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  1. NFC Championship Thread

    On what grounds? This is nothing more that a great publicity stunt for him.
  2. Superbowl 2019 Thread

    To me the marquee matchup would of been Brees vs Brady. Besides a betting interest I couldn't care less about this game.
  3. NFC Championship Thread

    I can't blame him. I'd be psssd to after that non-call.
  4. NFC Championship Thread

    I know, we are having a conversation. I'm just talking hypothetically. I guess the real question is what can they do to hold them more accountable? Perhaps that does mean hiring them full time, putting their names on the jerseys and making them have press conferences after every game. If the players & coaches can be held accountable why not the refs?
  5. AFC Championship Thread

    I'd like to see them play a full 10-15 minute quarter. If tied at the end of 10 they play another. I know it's old school but it would definitely be fair.
  6. NFC Championship Thread

    Yes but what more is there to prep for? They only play one day a week. More classroom time would only help understand the rules which has nothing to do with missed calls. If they don't see it, they don't see it.
  7. NFC Championship Thread

    How would being full timers make a difference? Would sitting behind a desk 5 days a week watching film really make a difference? How would that translate to not missing a call on the field? I'm pretty sure they already know the rules.
  8. Superbowl 2019 Thread

    Both were amazing games. 2 OT Championship games, what more could you ask for?
  9. Superbowl 2019 Thread

    That's true. While he was a great CB he was a true hack. He'd have trouble with today's tic tac calls. He would of had 3 penalties a game.
  10. Superbowl 2019 Thread

    I feel the same. I wanted Andy to win it so bad. But it's the same old Andy Reid. He's learned nothing over the years and his clock management is atrocious.
  11. NFC Championship Thread

    Give them a Green Flag to challenge a bad or non call. Or something along those sorts.
  12. NFC Championship Thread

    Yes, it was a terrible call and probably cost them the game. But they still had a chance to win that game right there and didn't. Sean Payton called a terrible game, especially in that fourth quarter.
  13. Superbowl 2019 Thread

    Agree. It's gotten progressively worse. I don't recall it ever being this bad.
  14. Superbowl 2019 Thread

    Haha, Couldn't agree more.
  15. AFC Championship Thread

    It's a NE line all day!!