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  1. What do you need - Quarter final Edition

    Half ppr. I have a 33 point lead, with zero players left. My opponent has McCaffrey. It's not going to be fun watching the game tomorrow..
  2. I know how you feel. Hunt, Conner, and Collins were my designated running backs at the start of the season, and now I'm in the same scenario as you where I'm waiting on the status of Breida to see if I can start Wilson, or roll the dice with waiting for Conner. Anyway, Conner finally returned to practice today, albeit limited. Beforehand, Tomlin gave Conner a lot of praise with how he's progressed since his injury, and the offensive coordinator even said that Conner could very well be good to go even if he didn't have any practice. At this point, I'm actually feeling confident he's going to play, but there's a very good chance that it's going to remain a committee approach. I don't think Conner will be getting the same workload as before. However, he definitely has more upside than Wilson does if Breida is playing, which seems to be the case at this point. The 49ers play at 4:05 on Sunday, only 15 minutes before the Steelers. Is there anyone that you know and trust that would be able to manage for you?
  3. I need to know who I should start at RB2 and FLEX. I started Damien Williams last night, and he saved it from being a total disaster as Keenan Allen is my WR1, and my opponent had Kelce. I have Amari Cooper locked in at WR2. Here's my options including both WR and RB: Conner Q Wilson (It looks likely that Breida is going to play) McGuire Barber D. Henry Ridley Tate The Steelers don't play until 4:25 on Sunday.. If I leave flex open and wait until then just to find out Conner won't play, then I'd be forced to start Tate.
  4. Right, so quick question. James Conner ended up practicing on a limited basis today. If he does end up playing, is he a must-start? I think there's a good chance they'll go committee as he may not be 100%. This is so frustrating..
  5. Crowell has been ruled out. If Breida continues to trend towards playing, should I go with McGuire?
  6. Just to put things into perspective, Hunt and Conner were my starting running backs heading into the final weeks of my league's season. I was able to get Ware, but I wasn't able to get Samuels when Conner got hurt. I'm now in the semi-finals in my league, and Spencer Ware has been listed as doubtful, and I don't feel optimistic at all that Conner will play Sunday. I'm officially in panic mode as my opponent's team is projected to slaughter mine. This is a half ppr league Here are my options at rb: Derrick Henry Damien Williams Peyton Barber Jeff Wilson Elijah McGuire and for flex, my wr options are: Golden Tate Calvin Ridley
  7. .5 PPR. I'm starting Keenan Allen and Amari Cooper (I trust him after Monday) My other WRs and RBs that I can choose are: Golden Tate Calvin Ridley Danny Amendola Peyton Barber Mike Davis Jalen Richard Honestly just stuck between Tate, Ridley, and Davis assuming Carson is out.
  8. WR dilemma

    That's the problem. It's all but certain that Bell won't get traded, and if James Conner is no longer viable, then I'm in bad shape with Collins and Barber as my only running backs besides Hunt considering that both are very hard to trust.
  9. WR dilemma

    Golden Tate is literally my only WR this week that I can start.. Amari Cooper and Albert Wilson would have been my options, but I'm sure everyone is aware that neither of them will be playing next week due to recent events... League is half ppr QB: Winston, Stafford RB: K. Hunt, A. Collins, J. Conner, J. Richard, P. Barber WR: G. Tate, K. Allen, A. Cooper, A. Wilson, C. Ridley TE: K. Rudolph, J. Cook Not sure who I should pick up off of waivers, or if I should trade for someone. Lynch's owner offered me Fitzgerald for Richard.
  10. WR and TE help

    Should I just bench Cooper and start Calvin Ridley, and keep Cook at TE? Here's my team:
  11. WR and TE help

    Half PPR Is it worth starting both Cook and Cooper? I genuinely think Cooper is going to have a decent game against Seattle, but I feel that Cook will get targeted a lot as well. My other TE is Rudolph, but Cook definitely has a higher ceiling.
  12. Lineup advice

    12 man, half PPR QB: Matthew Stafford RB: Kareem Hunt RB: James Conner WR: Keenan Allen (Assuming he is healthy and plays) WR: Golden Tate TE: Kyle Rudolph FLEX: Alex Collins D/ST: Packers K: Justin Tucker Bench: QB: Ryan Tannehill RB: Peyton Barber, Alfred Morris WR: Amari Cooper, Calvin Ridley, Kelvin Benjamin TE: Jared Cook Really I just can't decide who I want at flex.
  13. I was able to pick up up Jared Cook off of waivers. I'm nervous about starting Kyle Rudolph after Sunday. League is 0.5 PPR.
  14. Should I trade Cooper and somebody else for Edelman? League is 0.5 PPR Here's my roster: QB: Matthew Stafford RB: Kareem Hunt James Conner Alex Collins Alfred Morris Peyton Barber Spencer Ware WR: Keenan Allen Golden Tate Amari Cooper Mohamed Sanu Kelvin Benjamin Dez Bryant TE: Kyle Rudolph D/ST: Ravens K: Justin Tucker
  15. Conner won it for me. Thank you so much for the advice!