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  1. FA - Preston Williams

    Sold to Icarus. 1 contract year assumed, since none were specified.
  2. Trade

    Release Zay Jones, WR, BUF.
  3. Trade

    Gameday Demons releases Jay Jones (2) contract years w/ 1 year penalty
  4. Trade

    Gameday Demons recieve: Kalen Ballege, RB, Dolphins Come-A-Running Boys Recieve: 2020 3rd round pick of Gameday Demons
  5. No RB's and a dream

    Well, Good luck then ....... If you're not willing to overpay for your need, I'm out.
  6. Tyreke's Weak Punch IR

    Per moves made on MyFantasyLeage; Injured Reserve: Lamar Miller & Derrius Guice Practice Squad: Jace Sternberger & Josh Oliver
  7. Applied to week 2 line-up
  8. FA- Danny Amendola

    Sold to Come-a-runnin Boys
  9. FA: Chris Thompson

    Sold to Tyreek.
  10. FA: Browns Defense

    Sold to Tyreek.
  11. FA: Bills Defense

    Sold to Tyreek
  12. FA: Matt Bryant

    Sold to Tyreek.
  13. FA: Vernon Davis

    Sold to Tyreek.
  14. FA: Malcolm Brown

    Sold to Tyreek.
  15. FA- Jamison Crowder

    Sold to CARBoys