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  1. Matt Ryan or Josh Allen

    I think Ryan will be fine this week. Allen is only startable because of his running ability and Detroit isn't great against the run. I think Allen will have a decent day but I'd rather bet on Ryan in the playoffs.
  2. Set my lineup?

    Mixon, Martin, Landry, Moore...for Flex, tough choice but I might be inclined to go Henry and hope he can muster up 1/4th of last week's performance.
  3. Josh Gordon or Robert Woods..OBJ out

    Pretty close but I'd say Robert Woods. I think we'll see a big rebound from the Rams this week. Woods had 13 targets last week and has a much safer floor.
  4. QB Help

    I think Cousins has a nice rebound this week. I'd roll with Cousins.
  5. Tight End Help

    If it was me, I'd go with Brate.
  6. Two pressing Qs

    I'd go Prescott, Samuel, Minn. I think the Colts and Dallas both put up some points this week. I like Ebron this week but I think Samuel is going to catch a ton of passes this week. MN is going to rebound this week so I think the defense is a slam dunk. I know a lot of people are high on ATL but they've been terrible as a fantasy defense, although, getting Deion Jones back is a big upgrade for them.
  7. QB and Flex help....

    PPR league... Luck against Dallas or Brees at Carolina (MNF)? At Flex: Chubb at Denver Woods against Philly Jones at Chicago Samuels against NE Leaning Chubb but I think Samuels catches a lot of passes this week. Woods has a great matchup and I think the Rams respond big time after getting beat up last Sunday. For QB, I'm leaning Brees because he has the better matchup but he's been pretty bad the last two weeks on the road. Luck has been so consistent, I feel like that is the safer play in what I think will be a shootout. Thoughts?
  8. Rbs in the semis

    Just seeing this myself...I misread earlier...definitely Kamara, Cook, Jackson. I don't think Gordon is playing this week.
  9. QB Help

    I'd go Rivers. It's close but Rivers in a shootout is what I'd do. I hate Thursday games but I don't know if I'd sit Rivers with how he's playing.
  10. Rbs in the semis

    I'd go with Kamara and Cook, especially in PPR. Justin Jackson could be a play if Gordon sits but I'd still rather play Cook over him.
  11. Who to drop?

    PPR League...My opponent this week has Gordon and Ekeler who both may have to sit, potentially. Gordon looked decent warming up last week but in the event he sits, I want to pick up Justin Jackson. Who should I drop? My RBs: Gurley, Chubb, Cook, Aaron Jones, Mack, Ware, Samuels My WRs: Hopkins, Adams, Woods, Baldwin Leaning dropping Baldwin or Samuels since Conner could be back this week or next, plus he didn't really light things up so he's staying on the bench. Baldwin isn't healthy and hasn't looked great so he seems like the obvious drop but my opponent is pretty short at WR with Fitz as his WR2 so I'd hate to drop him and have Baldwin get picked up and go off.
  12. Who to flex

    In PPR, I think Ekeler or cohen are both great plays. Ekeler has the better matchup.
  13. Luck or Brees?

    Luck is at Houston. Brees at TB. Pouring rain in TB right now but supposed to stop in the 1st Q sometime but field will be wet. Worries NO runs the ball more today. I dont think the colts will be able to run on Houston. Both QBs went for over 400 yards last time they played each team.
  14. Rams Cowboys or Bills D

    I'd roll with the Bills.
  15. Lineup help in the playoffs!

    I'd play the Chargers over the Sainst for sure this week. Gordon will not be back this week. They won't suit him up against a Bengals team they know they can beat. They'll rest him up for the following match-up against the Chiefs. I believe that is a Thursday game I believe so he's no guarantee that week either but I'd guess he'll play. As to who to play, that is a tough one...I think I'd play Chubb and Ingram at RB1 and RB2...for Flex, I might play Wilson since he'll like catch a bunch of passes against Denver.