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  1. trade help

    ok thanks
  2. trade help

    how about the diggs and cohen deal?
  3. trade help

    so this is my team right now Standard league: WR: stefon diggs, JUJU, amari cooper, dj moore RB: melvin gorden, dion lewis, carlos hyde, david johnson, doug martin My Melvin Gordon for his OBJ and chubb also a other player wants my stefon diggs for his tarik cohen
  4. trade help!!!

    rb: melvin gordon, david johnson, corey clement, carlos hyde wr: juju, diggs, germion allsion, marquise goodwin, te: zach ertz
  5. trade help!!!

    Standard league! Someone in my league wants Diggs, should I trade diggs for tarik cohen or marlon mack or drake?
  6. who to start?

    john brown or taylor gabriel in a standard league
  7. standard league keke or will fuller?
  8. flex help

    Standard league who to start as my flex amari cooper against chargers, carlos hyde against ravens, kenny stills against bengals
  9. trade help

    my team is QB: jared goff, marcus mariota WR: carlos hyde, david johnson, melvin gordon, chris thimpson, tevin colman WR: juju smith, amari cooper, diggs, allsion, kenny stills its a standard league, he want carlos hyde for his keenan allen. Should take it?
  10. trade help

    standard league he want aaron jones and amari cooper for his calvin rdley.
  11. lineup help!!

    Standard league QB: Matthew Stanford RB: aaron jones, m.lynch, christian mccaffery, james conner, phillip lindsey WR:keenan allen, john brown, will fuller, amari cooper TE: jimmy g Defense: titans It's a 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 te, 1k, 1 flex (wr, rb)
  12. trade help!

    ok i did it
  13. trade help!

    I updated my question
  14. trade help!

    in a standard league should I trade AP for Juju? I need wr help. My rb are carlos hyde, david johnson, melevin gordon, tevin colman, chris tompson, Ap. My wr are amari cooper, kenny stills, diggs, allsion, quicy enwana