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  1. FA: New York Jets defense

    3 credits Gameday Demons if acquired cut Rishard Matthews
  2. you already have 1 contract year on him while he is sitting in F.A. I would think that you could re-claim that same contract if you win the bid on him again, that would only cost you your credits....... Although you have a lot of other FA issues to finalize lingering out there.
  3. Looks like Matt, yet again wins another F.A. bid......when is he either going to place these players on his roster or get penalized his credits and/or not allowed to bid on F.A. anymore? Matt has pending contracts/penalties to resolve for: Fitzpatric Calloway McDonald
  4. see Alex's comments in "! Open FA Bid Resolution !" where Alex says "F-it, have them both back" Meaning Lindsay & Allison
  5. It's apparent Alex has not intent to sign Phillip Lindsay Phillip Lindsay, RB, Denver Broncos 4 Credits Gameday Demons Drop Rishard Matthews
  6. I personally agree! Rule 5.1.2 could be modified to set a time limit for an owner to roster newly acquired player after winning a bid which would include corresponding roster moves. I'm in favor
  7. Of course my suggestion above only works if that player has credits banked, it should be stated that if the player does not currently have the credits, the credits will be drawn from the following years allotment.
  8. If this is an attempt to completely discourage owners from not signing the players they bid on, I would proposed rule 11.3 should have much more severe consequences, (I could easily consider biddding 3-4 credits on a player to block the opposing team from picking up a F.A. if I were playing that owner that week) then never sign that player (only costing me 2 credits). If this is a strategy that we don't mind being part of the game, then half the credits, as stated is acceptable. This is not a strategy that an NFL ownwer/coach implements which is what I thought this league is set up to make you think like. I think the penalty stated in 11.3 should be MUCH steeper of a fine (minimum of 10 credits, or matching the winning bid, whichever is higher) to totally discourage owners from implanting the strategy I stated above.
  9. Interesting.....would be a good fit and a chance to prove his worth
  10. You can add him back you just have to wait out the time frame to do so.
  11. Franchises cannot bid on their own players but may bid on any other RFA available' this is a correct statement. You own the rights to that player, after all the other teams are finished bidding on a player on your roster, you have the first rights of refusal. Meaning you can match the closing bid/credits and assign a new contract for that player if you choose to retain them & have the credits to do so or you can release them to the highest bidding team. If you choose to retrain the player you could then assign a new contract for as many years as you have available of you allotted 40 years max.
  12. Cancelling bids is not O.K...... What are we suppose to do w/ Lindsay at this point if you cancel your bidding after the 48 hour bidding period? I will be mad if Lindsay gets sold to Fiese because I would have bid 13 credits, but you did it first, essentially your bid blocked mine. None of us want another 10 day bidding process by starting the bidding process over from square one. The current bidding process has held him off rosters for 2 games, another prolonged bidding process could hold him off of rosters for another 2 weeks, that would not be fair to any of us.
  13. As a player on you roster at the end of their last year or 1 year you have the option to resign that player by matching the bids placed for that player. When and if you match another players bid you will have the ability to assign a new contract to that player be it 1 more year or 10 years...."dynasty" is all about managing/balancing all player contracts on your team. When you over value players your other players will be picked over...when you under value a player that player gets picked from you you....that's the challenge to dynasty, not who is fastest to the waiver wire each week.
  14. Alex, I agree you won the bid by our clocks....your delima will now be...who are you going to drop from your roster without exceeding the maximum 40 years....keep in mind you will still hold 1 contract year fro anyone you release from your roster (as a penalty for acquiring that player) so it does not help to drop a player that has 1 year on their contract as that will not clear up the contract you will need to assign Lindsay a contract. It will have to be someone w/ 2 or more years since you already used all your allotted 40 years. This is percisely the reason some of use did not max out our contract years @ 40 allow us the comfort to pick up free agents and to make trades for players that have more contract years than those we are giving up. If this is a style you would choose to play in the upcoming years, you may want to plan accordingly when assigning new rookie contracts when that time comes next year.