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  1. Here are the league's logistics: 8 teams $30 buy in $100 FAAB for in season acquisition Rosters: 2QB, 3RB, 5WR, 2TE, 3FLEX, 8BN payout: 1st $120 2nd $60 3rd $30 reg season points $30 Leaguesafe: We have 2-3 spots left. Drafting at 6pm EST (3pm PST).
  2. still 2-3 spots left
  3. draft moved to tomorrow, 9/12 at 6pm EST. 3 spots open
  4. post your email and I'll invite you to the espn league page. Currently 4 members. If we fill today by 5:30pm EST, we'll draft at 6:30pm EST. I'll keep everyone updated if that doesn't happen.
  5. Need a Replacement Owner for solid team

    just post the 2 rosters here. too lazy to have an email conversation
  6. Interest is lower now that the season has started, so this will be an 8 team league with deeper rosters to compensate. $30 buy in payout: 1st $120 2nd $60 3rd $30 reg season points $30 Rosters: 2QB, 3RB, 5WR, 2TE, 3FLEX, 8BN We'll draft as soon as we fill, hopefully tonight around 7:30pm EST.
  7. Here are the logistics for the league: -12 teams -$250/person for the auction -$100faab with blind bidding during the season Payout: 1st - $120 2nd - $80 3rd - $50 total points (reg season) - $50 Rosters: 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 2FLEX, 1SUPERFLEX, 7BN Leaguesafe page: Drop your email if interested and I'll invite.
  8. I'll be back responding in 2.5 hours; anyone feel free to leave an email and I'll invite then