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  1. Playoff Expansion

    No, I have season tickets and only do 3-4 home games a year at most anymore. I sell the rest.
  2. Playoff Expansion

    I could live with that. I hate paying for preseason games. I just give the tickets away anyway.
  3. Washington has released Jordan Reed

    You gotta take care of your mentals and your chickens.
  4. Playoff Expansion

    I hope this means a shorter pre-season as well.
  5. Greg Robinson Arrested

    157 Pounds of weed! How and why is he rolling around with that much weed? He's got a lot of questions to answer.
  6. Playoff Expansion

    It may be, but your Barbecue eating ass will still be watching with bated breath.
  7. Playoff Expansion

    That's actually a really good point. What happens when a 5-11 team gets in?
  8. Playoff Expansion

    Agree to an extent. There will still be a hefty battle for that new final playoff spot to keep us interested. It's the 17 games that we can do without. I see no reason for it other than a money grab.
  9. Official QB domino thread

    Haha. It's a bad situation there. I guess the only way out of it would be new ownership. Burrows is a nice QB, he's not going to save that franchise.
  10. Official QB domino thread

    Agree 100. Going public with it does nothing for either of them.
  11. Playoff Expansion

    Haha, I actually like this idea. However it's probably a prelude to a 17 game season, seems inevitable.
  12. Playoff Expansion

    There is hope for the Cowboy's after all. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/02/19/report-nfl-will-add-playoff-team-to-each-conference-beginning-this-season/
  13. Official QB domino thread

    Get drafted #1, shut up and be very very thankful you're a Bengal. JUST KIDDING, you couldn't pay me enough to go to that cesspool of a team. I'd blow my brains out before I went anywhere near that town.
  14. Greg Robinson Arrested

    Haha. I thought of that!
  15. Greg Robinson Arrested

    I know, it's no joke.