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  1. Keep WR Ridley or DJ Moore

    Definitely Moore
  2. Keep WR Ridley or DJ Moore

    I agree, Moore should see a ton of targets, before he opts out like every other WR.
  3. Haha, exactly! I can guarantee you that at least 20 NFL players are at a strip club as we speak.
  4. Yeah, the majority of people who get it seem to be asymptomatic. I just hope the NFL isn't running down a similar path as MLB.
  5. Doug Pederson tests positive for the Covids. https://theeagleswire.usatoday.com/2020/08/02/philadelphia-eagles-head-coach-doug-pederson-test-positive-for-the-coronavirus/
  6. Nfl to allow players to opt out

    MLB could not of F'd it up any worse. I think the Phillies now have to play 57 games in 58 days. They'll never get in 60 games. That's the model for how not to run a league.
  7. Antonio Brown re-announces retirement

    Thank you, I forgot about that. I thought that was resolved but apparently not. He definitely needs help, I hope he gets it.
  8. Antonio Brown re-announces retirement

    Did they say exactly what this suspension is for?
  9. Antonio Brown re-announces retirement

    You missed one hell of a good time.
  10. Antonio Brown re-announces retirement

    They really do. I just had a Black Balls Matter Protest in my front yard. It was a much lower turnout than I hoped for.
  11. Third Pick

    I'd go Saquon there. Here are the updated rankings for reference. https://www.espn.com/fantasy/football/story/_/page/DraftRanks20RBPPR/updated-2020-fantasy-football-running-back-ppr-draft-rankings
  12. Nfl to allow players to opt out

    I have a bad feeling this is just the beginning.
  13. Antonio Brown re-announces retirement

    I get it but how is his craziness the NFL's fault? This was all his doing. I'm sorry the guy has mental issues but that's not the NFL's problem, they aren't his handlers. You can't blame the NFL, at some point he has to bear responsibility for his actions.
  14. Antonio Brown re-announces retirement

    I think AB blackballed himself right out of the business. How can you blame the NFL for his actions?
  15. You're right. I guess they are being asked to predict the future. I'm just utterly shocked that Lamar Jackson would be anyone's #1, on any list.