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  1. Which WR SITS?

    Fitz sits
  2. Ingram or Mixon?

  3. Trade Theilen

  4. How much to pay for premium TE?

    That would easily get it done. I think you'd be offering too much though. Evans is a crapshoot week to week.
  5. Defense for this week

    Out of those I'd go Colts only because The Titans offense is hot or cold, usually cold.
  6. QB and Flex Questions

    I think Eli has a big week statistically. I also like Boyd.
  7. Packers vs Seahawks Game Thread

    My favorite team is whoevers playing the Cowboys that week.
  8. How much to pay for premium TE?

    Go after Kittle. It's a very good cheaper option.
  9. Offered a trade - advice?

    You'd be very upset when Tate goes for 140 yards and a TD tomorrow. It's gonna be a full on trackmeet.
  10. Drop Someone for Snead? PPR

    Your welcome. I'm just not sure what if any value Snead has right now.
  11. Which QB to start?

    Stafford. Jackson might get you negative points.
  12. Packers vs Seahawks Game Thread

    I could never understand that. You can't "adopt" another team. Just like you can't adopt another Country. I was born & raised in Philadelphia and had to endure bandwagon Cowboy fans that were everywhere. They never even been to Texas. I would never cheat on my beloved Eagles. No matter how bad things get.
  13. Trade Advice

    Not if Bell is a keeper. Your 5-5, not 7-3.
  14. How much to pay for premium TE?

    Agree. When you have a Kelce or Ertz that can drop 20 any given Sunday it's huge. Ertz is on an epic tear this year.
  15. How much to pay for premium TE?

    Agree. If you are deep at RB or receiver it's worth overpaying for an Ertz or Kelce. To get high end WR1 numbers out of a TE is huge. Earlier in the year I traded CMC straight up for Ertz. The price was high but I am ridiculously loaded at RB in that league. Thanks to Ertz I haven't lost a game since. If you can do it it's worth it.