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  1. Sup Montana, so I made playoffs in my league and I have a tough first matchup. We use standard scoring. 


    I currently have Trey Burton who hasn't been performing/getting targets. And I also have Ben Watson. Neither have been working for me. 


    So I'm wondering if I should stick with what I got, or pick up one of these fellas! Thanks in advance. 


    Tight Ends on the wire:                           Current Tight Ends

                                                                 - Trey Burton and Ben Watson

    - Ian Thomas

    - Jimmy Graham

    - Chris Herndon 

    - CJ Uzomah 

    - Janu Smith

    - Charles Clay 

    - Mark Andrews



    1. Montana is da Man

      Montana is da Man

      I like them in this order:







      Honestly, they are all crap shots at this point

    2. facelessmen
  2. Flex Help. Standard scoring. Pick 1. 


    Arob vs Giants


    Kearse vs Titans


    Ivory vs Dolphins


    Gore vs Bills

  3. Mahomes is on his Bye week 12. I need to stream someone. 


    Jameis Winston 

    Dak Prescott

    Lamar Jackson

    Nick Mullens

    Eli Manning

    Blake Bortles

    Derek Carr


    Who should I pick up? I also have Matt Stafford on my bench. 

    1. Montana is da Man

      Montana is da Man

      Winston should light it up against my 49ers, my 2nd pick would be Stafford

  4. Montana last minute.. gore, ivory or carson this week??? 

    1. Montana is da Man

      Montana is da Man

      Ivory if McCoy is out.  Carson if he plays

  5. Montana you think I should grab Bullock and Drop Parkey? 

  6. ARob was listed as questionable because of groin injury but will play today. 


    Should I start him or Jermaine Kearse vs Minnesota? 

  7. Yo Montana question for you. 


    Two guys in my league talked and are making a trade just for this week and then plan on trading back after the week just to help each other out. 


    Pierre garçon for Philip Rivers


    Do you guys allow these things in your leagues? What's the etiquette in most leagues? Seems greasy. 

    1. Montana is da Man

      Montana is da Man

      No, that is never allowed.  Renting players to each other is not allowed and is considered collusion

    2. facelessmen
  8. Would you give Mike Evans & D Freeman for Kamara? 


    Offered ARob and Freeman for Kamara but I don't know if he'll accept. 

    1. facelessmen


      ...What if I offer ARob and Freeman for Mixon?? 

  9. Here is my team Montana. 12-man standard league. Any overall suggestions/recommendations? 

    Do you think I should make any trades or just let er ride? 


    QB - Mahomes

    RB - Mccaffrey

    RB - D Freeman

    WR - Thielen

    WR - Mike Evans

    TE - Trey Burton

    FLEX - Marshawn Lynch

    K - Sturgis

    DEF - Texans




    Allen Robinson 




    1. Montana is da Man

      Montana is da Man

      I'd love to see you upgrade over Freeman as your rb2.  I'd consider Carson over him this week

    2. facelessmen
  10. Montana, 


    Should I give Devonta Freeman and Arob for Alvin Kamara? I was thinking I might be able to pull it off because Mark Ingram is back and maybe Kamara will have less of a workload. 

    1. Montana is da Man

      Montana is da Man

      Yes, do that.  Great trade

  11. What's up Montana! Need your advice. 


    A guy in my league offered me: Amari Cooper, Leonard Fournette, Ted Ginn and Jared Cook FOR: Adam Thielen 


    Another guy offered me: David Njoku and Adrian Peterson FOR: Marshawn Lynch 


    I don't think either of these are worth it.. I'm pretty sure Fournette is not fit either. 



    1. Montana is da Man

      Montana is da Man

      Trade 1 - hell no


      Trade 2 - no



  12. Hello Montana, 


    I have Mike Evans, Arob, and Trey Burton all on BYE this week. 


    I'm ok at RB but I need a receiver. I have Adam Thielen and need to play one more receiver. My only option is Quincy Enunwa. Should I drop him and pick someone else up? 


    Taywan Taylor

    Mohamed Sanu

    Tyrell Williams 


    and more.. 


    Any suggestions? (12 man standard) 

    1. Montana is da Man

      Montana is da Man

      I like Enunwa.  I wouldn't drop him for any of those guys

    2. facelessmen
  13. Should I give: Devonta Freeman, Mike Evans, Tyler Kroft  


    In return: Travis Kelce, Devin Funchess 



  14. Best kickers this week? 
    Currently have Sturgis but I can pick up any of these guys. 



    I gotta pick up a TE for week 6, no idea which of these are my best options so it's a big list: 

    Austin Seferian Jenkins 

    Charles Clay

    Austin hooper

    David njoku 

    Vernon Davis

    Antonio Gates

    Tyler Kroft 

    Jesse James

    Demetirus Harris




    Thx Monteezy