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  1. Shopping Josh Jacobs... again

    IDK man I think you gave to much, I hope it works out for ya
  2. Was this a bad trade lol

    Agree, look for an owner desperate for RBs who has a decent WR you could trade some of them back end guys out for
  3. BIG TRADE! Should I do it?

    Personally I think Gurley is undervalued as much as Taylor is overvalued and I agree that Metcalf has been more consistent so if Smith is just a toss in and you have a better TE to roll with then I don't think it's such a bad move
  4. Big Trade

    Jrob and Conner are close as long as healthy and once Thomas is back for good I assume brown and/or Crowder would be riding your bench so I would probably take it to have Hopkins
  5. League winner?

    Solid squad right now and if CMC comes back strong then gonna be tough to beat if everyone is clicking at the same time
  6. Would you take this

    I like CEH but I think Jones has more upside and I don't think Moore gives you enough over your current WR group to make it worth it
  7. DHOP trade

    Assuming you're solid at RB and don't need Swift then Hopkins over Golladay makes it easy for me
  8. Who to trade?

    I agree, with your team healthy there's not much you really need
  9. DK/ Ridley trade help

    Yah I'd aim higher than J Rob. See if any other team with WR needs has something better to give you
  10. Thielen or K Allen

    PPR Thielen against Seattle or K Allen against the Saints
  11. Thielen or K Allen

    Thanks guys as a 30 year Hawks fan I switched Allen out for Thielen last minute and it paid off. Tough to play a guy against your own team but they've been torched all year. Good luck this season and I'll try to give you guys any advice I can for the rest of the year.
  12. Trade Offer

    I assume in a 2 for 1 you'd have to drop someone to make room for the acquisition, so if you're not keen on having Sanders then just go straight up Terry for Monty unless there's someone else on your roster that you'd rather drop to have Sanders.
  13. You've got good RB depth but I'd want more for Cook
  14. Where does Hunt rank other rbs

    In my PPR league he came in to last week at 13. So with no Chubb I like him as top 10 or better.
  15. Do I Accept this Trade?

    As tempting as mahomes sounds unless you expect Allen to fall off a cliff and Adams not to return to top form then I would stay put.
  16. Time to trade Mike Davis?

    Cmc may only be out 1 more week so if that's the case and you don't think he gets reinjured then get what you can for Davis now before it's too late
  17. Trade Mike Davis for Eckler?

    Cmc may only be out 1 more week so if that's the case if you don't need Davis next week I guess it's not a bad deal if Eckler owner is willing to take it. This is all barring any setback with Cmc and assuming Eckler is back and still the lead guy for the playoffs
  18. Honest opinion on this trade fells

    If mixon turns things around this ends up being a good trade
  19. Confused on who to start

    I hate to break the trend here and I like Gaskin but Seattle has been pretty good against the run this year and Miami has a good chance of playing from behind. Just my thoughts.
  20. Bench Mixon until he performs well?!?

    I understand the frustration with him, I had him last year and he did this for like the first 8 games but picked it up after that. Check out his game log from last year, not saying the same goes for this season but hopefully things get better with him.
  21. I wonder if he ended up actually sitting Henry for Swift?
  22. Rate the trade

    Mahomes is enticing but you don't really need him. If you're really willing to move Jones it's gotta be for a top tier WR
  23. Should I take this trade?

    I'd take it
  24. Who should I start?

    10 team PPR 2RB 2WR and a flex Last week I started Gurley Edwards-Helaire T Hill Thielen K Allen AJ Green is my next best option and am leaning toward him over Allen but didn't want to start him week 1 til I saw how he looked, I'm just not sure about Allen with Tyrod at QB. My other options are Michel, Swift, Ruggs and James Robinson. Green plays tomorrow so what do you guys think?
  25. CEH Trade

    With Robinson on your bench you're essentially trading juju for CEH and losing a little depth but I'd take it