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  1. FA - Ito Smith

    Am I able to give more than 1?
  2. FA - Ito Smith

    2 credits drop Anthony Miller
  3. ! Open FA Bid Resolution !

    I mean... there's only one option, right? If I'm forced to keep Fitz, I have to drop a player with more than one year on their contract. Unless I'm missing something?
  4. ! Open FA Bid Resolution !

    I would cancel the Fitz pickup, obviously, and don't have a problem getting dinged for it.
  5. ! Open FA Bid Resolution !

    I don't have any problems with that. I can't imagine there will be too many instances of retracted bids, going forward, thanks to the recent debacles. I've never done an auction league, and also never one with a 48 hour window... perhaps it could be forgiven in instances where a manager is the first and only person to bid? I don't know. As it isn't waivers, it's hard to compare. In a normal league, you submit a waiver and then wait to find out if you got the player. If the player were to get injured, or explode, or circumstances on the team change in any way, you are free to cancel that waiver before the deadline with no repercussions. Providing nobody else has bid on the same player, I'm not sure what the harm would be. I think half credits bid is totally fair, though, and would especially detract disingenuous bidding on coveted players.
  6. And obviously you would need Gizmo's consent to trade with him.
  7. In any case, you would have to first drop a player with two or more years on their contract.
  8. But, I don't think I have a vote.
  9. But if I am not the highest bidder, then I would vote yes.
  10. As the highest bidder, I would vote no.
  11. OK now he is tweeting that he got "hacked" and that it isn't true. This is DEFINITELY Belichick trickeration!
  12. I would add him but I don't have any more contract years.