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  1. Keeper Advice Needed ASAP

    If PPR I would probably keep Kamara. If standard keep mahomes
  2. New dynasty draft RBs

    Yeah it's a 12 team league. Hoping I might be able to snag Golladay in the 4th but probably will just miss out on him
  3. New dynasty draft RBs

    Joined this new .5 ppr dynasty league and have the 2nd pick. Assuming Barkley is taken first I plan on taking CMC. With how the rankings are looking I could grab K Johnson and Jacobs. It leaves me thin at other positions but with RBs being so valuable (especially young and good pass catchers) anyone recommend against this? Just don't see anyone else in my picks that is worth it
  4. If Mccaffrey Is Gone?

    Barkley hands down
  5. 12 team PPR one keeper advice

    Thomas. He's younger gets lots of catches and WR has way longer shelf life than RBs
  6. Help with the first 5 picks

    For sure get Barkley. And after that it's really depends on who is available. If It's a RB that gets lots of catches I would grab them. I like Josh Jacobs. He's supposed to get a high work load and a good pass catcher. Is never bad to have good RBs over WRs in my opinion. That can hold a lot of value for trades
  7. First year keeper... Ertz or Chubb?

    Chubb in my opinion that's way too good of a value for him
  8. Draft Advice

    It's hard to turn down Hopkins the best WR in my opinion with a really guys QB who likes to target him. Johnson is a good ppr RB though and will probably be getting a heavier workload with a rookie QB. Safer bet it's definitely Hopkins though but I think you'd be alright well either
  9. Keeper RB

    Looks like where I'm at in the draft I could have the option between Aaron Jones, Kerryon Johnson, or Josh Jacobs. It is a .5ppr dynasty league. Saw something how gruden was planning on using Jacobs a lot kind of why he may be worth the reach. What do you guys think?
  10. First year dynasty owner, need advice

    With Rodgers age I don't see you getting anything better than a 2nd or 3rd round but can always try for 1st if someone is in desperate need. I would try and make sure you can get Josh Jacobs in the draft
  11. New dynasty league

    Starting a new dynasty keeper league. .5 ppr 12 person league and got 2nd overall. Guessing that Barkley goes #1, I'm turn between CMC and Kamara. What do y'all think?
  12. Keep 2 of Julio/AB/Evans/DJ/Chubb

    DJ and chubb
  13. Keeper option/trade

    It's a pretty good offer. Especially for .5ppr. Who is your back up QB?
  14. Best keeper options

    DJ and Odell
  15. Keep 2 of Julio/AB/Evans/DJ/Chubb

    DJ. Than Chubb or AB