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  1. Sup Montana 


    I have Patriots and Texans D..


    Chargers are available. Should I drop one of my D's and pick up Chargers? 


    Thanks brotha

    1. Montana is da Man

      Montana is da Man

      Yes, pick up the chargers.  I'd drop the pats

    2. facelessmen


      Kk thx bro 

  2. Yes pal it is a real question. Thanks for the advice guy.
  3. Trey Burton vs Arizona or Jesse James vs Tampa Bay
  4. Start Patriots or Houston DEF

    Hyyyype can't wait
  5. Best Kicker pick up week 3

    No Dan Bailey.
  6. Montana what up brother. 


    Any tips on nice Kickers for this week? 


    I have Brandon McManus currently but feel like I should grab someone else. 

    1. Montana is da Man

      Montana is da Man

      Prater, Lambo or Dan Bailey (he would be #1)

    2. facelessmen
    3. Montana is da Man
  7. Who is my best option for this week? Josh Lambo Cody Parkey Graham Gano Randy Bullock Chandler Catanzaro Matt Prater Thoughts?
  8. Start: Patriots vs Lions or Start: Texans vs Giants
  9. Who could I pair with Devonta Freeman in order to get Alvin Kamara? Here's my list of players I could give: Chris Carson Marshawn Lynch Allen Robinson Quincy Enunwa
  10. Thinking about offering Arob and Buron for Kelce. Any thoughts?
  11. Flex Help.. Enunwa or Allen Robinson?

    Hey Montana! Standard Flex options are Enunwa, Arob and Carson
  12. Montana my man.. Question for you. 


    Should I start Quincy tonight as FLEX? 


    Other options are Arob or Chris Carson. 

  13. Flex Help.. Enunwa or Allen Robinson?

    You sure? There is so much talk on here about starting Enunwa tnt!
  14. WR1 and 2 - Mike Evans & Adam Thielen FLEX? Enunwa vs Cleveland or Allen Robinson vs Cardinals