Thank You Todd Gurley

    In the three leagues I’m in, all the teams with Gurley made the playoffs. One lost in the quarterfinals and the other two lost in the semifinals.
  6. Whats your craptacular championship lineup

    Standard performance Rivers Ingram McCoy Deion Lewis Michael Thomas Funchess Jimmy Graham Butker Minnesota D Started the season 1-4, traded Kareem Hunt for Ingram, Brate, and a 3rd round pick. That turned my season around. Also went through 5 QBs (Rogers, Palmer, Dalton, McCown, Prescott) before getting Rivers off the waiver wire.
  7. Mike Evans, where art thou?

    One of those players I’ve never had on my team before, so during the draft I thought it was great I finally had him available to me. I can name dozens of players I’ve thought like that about and had the same results unfortunately.
  8. Cam Newton

    So he’s not exactly pitch perfect.
  9. Who's FF team hit worst by injury bug

    Forgot to add: Devante Parker
  10. Who's FF team hit worst by injury bug

    My injuries so far this year in my local: Greg Olsen Dalvin Cook Danny Woodhead Darren Sproles Corey Davis Jameis Winston I think that's it.
  11. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie suspended

    Meaning they'll probably win and destroy nearly everyone in survivor pools.
  12. GB receivers and chances

    Put Montgomery back in at WR and give C-Mike the lead back role?
  13. Doug Martin Out

    Was able to drop him and pick up Blue, but thanks to Cousins and Merideth I'm so far behind now it won't matter.
  14. Fat Rob Questionable to return!

    Got (the really bad word)ed because Cousins already ran 2 in. Lousy rotten bastard.
  15. AP is back!

    Still can't grind out yards behind an even worse offensive line than he started the season with. Still loses fumbles in clutch situations. Yep, he's back.
  16. Amari Cooper

    I should have drafted Alice Cooper.
  17. Petty... LOL

    Had to start Marshall as well. Sucks but maybe he'll get a lucky break in the second half.
  18. QB's

    Eli had those weeks with 13, 14, and 9 that cost me badly. Maybe he's got his game together, but I want nothing to do with the befuddled wonder anymore.
  19. QB's

    Been starting Kaepernick 3 of the last 4 weeks in one of my leagues and loving it. No way I go back to a schlep like Eli.
  20. Goff is getting his shot!

    Ok Rams fans, turn your head and Goff.
  21. MIN OC Turner Resigns

    I wasn't referring to that as a reason for his leaving, but more of an excuse for critics of the offense the last couple weeks. Sounded like Zim was surprised about the announcement. Maybe Norv had just had enough in general and his heart wasn't in it?
  22. MIN OC Turner Resigns

    Lots of speculation as to why he resigned. In his defense, a vertical passing game like his doesn't work when your offensive line can't block and your QB is as mobile as an anvil.
  23. Alex Smith possible concussion

    Well that's just a kick on the nuts.
  24. Eli Sucks

    Go to hell Eli.