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  1. Which trade would you prefer?

    Ehhh. Don't love either but if I had to pick I'd say the second one.
  2. Matt Ryan or Dak Prescott

    The bottom line is that Aikman was a winner regardless of stats.
  3. Matt Ryan or Dak Prescott

    Marino was amazing. If he had half decent teams who knows how many rings he'd have
  4. Matt Ryan or Dak Prescott

    Agree. But that doesn't take away from his disappointing efficiency. His TD/interception ratio was terrible.
  5. Matt Ryan or Dak Prescott

    And it's a trap game for the Cowboys. Don't be shocked if the Redskins win OUTRIGHT.
  6. Matt Ryan or Dak Prescott

    Don't you wish a Giants fan could make this argument?
  7. Matt Ryan or Dak Prescott

    Let's not get crazy now. He's not even the best QB in his division.

    I love Boyd this week.
  9. QB Help! Who to start?

    Gotta go Rogers
  10. Pick my starting WR please.....

    There's no way I'm not starting Antonio Brown. I don't care how many snaps he gets. If he's dressed I'm starting him.
  11. Matt Ryan or Dak Prescott

    I thought Aikman had WAY better numbers.
  12. Kittle for Evans?

    Down on the QB or Kittle? Haha
  13. Kittle for Evans?

    I think Kittle can outscore Evans this year, so no. Besides you can't be rolling around with Hooper as a TE1.

    Bills D
  15. Matt Ryan or Dak Prescott

    Passing yards: 32,942 Pass completions: 2,898 Pass attempts: 4,715 TD–INT: 165–141 Dak is no stiff, the kid can play. He's come a long way. He'll never be a top 5 QB but he's certainly better than most of the crap out there. If he keeps playing like this he's gonna get PAID. Jerrah better squash that now.