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  1. Greg Robinson Arrested

    Another, now former Brown arrested. And he's in deep shizz. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/greg-robinson-arrested-by-border-patrol-for-marijuana-possession-facing-federal-charge-per-report/
  2. Greg Robinson Arrested

    157 Pounds of weed! How and why is he rolling around with that much weed? He's got a lot of questions to answer.
  3. Playoff Expansion

    There is hope for the Cowboy's after all. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/02/19/report-nfl-will-add-playoff-team-to-each-conference-beginning-this-season/
  4. Playoff Expansion

    It may be, but your Barbecue eating ass will still be watching with bated breath.
  5. Playoff Expansion

    That's actually a really good point. What happens when a 5-11 team gets in?
  6. Playoff Expansion

    Agree to an extent. There will still be a hefty battle for that new final playoff spot to keep us interested. It's the 17 games that we can do without. I see no reason for it other than a money grab.
  7. Official QB domino thread

    Haha. It's a bad situation there. I guess the only way out of it would be new ownership. Burrows is a nice QB, he's not going to save that franchise.
  8. Official QB domino thread

    Agree 100. Going public with it does nothing for either of them.
  9. Playoff Expansion

    Haha, I actually like this idea. However it's probably a prelude to a 17 game season, seems inevitable.
  10. Official QB domino thread

    Get drafted #1, shut up and be very very thankful you're a Bengal. JUST KIDDING, you couldn't pay me enough to go to that cesspool of a team. I'd blow my brains out before I went anywhere near that town.
  11. Greg Robinson Arrested

    Haha. I thought of that!
  12. Greg Robinson Arrested

    I know, it's no joke.
  13. Greg Robinson Arrested

    I know, how dumb could one be? Hopefully for him it's just a couple bags of weed. But if it's full on trafficking, his career will be the last thing he'll be worried about.
  14. Greg Robinson Arrested

    If it's a trafficking amount he's done.
  15. Greg Robinson Arrested

    I hope he's not busy for the next 10 years
  16. Official QB domino thread

    Joe Burrows might pull an Eli Manning and not go to The Bengals. That would be a whole other monkey wrench.
  17. Official QB domino thread

    I'm just busting his balls. We go back n forth on almost everything.
  18. Deal for Dak?

    Jon Gruden and I would beg to differ with you. Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders: $19.9 million in 2019 (5-year/$125 million overall)
  19. Deal for Dak?

    According to this he turned down 33 million a year. https://sports.yahoo.com/cowboys-were-close-to-33-m-per-season-deal-with-dak-prescott-then-he-asked-for-more-154244231.html
  20. DL Myles Garrett reinstated

    That's real clever. You brought me down to zero.
  21. Official QB domino thread

    Wow, very insightful Captain Obvious. You're really putting yourself out there.
  22. DL Myles Garrett reinstated

    What is this 1940? How old are you??
  23. Olsen to Seahags

    Great signing, possible high reward
  24. Official QB domino thread

    Hill is getting dog piss Willy and if Bridgewater is smart he'll milk the backup QB roll as long as he can.
  25. Deal for Dak?

    There's no doubt he'll get a mega contract. Doesn't mean he's worth it.