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  1. Joe Flacco to Denver

    The Broncos currently draft 10th. With a little creativity they can easily move into the top 5 for a QB of their choice. It can be done. The Eagles moved from 13 to 2 for Carson Wentz.
  2. Joe Flacco to Denver

    A typical Elway signing. Seems like a lateral move to me. Don't get it.
  3. AAF game thread

    Good stuff Darin. He was never that good to begin with. To think after 3 years he could step onto an NFL field and have success is insane. He made his own bed.
  4. Joe Flacco to Denver

    Keenum is not terrible. He's also not a very good starter. His body of work is what it is. He's a journeyman. Elway needs to target a young QB in this draft and find a way to trade up to get him. If not he's gonna be in this backup QB vortex forever.
  5. Joe Flacco to Denver

    This puts it into perspective: https://ftw.usatoday.com/gallery/john-elway-broncos-quarterbacks
  6. Joe Flacco to Denver

    C'mon. Don't make excuses for Elway. He could have been creative and gotten his QB just like any other GM. He didn't and that's why he's grasping at straws every year. Keenum, Osweiller, Lynch, Flacco, what's the difference?
  7. Joe Flacco to Denver

    He should have drafted a good one years ago like everyone else. Why sign a different free agent every year??
  8. Joe Flacco to Denver

    Why did Elway think Keenum was the guy? We knew he wasn't. Did he something different?
  9. Joe Flacco to Denver

    I couldn't agree more. For some reason King Elway thought Case Keenum was the guy, even though we all knew he was a career backup. So now he digs up another average QB who's on the back nine of his career and expects magic. Tell me what you think is gonna happen??
  10. AAF game thread

    But they knew if they got Kaepernick onboard the ratings and publicity would be worth 10 fold. Could you imagine the hoopla?
  11. Joe Flacco to Denver

    He's sucked for several years.
  12. AAF game thread

    Colin Kaepernick wanted $20 million or more to consider playing in new AAF league What? Why should we feel sorry for him again?
  13. Joe Flacco to Denver

    One thing we do know is that Flacco can't play. Ask the Ravens. But why does Elway think Flacco is any better than Keenum at this point? His over evaluation of quarterbacks is alarming.
  14. Browns sign Hunt

    It's true, I was more upset when the video first came out. But looking at it now it really isn't that huge of a deal. Was he wrong, of course he was. But nobody was hurt or pressed charges. I think the lying about it is the real issue.
  15. Joe Flacco to Denver

    I would still think Keenum has some value. A lot of teams will be transitioning to young QB's and could use a stop gap.
  16. Browns sign Hunt

    I'm shocked that teams weren't lined up to sign him. He apparently did all the right things, anger management, etc. We could have certainly used him in Philly as well.
  17. Joe Flacco to Denver

    You are much closer to the situation than I. What are they saying in Denver?
  18. Browns sign Hunt

    They won't. That's why they are athletes and not scholars. Hunt isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed.
  19. Joe Flacco to Denver

    I'm just confused as to what Elway is trying to accomplish. One of the best QB's of all time and he may be the worst QB evaluator ever. It's unreal.
  20. Joe Flacco to Denver

    Your 100% right but nonetheless it's a lateral move. We already on now what Flacco is.
  21. Joe Flacco to Denver

    The Ravens obviously didn't see it. I hear ya but I just don't see what you see in Flacco. To me Joe Flaccos and Keenums are a dime a dozen. Especially at this point of his career. I'm not sure what Elway is trying to accomplish.
  22. Joe Flacco to Denver

    I'm not talking physical attributes. That means nothing at this point of their careers. They are both AVERAGE at best and have nearly identical stats. Those are facts. So why one over the other? It makes zero sense. Dog poop or Cat poop, what's the difference?
  23. Joe Flacco to Denver

    I personally don't see Flacco as the difference maker. He and Keenum are the same guy in my eyes. It's not enough of an upgrade for me, if any. He's not much better on paper but i would have taken a shot on Foles before either of those two
  24. Browns sign Hunt

    That's a good problem to have if your Cleveland. The only problem is that Hunt may or may not be back by the trade deadline and he's on a 1 year deal. For that reason I can't see them trading Duke. There's no reason to, his contract is very reasonable.
  25. Joe Flacco to Denver

    I agree. I never understood the Keenum love when Denver signed him. He's a decent backup. You can't win with Keenum.