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  1. OBJ Trade

    Here's my team: Starters: Fitzpatrick, OBJ, Manny Sanders, Fournette, D Cook, Ebron, Keelan Cole Bench: D Jackson, J Brown, Matt Ryan, Yeldon, Mixon, Murray The other team is offering me Allen Robinson II and James Conner for OBJ. Full point ppr league. What do you guys think?
  2. It's a full point ppr and this is my flex position. My other two WR's are OBJ and Manny Sanders. I'm down 0-2 this week so I was thinking DeSean Jackson for the go big or go home thought but Keelan Cole may be the more reliable pick. Thanks everyone!
  3. Anyone here a FantasyGuru subscriber?

    I like new chat they have on the website. Quick way to bounce ideas off everyone.
  4. Best RB to grab

    Williams won't be factor when Jones comes back Barber has the starting role for TB but they will be passing the ball like crazy and will leave little work for him, plus he hasn't produced through 2 weeks Mack is just a guy, Indy is using 3 backs I would def go with Lindsay....aside from Barkley he's the only rookie who's showing flashes of greatness
  5. Corey Grant worth a pickup?

    I don't think you need to do anything. Just plug in Jordan Howard you'll be fine.
  6. Last year was my first time subscribing and I really liked the forums there but they were shut down this year. Anyone using this forum because that one is shut down?
  7. Fuller for hunt?

    To get a guy like Hunt you're probably going to need to package two guys for him. I think I would do that trade Fuller + McCoy for Hunt.
  8. Unfortunately I had the #7 pick on the waiver wire and Gio went number one. If had I had the #1 waiver pickup I would've stayed put but the guys I play against are ruthless and the guy with the #1 waiver pick texted me and said "lol I'm getting Gio"....what an ass. I dropped Case Keenum and picked up DeSean Jackson, dropped David Njoku and got John Brown, and dropped Peyton Barber and got Keelan Cole. I also picked up Bilal Powell and didn't drop anyone for him. Once Fournette, Mixon, and Cook are all back full time and producing I could trade one of them for a top tier WR.
  9. *bump* So I ended up trading TY Hilton & LeSean McCoy for Dalvin Cook.....what is everyone thoughts on that? My gut tells me most people will tell me I gave up too much but I felt like I needed to get a top 10 RB that I could count on for the rest of the season since I'm dealing with injuries to Fournette & Mixon. On the waiver wire last night I picked up DeSean Jackson, John Brown, and Keelan Cole. Thanks everyone
  10. DeSean Jackson home against Steelers John Brown home against Broncos Keelan Cole home against Titans Bilal Powell at Browns 1pt PPR league Thanks everyone
  11. Which TE to drop

    I'd go with Rudolph he's the better talent and even though this season hasn't started well for him the cream always rises to the top.
  12. Ok everyone down 0-2 in a 10-team ppr league. I'm averaging 108 points while everyone else is at 120+ so I need to make a major move. Here is my full lineup of players: Matt Ryan, ODJ, Hilton, E. Sanders, Fournette, Mixon, LeSean McCoy, Yeldon, Peyton Barber, Eric Ebron, David Njoku, Tyler Lockett I was hurt big time by the injury bug losing Fournette & Mixon but those guys eventually will come back and help me out. Here's what I'm thinking about doing. The only player I have that I think anyone will accept in a trade is TY Hilton. I'm thinking about trading him and targeting a top tier TE like Kelce and Ertz. Does it seem like a good idea to trade my best player to blow this thing up and start making moves and use the waiver wire to replace him with a solid WR? Or is it too early? I do not want to go 0-3. A few side notes....if I trade TY Hilton I can pick up a guy like John Brown or maybe Keelen Cole on the waiver wire. Also tomorrow with my waiver pick I'm going for Gio Bernard to replace Mixon while he's out. I just feel like I need to make some sort of move and mix things up. I can't keep taking these crap weeks from Ebron/Njoku. Thank you