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  1. MyHuddle Player Tracking Not Working

    I also flagged huddle support ( support@thehuddle.com) to correct. Not sure what was done but it appears that everything is working now.
  2. MyHuddle Player Tracking Not Working

    This is very concerning that other folks can see personal information. Any thoughts/response from the site/admins?
  3. MyHuddle Player Tracking Not Working

    I am seeing issues as well with Myhuddle. I have to keep logging in, when I do it is not my user id...
  4. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    LT Owens. JJ Arington.
  5. 6) Sun. Oct. 16 CAROLINA PANTHERS Detroit will score 17 points
  6. Portfolio Pool

    Great Idea! Cardinals - $75 Bears - $65 Browns - $45 Redskins - $75 Colts - $115 49ers - $45 Raiders - $80 Total - $500
  7. From what I can see, your post is still there.
  8. How does your league pay out?

    This is a head to head league with 2 divisions. Payouts are as follows: Weekly winnings for most points 50 for 1st 20 for 2nd 10 for 3rd Division Champ (80) X 2 2nd Place Division (60) x 2 3rd Place Division (40) x 2 Conference Champs (100) x 2 Super Bowl Champ (150) Toilet Bowl Champ (50) We also collect for each wavier wire transaction. We divide this money 5 ways (QB, RB, WR, K, and DEF/ST) for total starter points at the end of the year.
  9. Boston Area/New England Huddlers

    Caveman_Nick I would be interested in the league. Busby
  10. What's the :coolest" rule in your league?

    We have a few unique rules. The first, during draft/auction night if a team nominates a player that has already been picked they must buy a round for everyone in the league. It never fails, as there is always a team that is not paying attention and nominates a player again. We even had a team nominate someone who was in jail and would not play the year. We allocate 50 dollars to the first player arrested during the season. Another is that our commissioners track the weekly starter points for each position (QB, RB, WR, DEF, and K). We charge 3 dollars for wavier wire pickups and at the end of the year, we divide wavier wire dollars five ways to the teams with the most starter points for each category.
  11. Givens out!

    From Rotoworld David Givens - WR - NE Reports out of Boston indicate that David Givens pulled a muscle in warmups and will not play for the Patriots today. David Patten should get the start. Deion Branch and especially Patten get a boost in value. It should be a shootout in Foxboro. Dec. 12 - 11:41 am et David Patten is expected to start at wide receiver for the Patriots today. David Givens is inactive. Patten is a fine last minute one-week pickup if you need help. Dec. 12 - 11:42 am et
  12. Offensive Rooke Of The Year...

    Isn't this his second year? Maybe thats why he is not on the list
  13. WDIS Spreadsheet!

    Thanks Rhino! bbusby@comcast.net
  14. Best Buy

    Its locked for me as well.
  15. WDIS at RB

    Ok looking for some thoughts on who to start. Standard scoring (1 point for every 10 yards rushing and receiving and 6 points a TD) I am already starting Tomlinson but need 1 RB more from the following: W. McGahee vs. STL at home T Jones vs. Indy at home D Blaylock vs. NE at home I am leaning towards McGahee as it is at home and the last three games at home he has rushed for over 100 yards. Jones is just coming back from an injury and I am hearing that he may split carries with A Thomas. Blaylock looked good in is last start but and concerned that he is listed as probable with a knee injury and not sure if it will impact his production Another point to consider. Of the 3 teams the RB are playing against STL has the worst run defense acording to the Huddle defensive stats. Thanks
  16. WDIS at RB

    Thanks -- I was thinking the same thing. Any other thoughts?
  17. Can I be serious?

    Start Bulger. Griese also is probable with a right shoulder injury.
  18. Any of you Red Sox fans

    Just heard this on the local news. Schilling will need surgery on his ankle. http://www.boston.com/sports/baseball/reds...rtain_for_alcs/ He is going to try to pitch but he may be done for the season.
  19. Any of you Red Sox fans

    No odds even up. I am sure there are other folks willing to sign up. We can combine our post count to equal yours. Maybe we can recruit Grits to our side so you can give us odds This group thing scares me not that there is anyhing wrong with that.
  20. Any of you Red Sox fans

    Works for me as well. I would say sig line bet. I am sure with all the Red Sox fans around here we can come up with a good sig line for you. I would not want to change your avatar out of respect!
  21. Any of you Red Sox fans

    What are we talking here for a bet? Sig line? Don't worry I will NOT welch!