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  1. Waiver help

    My RBs are DJ, Mixon, Chubb, Kerryon My WRs: Adams, Diggs (on bye), Ridley, Gabriel, Westbrook i will be dropping mostert for one of these guys: Mike Davis, humphries, enunwa, or Ito smith. Who should I grab?
  2. Carson is active

    Tyrell Williams is available too. I don’t know if that changes your opinion. I’d go ekeler for you
  3. Carson is active

    Carson is active now. Should I drop Davis and try to pick someone off waivers and get lucky? Devontae Booker is on waivers. So is Corey Davis, Chris hogan, and mike Williams.
  4. Davis

    It really doesn’t sound like Carson will play but if he does I’m out a whole slot which is my worry. Although I don’t think Gabriel is going to do much anyway. Maybe I just take the risk
  5. Davis

    I already have to start Ridley for Diggs. My only other option for flex is Taylor Gabriel with a bad matchup.
  6. Davis

    Sounds like Carson won’t play. Do I risk it with Davis 😬
  7. flex advice

    I agree Moore or MVS
  8. Fantasy Football Trade Advice

    I’d do it. You have the depth and I’m not particularly fond of Miller due to him being inconsistent. If your league is PPR that’s even better
  9. Fantasy Football Trade Advice

    Who do you have for RBs and WRs?
  10. Injury fun

    If I find out Diggs is playing should I start him? I’m worried about that rib injury taking him right back out of the game if he does play. But ridley and Gabriel have terrible match-ups so this week is a toss up anyway
  11. Injury fun

    I have Diggs, Gabriel, Ridley, and Mike Davis to work with because of byes. It’s unlikely Diggs plays and even if he does he might not be 100%. My opponent has Carson so I snagged Davis to either start him at flex or keep my opponent from getting him. Problem is Seahawks don’t play till 2:05 and I have no replacement starters to use if they don’t say if Carson is starting till game time. The rest of the guys play at 11. Do I start Gabriel and Ridley to be safe? Or leave Diggs in and hope Carson doesn’t play? I’m not sure what my best play here is
  12. Flex spot

    I’d go Jones. Even with Rhodes on him I think he has a big game
  13. Flex options

    Ridley has just only put up 5pts the last three games so I’m hesitant. If Davis does start I trust a RB getting 25 touches more than Ridley
  14. Flex options

    I picked up mike Davis because Carson is injured. If Carson doesn’t play should I start Davis in the flex over Calvin Ridley?
  15. Diggs probably won’t play