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  1. Keeper help unsexy choices

    Kelce & Anderson.
  2. Tyreek Hill again...

    If you feel as strongly as you do than it was a good trade for you. But Hill is a top 5 receiver regardless of how you feel about him off the field.
  3. Tyreek Hill again...

    Was it dynasty? If dynasty it's a terrible trade for you. If not I like your side.
  4. Tyreek Hill again...

    Not bad at all
  5. Tyreek Hill again...

    What did you get for Hill in return?
  6. Tyreek Hill again...

    Agree. This is some shady shizz. He's a scumbag.
  7. Rumor: Ezekiel Elliott planning a training camp holdout

    No doubt and you may ultimately be right. I just think with Dak's contract lingering he'd be a fool (which he is) to hold out now. To resign him & Dak at the same time would blow that cap up. Someone has to be the odd man out. I think it would be him.
  8. Rumor: Ezekiel Elliott planning a training camp holdout

    I think you'll be fine. Especially after how the Leveon situation played out.
  9. Am I Overthinking?

    I'd still go Zeke. I don't think he's holding out. He doesn't have much leverage.
  10. Worst NFL idea ever

    Great point. In reality it would be like adding 2 pre-season games except they count in the standings. I really hope they ditch this idea.
  11. Keeper Help needed

    I'd go Lindsay in the 10th.
  12. Should I trade Cook [keeper league]

    Nice keepers! I would certainly think about trading away Cook for a decent WR. Good luck.
  13. Worst NFL idea ever

    Haha. Don't let the investors hear that.
  14. Worst NFL idea ever

    Agree, it's a recipe for disaster.
  15. Worst NFL idea ever

    Terrible. Another NFL money grab.