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  1. Week 7 QB start?

    Wentz, Rivers or Goff ?
  2. Murray

    I hate Murray.
  3. Seals-Jones or Goedert

    Starter on a bad team or #2 guy on a good team this week ?
  4. Breida Trade

    I have Breida. I'd wants Jones and Cupp.
  5. Trading Eagles wideouts

    Yeah, Alshon would allow be to move Funchess into a FLEX rotation with Coutee and Snead.
  6. Trading Eagles wideouts

    If you were me, would you deal Breida & Agholor for Alshon? Not sure I can get him to bite, but I will if he does. I do like Breida though.
  7. Who'd ya rather?

    Anybody else wanna chime in?
  8. Does this solve my TE problem?

    He was drafted. 12 team league.
  9. Does this solve my TE problem?

    With Breida as my 3rd RB its should be a good deal, right? I'd have to get a RB somewhere else though because I'd be dead with an injury. Not that I'm not dead at 1-5.
  10. Should I deal Breida for Jared Cook ?
  11. Did Dalvin Cook die?

    Might move Evans for him and Landry, Woods, or D. Thomas. If I get D. Cook I can move Breida for J. Cook to upgrade my TE spot too. Also trying to move Goff or Rivers for Fournette.
  12. Who'd ya rather?

    Evans or OBJ ?
  13. Did Dalvin Cook die?

    Is he worth trying to get?
  14. Possible Fat L

    Sanu plays TB this week
  15. Need to start 2 of these 3 RBs

    Clement @ NYG Tevin Coleman @ TB