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  1. TE streamer

    Pick up R. Dwelley or roll with OJ Howard?
  2. ROS rb

    Will need a running back next week because of byes for Cook and Gordon. Do I pick up derrius guice and drop breida?? I also have Coleman as my Flex starter every week. if guice comes out and has a great week this week I will not be able to snag him on the waiver next week as I am in first place.
  3. Pick a rb for this week and rest of season

    I play the matchups, Gordon would be favored most weeks. Lindsey is just in a crappy offense
  4. Adding rb for playoffs

    10 team ppr I have Cook, Gordon, Coleman, Breida, Mattison, Offered Breida and Coleman for Conner and Samuels Also offering Coleman and Breida for Montgomery and trash Pitt and Chi have 2 of the easiest playoff runs this season, 14, 15 and 16 Thoughts? Giving too much?
  5. Adding rb for playoffs

    Yes the trade has to be accepted today, today is our trade deadline which I think is completely freaking ridiculous
  6. Pick 1 wr and qb

    10 team ppr Need some bye week help. Ginn or Aj Brown And Brissett or Tannehill
  7. which garbage WR?

    Ginn. He will grab a long td against the dirty birds
  8. Do I need to drop a QB now?

    Drop Rivers for Kirk. Wentz has a great playoff schedule
  9. Starting Line Help

    I think you've got it right, Barkley will do more versus the Jets
  10. Who flexes?

  11. Gallup for Marlon Mack?

    Agree, number one running back vs low end number two wide receiver will never work
  12. Which WR this week?

    AJ Brown
  13. Adding rb for playoffs

    Okay, just looking at Playoff schedules and the 49ers have a pretty brutal schedule weeks 14 15 and 16 as compared to the other choices, the Bears have the easiest schedule vs running backs during those weeks. Just wondering if overpaying for guys in week 10 will pay off for the playoffs. I'm already guaranteed to make the playoffs at 9 -1 and in 1st
  14. Adding rb for playoffs

    Seriously? Nobody has an opinion on this
  15. Hunt?

    Id drop Mixon in a heartbeat!
  16. Breaking the FAAB Bank

    So do you get it a certain budget weekly or for the season
  17. Murray, Pascal, or Hunt at flex..

    I have Murray as well...Kamara will be good to go...could be another timeshare like last season. This week i go with Pascal..
  18. Breaking the FAAB Bank

    FAAB.... please explain, not familiar with this. Our waivers work according to standings. I have been in first place the entire season and have never gotten my first and most of the time second choice on the waiver wire
  19. Cook and Evans trade

    I own cook as well and another owner would seriously have to give up 3/4 of his starting lineup to get him. There is not one person that would go one for one who I would trade him away for
  20. Cook and Evans trade

    Only way you're getting cook is to part ways with Barkley
  21. Murray, Pascal, or Hunt at flex..

    Hunt?? Has he even practiced? You can't start him until you've seen some sort of production and what's that backfield timeshare is going to be like
  22. Cook and Evans trade

    I would never make that trade owning Cook and Evans...no way no how..
  23. Some idiot hasnt been paying attention to his bye weeks while making some moves. I have Hopkins, Chark, Mclaurin on a bye. TY is hurt. Only starting WR i have is CHowder. Also have Slayton on bench. Do i try and make a trade or pick up a couple of these guys while dropping Slayton and a sub kicker from the WW. Here are my top streaming choices. T. Ginn Pascal J. Gordon A. Brown, (Tenn) Beasley Humphries Lazard Cobb Luckily im in 1st at 9-0with a 3 game lead. Which 2 do you suggest adding for a week. I could trade a rb away and strengthen my wr too? Current roster Watson...bye and Jones Cook, Gordon, Singletary, Mattison, L.Murray
  24. Brissett concern...

    Out of those choices.... Jimmy G. Stafford then Carr..... How are none of these guys owned in the league?? Wow..nobody carry bye week backups?