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  1. About Josh Jacobs..

    Looks like he's going to play, I'm just nervous about how much he will play. My only other options are his backup DeAndre Washington or David Johnson. Or I could pickup Boston Scott. Going up against Lamar so I can't have any of my players crap the bed..
  2. Another QB who to start question..

    Thanks.. anyone else? Going against Lamar so probably doesn't matter anyway 😒
  3. I have Josh Allen @ Pitt or Ryan Fitzpatrick @ NYG.. or these are available FAs - Brissett @ NO Manning vs Miami Minshew @ Oakland Trubisky @ GB Thanks
  4. Who's the RB to pickup..

    Had some bad luck with injuries in the bye week. Who should I pickup? My RBs - Josh Jacobs Ekeler DJ Guice Penny Available- Laird Mostert D. Washington Chris Thompson
  5. QB for playoffs..

  6. QB for playoffs..

    My only QB is Josh Allen but his playoff schedule is brutal.. should I pick up any of these that are available- Ryan Fitzpatrick Minshew Trubisky Brissett Thanks
  7. Ha sorry to hear that.. I had a roster spot and someone dropped him when he was hurt so I picked him up. Its slim pickings in a 12 team league..
  8. Need quick TE advice

    Nope...12 team leauge. People hoarding players.. fells is available..
  9. Need quick TE advice

    Yeah I was gonna pick up fant but someone beat me to him..those are my best options
  10. Need quick TE advice

    Ebron or McDonald?
  11. For some reason I'm hoarding TEs...I have McDonald, Ebron, and Njoku stashed. Fant is available on the ww. Who should I keep and play ros?
  12. Coleman or Jacobs

    I'd say jacobs
  13. Was offered - Montgomery, Ridley, and Waller For - Jacobs, Ebron I don't like the fact of giving up Jacobs. What if I countered with DJ? Dont know much about Montgomery.. My roster- QB- Josh Allen RB- David Johnson, Ekeler, Josh Jacobs, Royce Freeman, guice WR- Devante Adams, Amari Cooper, Dede Westbrook, tyrell williams, Mike Williams TE- McDonald, ebron D-Patriots K-Gay