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  1. FA BID: Michael Gallup

    Sold to Come-A-Runnin' Boys
  2. FA Bid: TB D/ST

    3 credits
  3. FA BID: Michael Gallup

    3 credits
  4. FA Bid: Raheem Mostert

    Sold to Sam Allen's Team
  5. FA Bid: Teddy Bridgewater

    Sold to Sam Allen's Team
  6. Up for trade, Matt Ryan. 2019 Top 10 Overall Scorer Would consider: Draft Pick, RB, Credits or combination of any
  7. FA Bid: Ryan Tannehill

    Sold to Necessary Roughness
  8. Josh, I have changed your team name in the google Docs spreadsheet. You should be able to change the team name on the "My Fantasy League" site. If not, Tim will have to change the name for you.
  9. Thanks for the update TRog. I'm in for another season.
  10. I've double checked all Tim's initial playoff seedings. They appear to be correct.
  11. Brews and Games?

    Great idea. We do have some rules that should probably be reviewed & discussed for next season. This would be a great opportunity to start discussing those so they can go to vote at the end of the season. Locations to consider: Brewsky's Sports Casters Big Red Keno Spikes Press Box Watering hole
  12. Thursday 11/7/19 @ 7:20 Central time (Kick-off of Thursday's week 10 game).
  13. FA: Mark Walton

    Drop Kalen Ballage 2 year contract Add to starting lineup in place of Payton Barber
  14. Mark Walton, RB, Miami 2 Credits Gameday Demons
  15. Trading Block -Patriots D

    If any of you owners are a potential playoff team (as I probably am not) or just a team on the rise, and you have a thought process like that of NFL and MLB owners at mid season that an upgrade at one key position could help push your team into the championship game, this is that great opportunity to upgrade your fantasy team for that run. As Icarus states, they truly are having an amazing year and they could be that key position that could help your team.