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  1. FA BID: Michael Gallup

    Welcome, Mr. Gallup.
  2. Michael Gallup, WR, Dallas 2 credits.
  3. Free Agency Begins May 1st

    I'm in again.
  4. Championship Vibes

    I... Did not win... Saquon Barkley scored 4x his average weekly score and Mike Gesecki decided he'd double his yearly total of TDs from 2 to 4 so I lost. I mean, manure, if the Bears score a freaking touchdown I probably win. Just.... So sad right now. Glad it's over. The Lions are garbage, I can stop caring for a while.
  6. Oh... Okay... Wow

    Whoops. Now I just jinxed the final.
  7. Oh... Okay... Wow

    Reverse jinxed the hell out of myself. You got played fantasy football gods. You. Got. Played.
  8. Oh... Okay... Wow

    Scary thing is I spent most of the season trying to trade Brees and no one would take him. Thanks for the help, league.
  9. Ummm. What the fricking frick? Well. It looks like I started literally all the wrong players. Great.
  10. Change the rules after this season. Everybody knew the rules coming in, it's plain as day. You even reminded me that it was all year before I put Hakeem Butler on IR before the season started. That's how it goes. Change it in the offseason.
  11. San Diego is garbage and I was dumb to ever put any faith in them whatsoever... but the Chargers only allowed 18 offensive points vs. the Steelers and should be getting 3 points more than they show, according to the league rules (copied below). Points Allowed Fantasy Points 0 = 10 2-9 = 5 10-19 = 3 When calculating points allowed, will not get charged when the opposing defense: · Returns an Interception or Fumble for a TD · Records a Safety Is this going to fix itself or do the commissioners go in there after the week's over and fix it? Has this been happening every week? Why is this still happening in year two? Can someone go back and make sure the actual scoring the website is doing is in accordance with the league rules? Thanks.