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  1. Trade Advice

    I couldn't part with Saquon
  2. Who wins from this trade?

    NO WAY!!
  3. Would you accept this trade?

    It's really DJ for Kamara. There's now way he does that.
  4. D. Adams trade help

    It would take at least Ingram, probably more. I would start there though.
  5. Best Def to Stream this week?

    Colts for sure
  6. In my opinion both are garbage. But I would roll with Cook because he has the larger upside went healthy.
  7. Gurley trade

    Not even close!
  8. Ravens D

    Colts defense this week is straight money
  9. Should I make this trade?

    Naaaa. I love Breida but SF has no idea how to use him. The coaches are dumb & dumber.
  10. D freeman and Al Collins for Bell?

    Nicely done! I'd have to bust his stones relentlessly.
  11. Dj / Gordon trade????

    Melvin Gordon?? Without question!
  12. Kicker question!

    Yes, I would
  13. Ravens D

    I stream this time of year. Play the matchups
  14. Should I make a move?

    With Fournette coming back you'll be loaded at RB, a little light at receiver but certainly not bad. You could try to get Juju but I wouldn't try too hard. Your team is pretty good.
  15. Big trade

    If you have a chance to get Gurley you do it.
  16. What to do with Lamar miller??

    No kidding. That's why we are having this discussion. He's the Texan's RB1 and will continue to get RB1 touches. We all recognize that he's not Zeke or Barkley. That being said he much better than anything on the wire.
  17. What to do with Lamar miller??

    I wouldn't drop him. He's still an RB1, even though it's a weak one.
  18. What to do with Lamar miller??

    I totally feel your pain. I have him in several leagues. He has no trade value whatsoever so I'm gonna hold onto him as a very weak insurance policy shall I need a starter or flex via injury. You may be able to get a weak TE or WR2 for him but I think he's more valuable on your bench.
  19. Should I accept?

    I don't like it. You can do better
  20. Zach Ertz Trade

  21. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    The OBJ situation in NY won't help that argument. Remember how a new contract was supposed make everything perfect? How is that working out for NY?
  22. The Raiders are shopping Amari Cooper

    A first round pick?? They'll be lucky to get a 4.
  23. Packers-49ers Game Thread

    Don't feel bad, I cut him as well.
  24. OBJ Blues

    I would but his value isn't exactly skyrocketing right now. You won't get fair value. I can't see you getting a top tier RB for him right now. Perhaps a Mixon type??

    Looking good! It's a shootout. If it keeps going like this your a lock to win.