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  1. PPR league. Need help filling my WE/TE spot...choose one of the following: Westbrook against a tough Chargers D Fitz against tough Pitts D John Ross at Cleveland (1st game back of injury) Hollister at the Rams Higbee against Seattle. I've got Westbrook in now but have a bad feeling about him. Debating on putting Ross in but I know that's risky. Higbee is on waiver wire and I think he has a decent game too.
  2. Pascal or Gallup (Miller?) for playoffs/ROS?

    Pascal has the better matchups but I'd rather have Gallup. I dont think well see that kind of production out of Pascal every week we saw last week. That being said, I tend to play matchups so it's a tough call but I wouldn't expect repeat performances out of Pascal like last week.
  3. Lineup help...

    .25 PPR league. Pick 2 to start from the following: Monty tonight against Dallas Carsen at Rams Singletary vs. Balt. Kupp against Seahawks Leaning Carsen and Kupp but Monty is hard to sit in a decent matchup. Hate these Thursday games.
  4. PPR. Erickson vs Ravens or D. Johnson vs Rams. Juju has a banged up toe and Ramsey on him so thought Johnson may have a game but the passing attack has been awful for Pitts. Erickson has been decent last 3 weeks but will have Finley as his QB going forward.
  5. O.J. HOWARD?!?!??

    I'm starting Everett in one 12 team league and OJ is on the waiver wire. Arians just hasnt featured the TE much thus far. That could change at any point but I'd rather go with a guy who has had more success this year in everett.
  6. O.J. HOWARD?!?!??

    If I had the choice, I'd go Everett. If OJ was going to do anything, I'd be this week tho.
  7. Pick up AJ Green?

    .25 PPR league. Someone dropped AJ Green. With my other WRs being Thomas, Jones, Kupp should I drop Tate for AJ Green. Upside, even with his lingering injury and Finley as his QB would be an upgrade over Tate who will never start for my team. Drop Tate for Green or stay put? Thanks in advance!
  8. Using #2 waiver....

    .25 PPR League. I've held the #2 waiver spot for a few weeks. Based on my team, would it be wise to use the #2 spot on Devin Singletary? Going to drop Olsen or AB. I know, I know about AB. I've held him for too long but I'm pretty stacked anyway and there hasn't been anyone worth replacing him with on the waiver wire that would start on my team so I've kept him because the upside was higher than anyone I could pick up on the wire. Just curious if Singletary is worthy of the #2 waiver. The only other person I could potentially see myself using it on would be to pick up R. Penny if Chris Carson got hurt.
  9. Gallup or DeSean Jackson ROS?

    I've got the depth I can wait on a player. Just not quite sure who is the better pick up. Leaning Gallup.
  10. .25 PPR League. Someone dropped Jackson and Gallup this last week. Who would you rather have ROS?
  11. Carson and Metcalf for Mack?

    I wouldn't. I think I'd rather have Carson over Mack. Carson will come back around. Expecting a good game from him this week.
  12. WR/TE advice....

    PPR league. I need to fill my WR/TE spot..... Agholor tonight against the Pack OJ Howard at LA Rams Diontae Johnson against Cincy on MNF Am I crazy to want to go Johnson here? I have Agholor slotted in now but a little nervous he won't get peppered with targets tonight like he has the last two games.
  13. Start Josh Allen in Buffalo vs NE who have been lights out against QBs. They haven't played anyone great but we know NE is going to shut down Allen to an extent. or Brissett in Indy who has been surprisingly good against a struggling Oakland team.
  14. Flex advice...

    .25 PPR league. Who to start at flex? Monty - up against a tough Vikings defense Justin Jackson - up against the worst defense in modern football era Carlos Hyde - vs Carolina Seems like Jackson is the play but I think Monty's roll is going to grow as the year progresses so at some point he'll break out. Still don't trust Hyde much.
  15. Waiver wire help...

    .25 PPR league...who should I drop Cam for? Brissett Dalton Minshew Kyle Allen Bridgwater Keenum Michael Gallup Tempted to drop Antonio Brown and pick up Gallup and drop Cam for Brissett.