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  1. Mike Williams a must-start this week?

    It could be a plus and help cancel out Goff
  2. Sketchy Trade

    Whoa, go read my reply. It's collusion only in fact that it's husband and wife. It's a bunch of belly rubbing. But it's also a very fair trade. Nothing to see here in my opinion.
  3. Is this a championship team?

    A little light at receiver but a very good team nonetheless.
  4. Mike Williams a must-start this week?

    Sorry, I didn't realize it's a 3 WR league. In that case Williams isn't a bad start but only if Allen is out. If not I'd go Reynolds.
  5. RIP 2018 Fantasy Football season

    That would be amazing
  6. Aaron Jones knee injury

    Pick up Williams if you can.
  7. MGordon - Week 16 ... good to go!

    Just in time
  8. Mike Williams a must-start this week?

    You do know it's the playoffs right? Who else do you have?
  9. What do I do with Goff?

  10. Derrick henry

    I don't know what to make of Henry. He sucked all year until the last 2 games. If you believe in riding the hot hand, go for it. But don't be shocked if you get burned.
  11. Brees or Dak?

    There's not a chance I'd play Dak in a Championship game.
  12. There's no way. I need to join that league immediately.
  13. Brees or Ryan

  14. Should I pick up J. Kelly to block?

    I would
  15. Which DEF?

    Tennessee for sure
  16. Rogers And Cobb Done For The Yesr!!

    Good riddance, both of y'all!
  17. Brees or Dak?

    I'd roll with Brees but if not I like Mayfield this week. It's a great matchup.
  18. Qb, am I crazy?

    I hate to say it but your best option is still Cam.
  19. RIP 2018 Fantasy Football season

    It's looking like it. I wouldn't mind seeing Brees back in the Superbowl., win it, then drop the mic.
  20. Rams discussion thread

    Agree 100%
  21. RIP 2018 Fantasy Football season

    Agree. If they get home field advantage it's Superbowl for sure
  22. Alshon Jeffery

    Yea, Foles likes to go down field. He and Alshon had a great chemistry last year.
  23. Up by 28. Other team only has CMC left....

    He had to be sweating