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  1. Pick an RB2

  2. Pick an RB2

    Mack, Fitz, Montgomery
  3. Pick 1 wr, 1 pt PPR...ugh its U.G.L.Y.

    Intersting...i could also pick up Watson for TB instead of Perriman???
  4. G. Tate J. Washington R. Gage G. Ward (Philly)..haha..its that bad i have to say the team he plays on. B. Perriman Also have Pascal in lineup and TY on bench. Dont think he will play but whatcha think about Pascal as my #2.. CHARK, TY and Tate have screwee me the last month.
  5. Stressed, which WR?

    Parker for sure
  6. Choose 1 only??

    Kupp, Carson, white, hill
  7. Russell Wilson or Deshawn Watson??

    I am never benching Watson again after doing it last week and losing by 1.03 points
  8. Which RB

    I think Mac also, but Jones is a very very very tight 2nd
  9. Anyone starting Patrick Laird this week?

    The guy I'm playing is, loving that decision, he has Jamal Williams on his bench also LOL
  10. Goedert or Gesicki?

  11. Pick two WR to start

    I agree with the last, Jones and Boyd, the Ravens are going to shut down the bills
  12. Are the Pats D droppable?

    I have the Ravens and the pat. Using the Ravens this week saving the Pats for next week vs Cincinnati and Baltimore for the championship game versus Cleveland
  13. Guice or snell?

    Snell for sure...more touches!!