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  1. The Offseason

    1 rule I'd propose to implement now.....We should have to pay our League fees before the Rookie draft, In my mind the draft is the start of the new seasons activities, and we should pay prior to participating in league activities. prior to July 15th - League Fees Due (in lieu of when contracts are due (Sunday before 1st game)).
  2. D'Onta Foreman, RB, Houston Texans 2 Credits Gameday Demons Drop Jordy Nelson 2 Year Contract
  3. FA - Marquez Valdes-Scantling

    Sold to Alex Gee's Team
  4. FA - Josh Rosen

    Sold to Donkey Power
  5. F.A. Ka'imi Fairbairn

    If Ka'imi Fairbairn is acquired, I'd like him to be added to my starting line-up for this week (week 8)
  6. Ka'imi Fairbairn, K, Houston 2 Credits Gameday Demons Drop Matt Bryant
  7. Mitchell Trubisky, QB, Chicago Bears 2 Credits Gameday Demons Drop Richard Matthews
  8. Drop Bortles, Blake

    2 years was not assigned to Bortles when you signed him, only 1 contract year was assigned. You will have 1 penalty year for dropping Bortles unless someone adds him this year.
  9. FA: New York Jets defense

    3 credits Gameday Demons if acquired cut Rishard Matthews
  10. you already have 1 contract year on him while he is sitting in F.A. I would think that you could re-claim that same contract if you win the bid on him again, that would only cost you your credits....... Although you have a lot of other FA issues to finalize lingering out there.
  11. Looks like Matt, yet again wins another F.A. bid......when is he either going to place these players on his roster or get penalized his credits and/or not allowed to bid on F.A. anymore? Matt has pending contracts/penalties to resolve for: Fitzpatric Calloway McDonald
  12. see Alex's comments in "! Open FA Bid Resolution !" where Alex says "F-it, have them both back" Meaning Lindsay & Allison
  13. It's apparent Alex has not intent to sign Phillip Lindsay Phillip Lindsay, RB, Denver Broncos 4 Credits Gameday Demons Drop Rishard Matthews
  14. I personally agree! Rule 5.1.2 could be modified to set a time limit for an owner to roster newly acquired player after winning a bid which would include corresponding roster moves. I'm in favor
  15. Of course my suggestion above only works if that player has credits banked, it should be stated that if the player does not currently have the credits, the credits will be drawn from the following years allotment.