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  1. To stream or not to stream?

    Have to figure a nice end of season run by Atl to save everyone's job.. start Ryan
  2. Sitting studs

    If you are thinking of benching someone because of match-up - - - - they aren't a stud... True studs - you ride unless injured

    Dynasty league - no... Green is by far the highest upside of group
  4. Ajayi outlook ROS?

    Not unless in a 16 team league where you are taking shots on 3rd string RBs
  5. TNF

    The NFL is like having a brother who becaame a junkie. You can't fully give up it but it frustrates you and you aren't as close as you once were Five years ago - I paid for NFL ticket, had 3 TVs set-up in my living room every Sunday, was in 3 fantasy leagues where entry fees totaled over $1000 a year & occasionally bet on a game Now - 2 years of barely watching - back in a little as they gave me free NFL ticket... Just in a $100 entry fantasy league and haven't made a bet in 5 years

    I wouldn't start Cooks in a 10 or 12 team league - let alone an 8 team one
  7. Send Conner for Keenan Allen

    But Allen in a 4 pt per passing TD league has good value
  8. QB this week

    He is my QB this week with Wilson on bye
  9. QB this week

    Nothing is guaranteed... Josh Allen
  10. TNF

    Between the injuries, false injury reports, lousy quality of play of two disappointments - - - it is time for Thursday NFL games to go away (except on Turkey day)
  11. TNF

    Once it became 21-7 - turned a bad game off... Hitting a player in the head with the helmet you took off of him is one of the few things that may warrant a lifetime ban...
  12. TNF

    Love when a player is supposedly 100% - then one hit and re-injuries the healthy body part
  13. Wentz dropped!!

    Drop Mattison and maybe he survives a week on waiver when you can then cut a TE
  14. Playoff Sleeper

    I love when 1st round picks become sleepers!!! Miles Sanders for sleeper
  15. WR ROS: Fuller or Brown? (Full ppr)

    I have owned Marquise & Fuller... Dropped Fuller when he got hurt... thought about bringing him back but decided to keep Marquise instead