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  1. Just got offered a trade

    If you do it you're going to drop Gordon.
  2. Start and Sit (Please Rank)

    Engram and Hilton for sure
  3. Tell me I did not screw up.

    Cohen will see the bench unless for bye weeks. Im currently working on a deal to get Lev Bell as well. Trying to bundle either Josh Gordon & Tate with one of my other running backs not named Gordon or Cook.
  4. Tell me I did not screw up.

    He hasnt met projected scoring 4 out of 6 weeks. 4 in a row. I need more than 11 pts out of a rb.
  5. Trade Advice

    I like that a heck of a lot better. Kelce vs Ertz is pretty much a wash so it's Hopkins for breida and I don't think he'd go for that
  6. Tell me I did not screw up.

    I did plug this trade into a couple different analyzers and in each one I was getting the better end of the deal. I'm just skeptical I guess because he accepted so quickly.
  7. AB question.

    He is still one of the best wide receivers in the game, are we absolutely sure he's not going to play this season
  8. First of all here's my lineup. 10 team PPR. Qb, Watson Rb1, Cook Rb2, Gordon Wr1, Evans Wr2, J.Gordon Wr3, Chark Te, Engram Flex, Henry Bench rb Singletary, Damien Williams, Malcolm Brown Wr, Tate, Mclaurin, Crowder, P. Williams With all this being listed I am sick of dealing with Henry and Evans. Singletary is coming off of injury and tape looks like he will be a valuable asset on the Giants. I offered Henry and Evans in exchange for Hopkins and Tarik Cohen. He accepted very quickly. He is in heavy need of a rb. Did i screw up? Also...5-1 and in sile possession of 1st. Traded with 8th out of 10..
  9. AB question.

    Stupid question, the guy who hadAB dropped him do I dare pick him up
  10. Wr start 3, sit Evans??

    Goose egg last week and shut down 2 weeks ago with a spike in between...ugh..im shopping Evans..dont want this Tampa headache any longer Gonna bunch him with D Henry. What would be a good wr ask with those 2?
  11. Wr start 3, sit Evans??

    And sit Gordon against the Giants? Without Dorsett tonight?
  12. 10 team PPR. My running backs look a lot better than this. Have to pick three wide receivers from these dudes. Thinking about sitting Mike Evans vs Bradbury this weekend as well. Evans, J.Gordon(TONIGHT), Mclaurin, Chark, Tate Also have Curtis Samuel but he is going bye-bye tomorrow in a trade.
  13. For the remainder of the season...

    Hitchens wont play him in Cle...he loves his Chubby too much
  14. Stuck on this trade

    Do it!!