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  1. Hyde at RB2 and Sanders at Flex.
  2. Debo samuel or Nelson aghlor

    If you want advice at least get the damn names right. Sheesh.
  3. Dropping AB... WR pickup help!

    No. You're already waiting on AJ Green. And I think Tyrell Williams is also banged up. I'd drop AB and pick up either Goodwin or Cobb.
  4. Start in 2 flex spots

    Or do I roll with P Dorsett vs NYJ in one of those spots? Forgot I had him stashed.
  5. Start in 2 flex spots

    PPR league. I have Curtis Samuel vs ARI, Raheem Mostert and Matt Breida vs Pit. Am I crazy to start both SF RB's here?
  6. Rb waivers ?

    Yes go after Darwin. Murray's value drops with Brees injury. That said I think I'd still play Chris Thompson over him if its a PPR league.
  7. RB2 and Flex

    RB2 - Jacobs Flex - Cooks Hope and pray Jacobs can last. Brieda was out touched 16-12 by Mostert last week. Looks like an even split there so too risky as an RB2. Montgomery's ypc are abysmal so far and he's hardly been targeted in passing game.
  8. Jacobs is playing, but...

    Ya I'm in same boat in one of my leagues. Apparently he lost about 10-12 lbs with illness. I think it is a risky start.
  9. Which 2 defenses

    Vikings D has been disappointing but you still gotta roll with them. And the Bills.
  10. Antonio Brown got released by the Patriots

    Fair chance that AB never plays another down again in the NFL. What team is going to want to touch him? Then again I never thought Josh Gordon would ever play again so who knows.
  11. Desperate Damien and Josh Jacobs

    Hyde and Tyrell Williams
  12. I love Deebo Samuel's upside but I'd keep Gallup for now.
  13. Buy Low WRs and RBs

    I drafted AJ Green in one pool on the premise he'd be back by week 5. However, reading this I'm questioning whether that is do-able given Green is in a contract year and wants to be at close to 100% before returning. I still think a good buy low candidate for PPR is Geronimo Allison in GB. I drafted him late in a couple of leagues. Even though he wasn't targeted in week 1 I still think Rodgers likes to look to him. He caught a TD in week 2.
  14. Who's the odd man out (TE)

    Rookie TE's rarely have an impact in fantasy. But I would hold off on dropping TJ for another week or two. Waller you definitely need to keep. So if you have to drop one right now I'd say Olsen.