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  1. Yella Belly Yeldon

    He’s fine I’ve had him all season. It’s the same old Q by his name every week and then he plays.
  2. Geronimo Allison

    He might give me brown since he hasn’t done much two games in a row. But he had tough defenses the last two weeks. Brown has a lot of upside at NO
  3. Geronimo Allison

    Allison and Rudolph for Golladay? He has Jordan reed so I might be able to swing it. Or do you think I could trade Allison for either of those guys straight up?
  4. Geronimo Allison

    Need a WR for this week and was looking to shop Allison? Which receivers should I target that would be an equal trade both ways?
  5. Flex help

    I like Cohen on this one too.
  6. 1/2 point PPR trade

    Who do you have for RBs and WRs
  7. QB Advice

    If you have nobody to drop I’d hold on to rivers and start him. He’s proven himself against tough defenses already this season and the only reason he didn’t do amazing in fantasy last week is because the running game took over. It’s not worth dropping him imo. But I’d do so mayfield having some success against Tampa if you wanted to stream and had someone to drop.
  8. Peyton Barber

    Do I roll with Kerryon in my flex or hope barber continues his hot steak against a weak run defense in Cleveland?
  9. Is this a good deal?

    If he goes for it you win big
  10. Peyton Barber

    I have Yeldon I’ll start if Fournette is still out. But if fournette plays I’ll have to choose between Kerryon johnson and Peyton Barber.
  11. Peyton Barber

    How does everyone feel about Barber after last week? I know he’s been a bust all season but he could go into Cleveland hot after his last game. Cleveland has been terrible at stopping the run all season and have let up 138 rushing yards a game and 7 tds. Is he worth a shot or am I better off trusting Kerryon johnson at flex?
  12. Howard or Rudolph

    Howard @ Cleveland or Rudolph @ NYJ
  13. Who would you flex?

    Fuller comes with a bit of risk this week. We don’t know if he will make it through the whole game so I’d probably go with Hines if it’s between him and Fuller
  14. Trade to upgrade WR

    I don’t think David Johnson is ever going to live up to the hype this season. I have him too and think it’s only going to get worse. He’s too touchdown dependent. If you’re condident with your RB depth I’d try to flip him.
  15. Michael Thomas for Deandra hopkins

    hopkins easy