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  1. TE help

    I have OJ Howard and Kyle Rudolph. Dissly, Fant, and Ebron are on the WW. Should I drop one of my TEs and put in a claim for any of these 3? Thanks
  2. Week 2 Injuries

    Josh Jacobs has a groin injury
  3. Drop Cam?

    My two QBs are Cam and Josh Allen..unfortunately I started Cam both weeks. I'm going to start using Allen, but should I drop Cam for a different backup? Here's some available QBs - Garoppolo Dalton Stafford Rudolph
  4. OJ Howard ZERO points..

    Thanks guys..guess I'll throw him back out next week and see what happens, hopefully they will actually throw him a pass or two. Oh, and to top things off, my starting QB was Cam...
  5. OJ Howard ZERO points..

    So apparently I wasted a 6th round pick on this guy. My only other TE is Rudolph. The only decent TE on available is McDonald but both Howard and McDonald are on bye week 7. Drop one for McDonald?
  6. Hopkins just suplexed Marcus Williams!

    It was awesome
  7. Who to drop..

    James Washington - doesnt seem like they target him much. Still think he's better than moncrief though Penny - Chris carson is the guy to own there Pollard - Zekes back.. All safe to drop? Who to target on WW? - John Ross, John Brown, Amendola, Chris Thompson, Malcolm Brown, Ronald Jones Thanks
  8. Drop Pollard now?

    Should I drop Pollard now for Henderson? Assuming Zeke's signing is a done deal...
  9. Zeke trade advice..

    Thanks..I hate to give up Adam's and I dont want to deplete my team like you said. I just hate to see another team that's already stacked pick up zeke too. Maybe I can offer him pollard for something and he can just keep zeke.. heres his team -
  10. Zeke trade advice..

    So the guy in our league who has zeke said he is trying to trade him.. what should I offer him? My team - Qb- newton, josh allan Rb- DJ, Josh Jacobs, ekeler, Pollard, penny Royce Freeman Wr- devante Adam's, amari cooper, Westbrook, james Washington Te- OJ howard, Rudolph Thanks
  11. OJ Howard / Josh Gordon trade

    Agree %100 I had Josh gordon the last couple of years...he could be so good, but he will just let you down
  12. Just drafted 12 team ppr

    How did I do? - QB - Cam Newton, Josh Allan RB - David Johnson, Josh Jacobs, Austin Ekeler, Royce Freeman, Rashaad Penny, Tony Pollard WR - Davante Adams, Amari Cooper, Deed Westbrook, James Washington TE - OJ Howard, Kyle Rudolph D - Patriots K - Fairbairn