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  1. RB Help...

  2. Might want to think twice about Evens since the Ravens D pretty much shut down Julio a few weeks back. TB on the road in wet conditions too. Just food for thought.
  3. Golden Tate

    I'd hold onto him for now. Not that it will happen again, but if last season taught us anything, it's that Nick Foles can be an efficient passer when he needs to be.
  4. RB Help...

    Pick 3 I'm having a problem trusting Fournette, but he may blast Washington this week. Cook seems like a great play against MIA. Samuels will most likely see a large work load if Connor sits. Mixon seems like he has a juicy matchup with OAK. Who would you guys go with? Pick 3, standard scoring, 10 team league. Fournette vs. WAS Mixon vs. OAK Cook vs. MIA J. Samuels vs. NE
  5. Need WR Help. Pick 2

    Pick 2. Standard scoring. Curtis Samuel @ Cleveland.... Probably the safest Courtland Sutton @ SF....New #1 in Denver. Most likely playing against Richard Sherman Chris Godwin vs. NO.... Boom or Bust in potential shootout. (D. Jax could return, pushing Godwin back to the kiddy table) Josh Reynolds @ Chicago.... Playing Chicago in Chicago
  6. So I get this request in my inbox for a trade. He wants MY Leonard Fournette, for HIS Seattle D, Jarvis Landry, & Sterling Shepard. I realize he's just trying to make a playoff run, but this guy already has Brees, Kamara, L. Miller, T. Hill, & TY on his roster. With what he has on his roster, and even a 3 for 1 deal, I don't feel like I'm getting fair value in trade. Especially with not getting a RB in return, because at this point in the season finding another quality RB is a huge issue for anyone. Not to mention that 2 of the 3 he offered me have been sitting on his bench for the last several weeks. Sort of insulting if you ask me. I didn't counter offer because I didn't feel he would give up a playmaker, and I'm not interested in his bench players. (Luck [I already have Rodgers & Winston], D. Lewis, W. Smallwood, J. Doyle)… Am I wrong here?
  7. I'm not trusting Rodgers this week, so I'm streaming a QB from the wire. Best 2 choices this week are Winston vs. 49ers (at Home) or Mayfield (@ Bengals). Who would you start? Standard scoring.
  8. Would you take a chance with Brandon Marshall (not this week, but moving forward) or Pick up Josh Reynolds for ROS?
  9. Fair trade?

    I send my C. Ridley & M. Mack, and receive his G. Tate & S. Michel. Fair? Standard scoring.
  10. Bench 1 WR

    I'm thin at RB this week, so I need be as strong as possible with what I have at WR. Bench 1 WR. Tre'Quan Smith (NO) Courtland Sutton (DEN) MVS (GB) Calvin Ridley (ATL)
  11. Nelson Agholor & Golden Tate

    Sure you can trade Tate for a decent RB, but honestly, Tate will be out touching Agholor as early as next week. If you drop Agholor, is there anyone decent on waivers?
  12. Start Boyd, Jeffrey, or John Brown

    Personally, I'd play Jeffery. The Jags are in desperation mode, yet most their defensive secondary are backups today. Mix that with the fact that 4 jags players were popped earlier this morning for not paying their bill at a local pub, (racking up an estimated $64,000 tab!!)… It could be disastrous for the Jags. I believe Wentz will eat them alive with Ertz and Jeffery today.

  14. Who would you start? Both are TE1's this week. Graham will be in a pass happy offense vs. the Rams (I already have Allison and Rodgers in my line up). Meanwhile, Vance McDonald is at home Vs. Cleveland, and should get some major looks his way from Big Ben. Standard scoring league.
  15. Reed or Olsen this week?

    Olsen. Ravens are allowing 8.0 yards per catch to tight ends. This could be his break out game this season. Besides, Reed really has not done anything great as of late. I dropped him this week because I just couldn't wait around any longer for him to show up and play the way I know he can. I chose Vance McDonald (PIT) to replace him this week vs. Cleveland.