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  1. QB

    Wentz vs NYG or Rivers vs AZ
  2. Tre'Quan Status?

    I'm starting him. It's either him, Funchess, or Sutton.
  3. Which QB today?

    Goff v SEA Rivers @ OAK
  4. Still got Evans, still looking to move him

    I went for broke. Threw an offer of Evans, Rivers and Breida for Keenan and Barkley.
  5. Still got Evans, still looking to move him

    My bad. I'm 3-6. Still in the mix for the final playoff spot tho.
  6. I'm 3-7 now. Whaddya think about Keenan Allen & Aaron Jones for Evans?
  7. WDIS @ flex??

    Figured as much. That was my guy anyway.
  8. WDIS @ flex??

    Courtland Sutton Tyrell Williams Tre'Quon Smith
  9. WDIS? Tonight?

    Well, that was a waste. Hopefully Collins doesn't even play.
  10. WDIS? Tonight?

    1 RB and 1 Flex. I can go with Sutton @Flex with Collins OR Breida @RB or Bench Sutton and go with the two RBs at RB and Flex
  11. SF starting unknown Mullens at QB

    Lots of handoffs to Breida?
  12. After dropping the first 5 games, I'm on a 3 game win streak. I'd like to add a strong RB2 with Breida and Collins on the iffy side. Do I have enough in my WRs to get away with dealing Evans? Hoping to get Gronk and Aaron Jones for him.
  13. Tate Philly Value

    He'll be 1 of 4 in Philly.
  14. Jameis Winston or Ben Roethlisberger

    In a supermarket, Ben. In a bathroom, Winston.