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  1. Got an offer to receive L Miller for collins 12 man 1 point ppr Thoughts?
  2. What about Collins + Cobb for Golloday?
  3. You mean youd give away collins for golladay?
  4. I got Stafford Fournette, Henry, Lewis, Clement, Penny AJ green, robinson, golladay, lockette Engram, OJ howard
  5. Starting lineup help!

    Gotcha. Do you think the jags d will shut down lewis?
  6. Starting lineup help!

    Ppr, what do you think?
  7. I have Henry, Clement, Lewis and Golladay and 2 starting spots open and have no idea how to play it. Thanks for your time
  8. Two offers I trade D Lewis and Golloday for Collins or I trade Golloday for R Cobb and Carson
  9. Guy in our team wants him, wondering if its worth to trade. Fairly new to fantasy
  10. What about Carson and Cobb for Golladay?
  11. Kinda stuck here, not sure who to start against DEN