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  1. Start sanders tonight?

    I wouldnt expect a ton but he will probably do better than what you can probably get off the wire.
  2. Goff or J Allen both great matchups

    Goff has looked terrible the last couple weeks. Id wait to play him until he proves himself again. Also, I would be surprised if Allen rushes 75+ yards and at least 1 TD against Miami.
  3. Josh Allen vs Miami just seems like too juicy of a matchup to pass up but Dak has been fairly consistent for fantasy points. Where are you guys leaning towards.
  4. Which 3 of these WRs would you start this week? Lockett vs Cleveland R. Woods vs SF T. Boyd vs Bal E. Sanders vs Ten M. Gallup vs NYJ Full PPR.
  5. Which WR to start?

    If TY Hilton is out this week, who would you start in his place? E. Sanders vs Jax R. Woods vs TB P. Dorsett vs Buf
  6. Start Melvin??

    Normally I would say no but they are taking on Miami after all which tends to change things. They may give him some goal line work or enough of a workload to be relevant because of such an easy matchup.
  7. Interesting trade offer

    I was just offered a trade by an owner that's currently 1-2. I am currently the only 3-0 owner so I have a tiny cushion to work with. He want to trade me: Terry McClaurin Brandon Cooks Derek Henry For my: Melvin Gordon Golden Tate Wayne Gallman My team: QB: Prescott WR: Hilton, Woods, M. Hardman, Jamison Crowder, Jefferies, E. Sanders, Tate RB: D. Cook, Elliot, Gallman, Gordon I know that Tate and Gordon come back next week and Gallman is untested but no ones knows what sort of workload they will get or how long it will take for them to get back into full swing. It looks like a potential upside several weeks from now vs fairly solid depth now. Any thoughts?
  8. Burkhead, Hyde, or Jacobs

    Half PPR. With White out, I'm liking Burkhead this week. What do you guys think?
  9. Pick 2 WR for this week

    TY Hiltion vs Atlanta Watkins vs Baltimore Golladay vs Philly Tyrell Williams vs Minnesota John Brown vs Cincinnati Need to play 2
  10. Why does God hate my fantasy team? Every year

    I meant I needed Miami to score 3 points in order to have NE's Defense score 3 points less.
  11. Why does God hate my fantasy team? Every year

    For me it was Cam Newton week 1 that cost me several of my matchups. Week 2, it was NE Defense and Patrick Mahomes with literally no one else on their team scoring more than 10 points. Sad part is that I lost by two so all Miami had to do was kick a single FG and I would have won by they couldnt even do that.
  12. If this guy doesn't want to trade JJ or OBJ then I dont see anything worth giving up Lamar for at this point. I think he continues to be a top 3 QB for the forseeable future.
  13. Boyd @ BUF, or J.Brown vs CIN?

    Im leaning towards Brown. They both have gotten the exact same number of targets but Buffalo has a better defense. Its definitely close but I would take Brown.
  14. Full PPR. Even though Carolina has stunk, Moore has been a fairly reliable PPR play. But with the news that Cam most likely isnt going to play, is Moore still a viable WR2 in PPR leagues?
  15. Who to start? E.Sanders or C.Ridley?

    Sanders. Denver is going to have throw the ball to try and keep up with GB and Sanders looks fantastic.