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  1. RFA- Jack Doyle

    Jack Doyle, TE, IND, Necessary Roughness 3 credits
  2. RFA Bid: Austin Ekler

    I will match 7 and retain.
  3. RFA-Eric Ebron

    Start the clock on GDD.
  4. RFA-Eric Ebron

    9 credits Come-A-Runnin' Boys
  5. Don't waste credits a take a flyer on an unknown. Come get Drew Brees. Low risk, high reward. Only one year left on his contract. If age finally catches up to him, no problem. If he continues to be a killer, you have the chance to match any offers. Win win. Open to any offers. Probably set at WR though.
  6. RFA-Austin Ekeler - VOID

    Whoops. I read that and still did it. Early morning brain fuzz.
  7. Come-A-Runnin' Boys, 3 credits
  8. RFA-Eric Ebron

    Eric Ebron, TE, IND, Gameday Demons 5 credits Come-A-Runnin' Boys
  9. 2019 Rookie Draft: Round 4

    4.7 Devine Ozigbo, RB, New Orleans Come-A-Runnin' Boys
  10. 2019 Rookie Draft: Round 3

    3.7.- Ryquell Armstead, RB, Jacksonville Come-A-Runnin' Boys
  11. This should have been decided and a draft held, if it was going to happen, before the rookie draft. Table it til next year.
  12. 2019 Rookie Draft: Round 2

    2.7- JJ Arcega-Whiteside, WR, Philadelphia Come-A-Runnin' Boys
  13. 2019 Rookie Draft: Round 1

    1.7- Hakeem Butler, WR, Arizona Come-A-Runnin' Boys