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  1. Half-ppr Do you guys think its a solid future move to offer Mike Davis for Lev Bell to the Ekeler owner? He only has Kamara, Joshua Kelly, and Adrian Peterson for RBs otherwise.
  2. Mike Davis Trade

    Half-PPR Should I try to trade Mike Davis to the CMC owner for Devin Singletary?
  3. Jonathan Taylor Trade

    Deal made, Mostert and Chark. Appreciate it. I've been a little slow when it comes to following football this year.
  4. Jonathan Taylor Trade

    8-team half-ppr Guy wants Jonathan Taylor and Nyheim Hines from me First offer was Mostert and Kupp for Taylor and Hines He's got: Josh Jacobs Robert Woods DJ Moore Mostert Kupp Connor Chark Antonio Gibson Emmanuel Sanders What would be a good counter offer? Thanks!
  5. Half ppr; John brown or josh Gordon ROS?
  6. Offer diggs and Lockett for amari cooper and Mixon? Half ppr... no chance of being accepted or too risky? Honestly have a hard time judging 3 of the 4 players
  7. Thinking about offering this.... is it worth it? Any chance it gets accepted (the guy is in dead last)
  8. Selling high on Diggs

    Half-ppr Who would you trade diggs for/is a reasonable target to sell high on diggs? Hollywood Brown Michael Gallup Christian Kirk Larry Fitz Curtis Samuel Josh Gordon D.J. Moore Kenny Golladay OBJ Calvin Ridley Sterling Shepherd Allen Robinson Juju Having a hard time figuring out what to think of diggs. Any help is appreciated!
  9. Hollywood or diggs?

    Would you offer diggs for Hollywood brown in half ppr?
  10. Who do I drop?

    Kamara news really f’ed me.... currently have a waiver claim for the Bills D and dropping Everett.... now, do I cancel that to pick up latavius Murray or do I drop desean Jackson and hope no one picks him up?
  11. Need start advice before tonights game

    Not confident at all but probably Damien
  12. Huge Massive Trade Offer !!!!!

    I think I would take that
  13. Montgomery or Breida

    I think the most important aspect that he needs to keep up is his passing work, which I have no reason believe will drop off
  14. Who do I drop?

    The Bills D was just dropped and I plan on spending up for it ($10 faab). The problem is I'm not sure who to drop. I lean Everett but I'm not sure if Hockenson will be ready to go. Other possibilities are lesean Mccoy or Desean Jackson. Do i drop Hockenson (who I spent $22 on earlier in the season) or stick with Everett?