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  1. The NFL is planning for a full season with full stadiums

    I can't see why not. They may start the season a few weeks later but by then it should be business as usual. Perhaps the pre-season gets cut a bit as well.
  2. Playoff Expansion

    There is hope for the Cowboy's after all. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/02/19/report-nfl-will-add-playoff-team-to-each-conference-beginning-this-season/
  3. Broncos Sign Melvin Gordon

    BREAKING: Broncos and RB Melvin Gordon have agreed to terms on a two-year deal worth $16M. (via @RapSheet) pic.twitter.com/aFk3…
  4. Emmanuel Sanders To The Saints

  5. Broncos Release Joe Flacco

    Failed physical? Twitter › AdamSchefter Adam Schefter Broncos just informed former Super-Bowl MVP Joe Flacco that he is being waived with a failed physical designation, per source. Flacco now joins a group of free-agent QBs looking for work. Three Super Bowl MVPs in headlines this week: Flacco waived, Foles traded, TB to TB.
  6. Nicky Touchdowns To Chicago

    Is this a backup role or the end of Trubisky? TRADE: Chicago Bears trading for Jaguars QB Nick Foles. (via @MikeGarafolo)
  7. Nicky Touchdowns To Chicago

    Haha, that to.
  8. Dynasty trade advice

    I wouldn't, Jacobs is a legit stud and going into just his 2nd season.
  9. Nicky Touchdowns To Chicago

    Unless Foles is the starter week 1. They may just find out in camp that Foles is that much better. I'm not much of a Foles fan but he's light years better than Trubisky.
  10. Devin Funchess to Green Bay

    I've given up on Funchess. I'm tired of waiting for him to figure it out. He sucks, I'm out!
  11. Panthers cut Cam Newton & sign Robby Anderson

    Yeah, I guess your right. He's probably a 800 yd/5 TD guy. I think that's about what he was last season.
  12. Panthers cut Cam Newton & sign Robby Anderson

    Yeah but Sterling Shepard isn't worth Sterling Shepard money either.
  13. Panthers cut Cam Newton & sign Robby Anderson

    2 Years, 20 Million for Anderson? Doesn't that seem way high for him?
  14. Deshaun Watson discussion

    Unless there's a coaching change I think he's gone. And if it's between he and O'Brien I'd imagine O'Brien is gone.
  15. FA Tracker

    Agree, love this signing for them
  16. So what new thing are you doing?

    Haha, I learned today that my wife's favorite color is Purple
  17. FA Tracker

    Why did they do that? First off he sucks, secondly he was NEVER going to get that much on the open market? Does he have pictures on someone?
  18. FA Tracker

    Patriots signing QB Brian Hoyer to one-year deal. (via @rapsheet)
  19. FA Tracker

    I know he's not a household name but a very good under the radar signing in my opinion. He can lineup all most anywhere on the field and provides quality depth in the secondary. Versatile #Broncos safety Will Parks, a Philly native, is heading home. Parks is signing with the #eagles on a 1 year deal per source. Parks had a lot of interest from around the league over the last few weeks.
  20. So what new thing are you doing?

    It will happen, it's just a matter if you can hold on till then. Unfortunately the worst is yet to come.
  21. FA Tracker

    My thought exactly! Melvin Gordon got that much! They could have gotten Jimmy Graham for a bag of used jock straps. Terrible signing.
  22. So what new thing are you doing?

    If people are patient and can weather the storm, there's a fortune to be made on the other side.
  23. FA Tracker

    You don't want Agholor, he'll drive you insane. He'll make an amazing play and drop the next 4 balls. He was so bad in Philly that Carson Wentz wouldn't even look his way. He's like a Ferrari with no engine.