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  1. Jalen Ramsey traded to the Rams

    Haha. Unfortunately not
  2. Jalen Ramsey traded to the Rams

    That's a lot to give up but he's worth it. That trade made them relevant again.
  3. Week 6 Milk Carton

  4. Did I make a mistake??

    Nicely done.
  5. Barkley/Mccaffrey trade need advice please?

    No, why? CMC is a fantasy football ATM. He's money!
  6. #1 Waiver Priority: Use it on Jamison Crowder?

    I wouldn't use it on Crowder
  7. Hopkins Trade

    I would accept that immediately.
  8. David Johnson - Fair Offer?

    I think that's a pretty fair trade all around. I'd do it.
  9. Trade Help!

    I would definitely do that if I was in your position.
  10. Trade Waller or Andrews?

    For Gallup? No way. He's a WR3 on his best day.
  11. Crowder or Robby Anderson?

  12. Trade Advice

    I could definitely see doing that
  13. Good Godwin

  14. Trade offer for CMC

  15. Trade Waller or Andrews?

    Waller or Andrews alone should get you a low end WR1 from a TE needy team. Maybe a Robert Woods type who hasn't done much ...... yet?
  16. Waiver choices

    I wouldn't waste a waiver on any of those names.
  17. Trade offer for CMC

    An arm, leg, ear, nose, etc.
  18. Trade Advice

    Why?? Wentz is having a great season. You don't trade a WR1 for a QB unless his name is Mahomes and even that I'd flinch at. I'd stream a QB long before I did that.
  19. Trade offer for CMC

    Exactly. The thought of trading CMC for almost any package is unthinkable right now. Especially for a QB
  20. Hunter Henry

    If you have a legit TE1 get what you can for him. I would approach a TE deficient team and throw an offer out there. Go high, at worst you'll have 2 very good TE's or even a flex.
  21. Paging Rich Kotite

    Its actually a poster In my bedroom. Who wouldn't want Ritchie The K on the wall?
  22. Put available wrs in order

    Great point
  23. Put available wrs in order

    I like Anderson now that Darnold is back. Djax Anderson Kirk MVS Golden Taint Tate
  24. Trade Advice 🚨

    I agree. This is a good trade for you.
  25. Mixon: buy low or avoid at all costs?

    I agree. I'd almost have to get him for free at this point.