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  1. TE - Brate or Burton

    My 2 best options for the championship. Who should I go with?
  2. In the championship..need lineup advice one last time

    Thanks. That's kinda what I was thinking. Thielen has been a disappointment the last couple of games
  3. Standard scoring league QB-Big Ben RB-Zeke, Chubb WR-Theilen, Woods TE-Brate Flex-Lindsay D-Titans K-lutz BENCH - OBJ, Mike Williams, Josh Gordon, Coleman, Josh Adams, Spencer Ware If OBJ is out again, would I be dumb to put Mike Williams in over Theilen or Woods? Also I could pick up Burton off the we. Anyone like him over Brate? Thanks for the help and getting me to the playoffs
  4. What do you need - Quarter final Edition

    Standard scoring I'm up by 16. I only have Lutz left..she has CMC and Curtis Samuel left... I don't like my chances.
  5. No OBJ again..who should I start at WR2. Adam Thielen is my other wr. And Mike Williams was on my bench when he had his best game ever..
  6. Chiefs/Bolts

    Mike Williams on my bench..
  7. Playoff Lineup/WW help

    So made it to the playoffs. Need some advice for the first round. Here is my lineup - QB-Roethlisberger RB-Zeke, Chubb WR-OBJ, Thielen TE-Brate Flex-Lindsay D-Titans K-lutz Bench-Woods, Josh Gordon, Mike Williams, Tevin Coleman, Ekeler, Josh Adams, Spencer Ware, Titans Kinda worried about big Ben's injury, Should I pick up Josh Allen? Not thrilled about my TE either, but best guy available is Engram..Also should I pick up a different defense? Best available is the falcons. And is there any word on OBJ. Kind or worried about him sitting out again. Thanks
  8. NObj

    Just saw OBJ was scratched. Who should I start now? Robert Woods Josh Gordon Mike Williams Or I could drop someone for Sterling Shepard
  9. Which D/ST?

  10. Which D/ST?

    Titans vs Jags or Chargers vs Bengals Thanks
  11. Kaepernick "not the right QB for us"?

    Agree 100%
  12. Flex Lindsay or Ekeler

    Well now I picked up Ware. Put him in there now?
  13. Drop someone for Ware?

    I dropped Stafford cause he's trash. Hopefully big Ben stays healthy
  14. Drop someone for Ware?

    I'm pretty good at RB depth, but can grab him just because. Should I drop Stafford? My roster Qb-Roethlisberger, Stafford Rb-zeke, chubb, Coleman, Lindsay, ekeler, Josh Adams Wr-woods, thielen, OBJ, Josh Gordon, Mike Williams Te-Brate Df- chargers, Titans K-lutz