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  1. FA - Hunter Henry

    Awarded to Icarus for 2 credits.
  2. FA - Zay Jones

    4 Credits Gameday Demons
  3. FA Damien Williams

    5 credits Gameday Demons
  4. I propose to edit the wording of Rule 5.1.2. to change "after a draft" to read "during the off-season" which would include the free agent acquisition period that starts May 1st and runs through the pre-season as already described within the rule. 5.1.2: A team may exceed the maximum number of players after a draft, but must cut the roster down to 20 players the Sunday before the beginning of the season. If a team does not submit any roster or contacts by the deadline, the team will be fined 10 credits immediately and 5 credits per day until the roster and contracts are submitted. If a team submits a roster and contracts by the deadline, but the roster exceeds the aforementioned 20 player limit or the contracts exceed 40 years (see rule 8.3), then the team will be notified and fined 5 credits immediately and 5 credits per day until their roster and/or contracts are fixed.
  5. please keep All comments in this thread related to Changing 5.1.2 wording ONLY Current Owner votes to Chang wording of rule 5.1.2: For Changing: Gameday Demons, Necessary Roughness, NOT for Changing: On the fence: Donkey Power
  6. Gus Edwards, RB, Baltimore Ravens 2 Credits Gameday Demons
  7. Zay Jones, WR, Buffalo Bills 2 Credits Gameday Demons
  8. Mike Davis, RB, Chicago Bears 2 Credits Gameday Demons
  9. Damien Williams, RB, Kansas City 2 Credits Gameday Demons
  10. Thank you for the input JD! I have heard of formats that allow for exactly what you are describing. Any suggestions on a scoring format for the defensive players?
  11. I would like to hear more reasoning behind dropping Kickers. Kickers account for so much of the actual scoring in a football games, I think dropping them from our rosters eliminates potential scoring opportunities for our fantasy league.
  12. Alex, Please present a solution on how you would propose to "Fix" the Defensive Scoring. We will review any and all suggestions and vote to accept/veto any scoring changes.
  13. A typical ESPN league roster has 16 positions, our roster has 20. Our roster is expandable by up to 2 players to be placed on IR (only if those players have been placed on the NFL Injured reserved list) allowing you to retain your player and claim others out of the "Free Agent" pool. This year we will also have the ability to place 3rd & 4th picks round rookies from our draft on the practice squad. (although there are rules about practice squad players everyone should re-read) that would make our allowable rosters able to hold up to 24 players. Part of the challenge of this league is managing player contract years.....managing contract yeas could allow for more freedom to add/drop players in the "Free Agent" market more freely, so it's not like your completely stuck w/ every player you have if that is a concern. The talent of the "Free Agent" pool is already pretty thin.......allowing more roster spots to every team would only reduce the already thin pool if a player(s) available if a player were to be injured and you wanted to find a replacement.
  14. Alex, This inaugural season was a challenge to get set up, and the style of draft (Auction/Serpentine draft) was a conversation that you were part of. As you, know ..... The consensus majority decision voted on by the owners was the "Serpentine/Snake" style draft. If re-drafting is something all the other owners would be willing to agree upon, then we can put that back on the table.
  15. Alex, Please Submit: Any ideas you have on how and IDP (for other owners, IDP = Individual Defensive Player) format would work. Position(s) to draft, number of defensive players, defensive scoring format for IDP, ect........ Myself and other owners will want to know more details before we would vote to accept/veto this format change.