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  1. Help settle an argument...Non FFB related

    Nail on the head. Circumstances of your team has more to do with winning championships than anything else. Look at Peyton Manning's last SB win, I believe Tannehil would have won that game on that team.. So yeah, a ring count is a weak argument for stuff like this.
  2. And guess who has #1 waiver spot!

    He's currently top 12 in both standard and ppr.. Thats RB1...and he's trending up.
  3. Help settle an argument...Non FFB related

    Ill put it this way, If you took the names off those stat lists, and I had to pick one to be in the HOF and one not to be... Id pick JC. Same yards on less carries, less carries and less rushing TD's, but also a dynamic pass catcher.
  4. Congratulations Brees!

    I held it together during the game..barely. His interview after the game was too much lmao..
  5. Not sure how or why, but a RB1 was just put on the waiver wire. Anyone ever seen anything like this? $100 paid league
  6. Larry Fitzgerald

    Im feeling the same way. I need a Bye Kicker and find everyone else a little more valuable. I can just envision Arizona scraping by to get to a 6-7 type record by the time the fantasy playoffs start. And by then offense has gelled alot more and Fitz is finally healthy and making Josh Rosen look like a QB1.
  7. Larry Fitzgerald

    Is anyone holding onto him for any reason?
  8. WR help

    Tate/Woods all day

    Standard 12 man Brees Barkley/J.White M.Thomas/Juju TE is waiver fodder Gostk Titans/Jags Flex choice is between- Royce Freeman vs Jets Jarvis Landry vs Ravens Thanks!
  10. Breida or k Johnson?

    I'd hang on to Breida. His usage can only go up now that Jimmy G is gone. K Johnson might break into a high end RB2.. but will always have ol' Blount taking alot of carries. I think they were actually split even vs Patriots. If I had to pick.. K. Johnson- their overall team momentum is on the upswing.. SF will likely be defeated as a team soon once Beathard starts losing them game after game.
  11. WW picks!

    Im #2 on the WW- Mike Williams and Tyler Boyd are up for grabs, doubtful Ill get both- which do I pick?
  12. I would argue that streaming TE's isnt a very favorable option for most people, and as thin as the RB field is this year, the TE field is equally thin- who else outside the top 4-5 guys would you say are quality TE's that you could trust week in week out?
  13. Thats what I was thinking, the name recognition and the big points he put up week 1- He should fetch someone nice. Ajayi was my first target but the dude is a Philly's fan and will not let him go lol
  14. Man I just don't trust a New England RB, I also doubt he will be a RB2 this week, Probably a high end RB3.
  15. Brees Barkley J. Williams M. Thomas J Landry K Stills Gronk Gostkowski Jags J. White, Cohen, R Woods, Eifert on Bench ( The big hole being Jamaal Williams)