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  1. QB Help...Jimmy G was my only QB

    Tannehill. Don't trust a rookie in his 1st start. Can you trade for a QB?
  2. Wentz or Wilson this week?!

    Both have favorable matchups. I'd go Wilson this week though
  3. Who won this trade?

    You absolutely won
  4. Dj trade

    The Julio owner would never do that. If he does take it in a second
  5. Crabtree for Aaron Jones, Morris, or McCoy

    It doesn't do much for either team. I guess McCoy would be worth a bench spot.
  6. What RB would you target with Hopkins?

    If you trade Hopkins your killing your WR depth. I done see how you'd be helping yourself.
  7. Cook and Marvin Jones for AJ Green?

    No. Dalvin Cook has done nothing.
  8. Trade for David Johnson?? PPR league

    Exactly! My point is if your a David Johnson owner you may want to keep him because his value is almost nothing right now. "It's cheaper to keep her".
  9. #1 Waiver Pick-up

  10. Anybody trading for Bell???

    I traded Bell to a Conner owner. I got Emanuel Sanders in return which was the only real offer I had. That was 2 weeks ago. His value is even lower now.
  11. Trade involving Bell (3 for 3) Full PPR

    Yes, way too much. Zeke alone should get you that.
  12. Trade for David Johnson?? PPR league

    It's cheaper to keep her!
  13. Overreaction Monday

    And on the opposite end of the spectrum I'm going to trade Patrick Mahomes in three leagues to squeeze every ounce of ridiculous value out of him before he comes down to earth.
  14. Frustrated

    NO way. You need a RB1 bad! Trade one of those receivers for an RB1