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  1. Is Matt Breida worth it?

    With your RBs, you won't need him anyway. If Gurley, CMC, Mixon stay healthy, you really probably don't need the others aside from maybe Mack against Miami in week 12, I believe. If anything, I'd be looking to trade away Mack/Lewis/Ingram or a combo of them for a better WR.
  2. Is Matt Breida worth it?

    I don't think I'd drop any of them for Breida. It all depends on depth but if those are the only 3 you can drop, I'd stay put. If Howard were to get hurt, you'd be screwed. Look at Jimmy Graham last night. I'd keep Burton for the time being if it was me. I don't see Breida being better than Dion Lewis or Mack.
  3. QB, WR2, Flex help....

    2 QB, PPR league. Need help on the following: Pick 2....Watson at Wash....Wentz at NO....Ryan against Dallas. Need help with WR2 and Flex: Golladay against Carolina Larry Fitz against Oakland Cook at Chicago Mack against TN Right now, I have Watson/Wentz/Golladay/Cook starting.
  4. Cook or Woods?

    PPR League...Dalvin Cook at the Bears or Robert Woods against KC..... Seems like Woods is the obvious choice to me.
  5. People are always going to get butthurt with trades towards the end of the year. It's not fair, per se, but it is legal according to the rules. It does help both teams. Again, it's really the fault of the league to make the trade deadline sooner. What you should do is just trade for 1 of them and push it back to a 3rd rounder. They can't veto that if they gave up Fournette. I got a trade veto'd today in my 2QB league of my Ryan/Mack/Larry Fitz/MJJ for his Brady and Thielen. I thought it was fair but the league didn't. I understand I come out ahead but the guy needs a QB this week and I gave him my best one. He's desperate so I benefited. I didn't think I should be punished because he accepted a trade. He's still in the running for playoffs too. I'm turning around and offering the same trade minus Brady. So I give Ryan/Mack/Golladay for Thielen; they can't argue that isn't fair.
  6. It's semi-fair if it's for one of them, not both. It's not fair for both. It's really the leagues fault for putting such a late trade deadline. Julio is probably a 1st rounder tho. Thielen was definitely later than a 2nd rounder this year but will be a 1st or 2nd rounder next year.
  7. Ryan and Mack for Cooks?

    I'd be upgrading at WR where I need help. He'd be getting a QB1, RB2 and WR 2/3 in Golladay or Fitz.....he already accepted the trade earlier but he was giving up Brady also. He is fine with the trade but the league veto'd it with Brady. I was wondering without Brady if it's a fair trade.
  8. Ryan and Mack for Cooks?

    The Ryan and Mack for Cooks or the Ryan/Mack/Fitz (or Golladay) for Thielen. Which do you prefer? If i have to give up Ryan and Mack for Cooks, am I better just rolling with Golladay/Fitz/Baldwin as my WR2?
  9. PPR, 2 QB league. Is Ryan and Mack for Cooks a fair trade or giving up too much? My QBs: Ryan, Wentz, Watson My RBs: Conner, Jones, Cook, Mack, Chubb My WRs: Hopkins, Golladay, MJJ, Fitz, Baldwin, Reynolds On a side note, need advice....I got a trade accepted of my Ryan, Mack, Fitz, MJJ for his Brady and Thielen and the trade got veto'd. 2 of his 3 QBs are on a bye (Brady, Smith, Mayfield). His other WRs are Cooks, Jeffery, Gordon but his RBs are Lewis, Crowell, Carson, Richard and he needs to win the next two games to make the playoffs.......... Is it that lopsided to get veto'd? Would Ryan, Mack and Fitz (or Golladay) for Thielen alone be fair?
  10. Start Em' Sit Em'!

    I think I'd leave it as is. I think TY will do fine this week.
  11. Ito or Jordan Howard?

    I'd go with Howard. Not a great matchup but he's got a good chance every week to tumble in the endzone.
  12. Flex Option

    I don't love any of them in standard. I'd rather have Davis or Carson for sure. Out of these options, Harris has been the one trending up tho.
  13. Diggs , Sutton or Brown in Non PPR?

    Probably go with Diggs here. With Thielen a little banged up himself, this could be a Diggs game.
  14. Marques Valdes-Scantling or Courtland Sutton?

    MVS has been more consistent. I'd probably go with him despite the fact I hate Thursday games.
  15. QB help

    I'd go Luck this week. The way to beat the Titans is through the air. I'm a Bears fan. This should be a pretty tough game for us against the MN defense.