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  1. Gallup or DeSean Jackson ROS?

    I've got the depth I can wait on a player. Just not quite sure who is the better pick up. Leaning Gallup.
  2. .25 PPR League. Someone dropped Jackson and Gallup this last week. Who would you rather have ROS?
  3. Carson and Metcalf for Mack?

    I wouldn't. I think I'd rather have Carson over Mack. Carson will come back around. Expecting a good game from him this week.
  4. WR/TE advice....

    PPR league. I need to fill my WR/TE spot..... Agholor tonight against the Pack OJ Howard at LA Rams Diontae Johnson against Cincy on MNF Am I crazy to want to go Johnson here? I have Agholor slotted in now but a little nervous he won't get peppered with targets tonight like he has the last two games.
  5. Start Josh Allen in Buffalo vs NE who have been lights out against QBs. They haven't played anyone great but we know NE is going to shut down Allen to an extent. or Brissett in Indy who has been surprisingly good against a struggling Oakland team.
  6. Flex advice...

    .25 PPR league. Who to start at flex? Monty - up against a tough Vikings defense Justin Jackson - up against the worst defense in modern football era Carlos Hyde - vs Carolina Seems like Jackson is the play but I think Monty's roll is going to grow as the year progresses so at some point he'll break out. Still don't trust Hyde much.
  7. Waiver wire help...

    .25 PPR league...who should I drop Cam for? Brissett Dalton Minshew Kyle Allen Bridgwater Keenum Michael Gallup Tempted to drop Antonio Brown and pick up Gallup and drop Cam for Brissett.
  8. Who is my drop???

    Not yet. Wait and see what happens with AB, IMO. I'm holding until we have a clearer picture of what will happen.
  9. PPR league...someone dropped OJ Howard. I already have Engram so I don't really need him but could be a nice trade piece if he turns it around. Would you guys drop Herndon for him? I normally don't carry two TE's but the bench is huge in this league so I can afford all the depth I need really.
  10. Who is my drop???

    I think I'd drop Shepard over Crowder. Crowder could be a goldmine flex in PPR once Darnold is back week 6. The only thing I worry about is when Herndon also comes back, I think he'll take a few of Crowders targets. Shepard has more TD upside. Tough call.
  11. Trade Cam?

    He's definitely a top tier TE but has had 2 easy TDs called back for penalties so his numbers look really pedestrian to anyone not watching the 49ers games. He rejected the first offer. I might throw in Hyde. In this league...i am only required to play 1 RB so right now, i just play Carson and my WRs which are pretty stacked. Not too worried about the RB depth right now since I have Monty and Carson both healthy.
  12. Trade Cam?

    You said he hasn't put up numbers yet this season when healthy but he hasn't been healthy yet this year so that was my point. He's not going to play well throwing off a bad foot. He has been injured since preseason with that foot injury. But I get what your saying; nobody wants him when injured. When he's playing well, I don't think i'll have an issue finding someone to trade if they lost someone like Brees or Big Ben. Our waiver wire is pretty scarce.
  13. Trade Cam?

    He hasn't been healthy yet this year but they are throwing the ball a ton. The TDs will come. I'm really not worried about Cam turning it around but he doesn't look mobile right now and i think that foot is bothering him quite a bit, especially when he's throwing the ball. You can see he is really off. What concerns me is he is no longer running the ball or getting all those 1 yard TD runs he used to before CMC. Also, it pains me that I reached for him in the draft when I could have had Lamar Jackson. I want off this bus.
  14. Trade Cam?

    Is it time to cut bait? The guy that just lost Brees has Kittle. Thought about trying to trade Cam and Olsen and maybe Hyde for Kittle. Is that too much? Would Cam and Olsen be enough to entice a frustrated Kittle owner?
  15. Week 3 WR Advice

    Think I agree. I'd probably roll with Sammy. Somewhat of a tough match-up but with the best QB in the league, I like his chances. Fitz is a good choice too but I'd rather have Watkins. He's a set it and forget it player until Hill comes back.