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  1. proposed amendment to rule: 5.3: Injured Reserve: Each team will have two (2) injured reserve slots. strike verbiage: Once a player is designated IR by a team, he will not be able to return to active duty for the duration of the current season. insert verbiage: (A dynasty owner is required to reactivate or drop any player an owner has placed on a dynasty IR list. If that NFL player has been reactivated by that players NFL team, subsequently being removed from the NFL's official IR list NOTE: A Subsequent roster move may be required so that the maximum roster limit is not exceeded as oulined in rule 5.1). An IR player may be released, however his IR designation stays with him insert verbiage: (if he is still on the NFL's official IR list) whether he is acquired by another team through free agency or trade. The new team must make room for the IR player on that team’s IR squad insert verbiage: (or active roster). Each owner also has the option of waiving the injured player outright (before sending him to IR), thereby sending him to the free agent pool, or simply riding out the injury. A player must be listed as strike verbiage: “out for season” insert verbiage: “injured reserved (IR)” in the NFL Injury Report before he may be placed on IR. (In other words, this is a true IR squad and may not be used to simply hold on to players you don’t wish to play who are not injured.) There are exceptions to this rule. In some cases, a player may not be designated "out for season" but is effectively out for the fantasy season. Cases like this will be handled on an individual basis and will be decided by the commissionership. I would also propose dynasty owners have 3 days from the day the player is activated by the NFL to activate the player to their roster. If that player is not activated to the owners active roster within 3 days said player will be released from their dynasty team and sent to the free agency pool. Contract rules for for a team owner releasing any player(s) shall apply. This is open for discussion & changes, opinions are welcome! If you don't have any edits to the above changes please vote "for" or "against" the proposed rule change.
  2. Kenny Golladay, WR, DET, Come-A-Runnin boys 8 credits Gameday Demons
  3. RFA Bid: Kenny Golladay

    Bidding is now locked. CARBoys now has until August 7th at 2:02 AM to match and retain or decline. If no post is made, a decline will be assumed.
  4. RFA Bid - Dak Prescott

    Bidding is now locked. JD's Team now has until August 6th at 8:56 pm (edited time) to match and retain or decline. If no post is made, a decline will be assumed.
  5. RFA Bid: Brandin Cooks

    Bidding is now locked. CARBoys now has until August 6th at 8:43 pm to match and retain or decline. If no post is made, a decline will be assumed.
  6. unless the "Redshirt" rule would apply for this.....
  7. I noticed that the NFL set a deadline for a COVID season long "Opt-out" for Thursday (Aug. 6th @ 4:00 P.M. ET) so I'm not sure the week 5 "Redshirt" rule is needed. You can read the rule, among others here.
  8. Greg Zuerlein, K, DAL, Icarus 4 credits Gameday Demons
  9. FA Bid - Benny Snell

    Sold to Gameday Demons
  10. Benny Snell, RB - PIT 2 credits Gameday Demons
  11. FA Bid - Dak Prescott

    bidding on restricted free agent is not open until Monday, August 3rd @ 8:00 A.M, see Tim's previous post here. my initial thought was to activate this bid upon opening of restricted free agent bidding. After further consideration, We do NOT want other owners submitting pre-mature bids to be activated upon RFA opening, so this bid will not be valid. We will request that your re-submit bid at or after 8/3/2020 @ 8:00 A.M. Hope you can understand our concerns of trying to manage other similar bids.
  12. that's a fair assessment Sam, maybe 3 days is a bit short and something like 7-10 days is a more fair time frame (time frame to be up to a majority vote by team owners). I think the point is there though. That the player will not be allowed to remain on an owners IR squad for an indefinite amount of time, and if they are left on the IR squad beyond a set time period that an action will be taken to remove that player.
  13. I have added a proposed rule change to the current IR portion of this that addresses players coming off IR during the season.
  14. 4.6 La'Mical Perine, RB, NYJ Gameday Demons
  15. 2.11 Darrynton Evans, RB, TEN Gameday Demons
  16. Trade

    Gameday demons trades pick 2.6 of the 2020 draft to Come-a-Runnin Boys Come-a-Runnin Boys trades pick 2.11 of the 2020 draft + 2nd round pick of 2021 draft to Gameday Demons.
  17. Willing to consider trade proposals for my second round pick (6th, (up next)). If there's anyone interested in this pick, feel free to shoot me offers. Will consider future draft picks, Credits, players or combination of any/all. Email and phone (text - preferred) are in the spreadsheet located here >
  18. 1.6 Cam Akers, RB, LAR Gameday Demons
  19. FA bid - Hayden Hurst

    Sold to Gameday Demons
  20. Hayden Hurst, TE, ATL 2 credits Gameday Demons
  21. FA bid - Bailey

    Sold to Icarus
  22. FA BID: Michael Gallup

    Sold to Come-A-Runnin' Boys
  23. FA Bid: TB D/ST

    3 credits
  24. FA BID: Michael Gallup

    3 credits
  25. FA Bid: Raheem Mostert

    Sold to Sam Allen's Team