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  1. With Julio now out do I play Conley Washington or pick up Gage?
  2. Help on Lineup

    Pick QB- Garoppolo @ Ravens Tanneyhill@ Indy RB- Playing Bell and Ingram Need to pick one more RB-Jonathan Williams vs Titans Ekeler @ Denver Snell vs Cleveland WR- Pick 2. I have Julio and Thielen but both are hurt and might not play. I have Washington and Anthony Miller. Question is Julio since he plays on Thurs. I can also pick up Gage if Julio doesn't play. Is Gage a better play than Washington or Miller?
  3. Need a fill in WR for this week. I got a trade for Thielen so I have him now but he is on a bye this week. WR I have to pick from which isn't much. Pascal vs Houston but plays thurs night Marcuise Brown vs Rams but I also play Ingram at RB Josh Gordon vs Eagles James Washington vs Bengals but I also play Bell (Samuels) at RB Chris Conley vs Titans Pascal is only rec I have rostered now so would have to pick up off waiver wire which will not affect anything. Just have to make a decision by tomorrow night due to Pascal playing thur night game. I play Julio as my other WR.
  4. Trade advice

    It will be tough week 12 because I would have to play Bell, Lindsey, and Samuels because Ekeler is on a bye or I could roll the dice and play Guice but I still wouldn't have a rec for week 12 either because Theilen is on a bye also and still not sure if he is healthy. I am really the only person in our league that likes to trade so not many owners are willing to part ways with any of their players. I would have to play McLaurin or Pascal at rec
  5. Trade advice

    Someone in my league just sent me a trade. I would send Mark Ingram and get Lindsey and Theilen. I have Bell, Ingram, Ekeler, Conner (Samuels also) and Guice I have Julio as my only rec with Pascal, Mclaurin and was trying to upgrade at receiver. Is this a good trade for me?
  6. I have both on my roster and thought about dropping 1 for the rest of the season to pick up a waiver wire. Which one would you keep? Driskel is also on waivers and could be an option.
  7. Need Help

    Need to upgrade my receivers. I have Julio Jones, Pascal and McLaurin (I had Fitzgerald but traded him away for Bell). Option I can trade for Golden Tate Devante Parker Keenan Allen (maybe) I think the owner will want more than I can offer Deebo Samuels Chris Conley John Brown Josh Gordon is also on waivers that I could pick up I have Waller at TE and also have Hollister on the bench. I can throw Hollister in on a trade also. What are my best options. Currently in 4th place. Standard scoring.
  8. Pick One

    Need to decide between Brissett or Garoppolo this week.
  9. Trade advice

    Would you trade Gurley and Pascal for L Bell? I don't play Pascal and my RB's are Ingram, Conner, Gurley and Ekeler. I could also keep Pascal and add Fitzgerald to the trade.
  10. Need help

    Would you trade for E Sanders or Chalk? My rec are Julio Jones, McLaurin and Fitzgerald. I have Gurley, Ekeler, Conner, Ingram at RB. 12 team standard scoring. I did just pick up Josh Gordon but not sure if he will produce. The guy said he might would give me both for and of the RB's except Ekeler and then it would only be Ekeler for one of his rec.
  11. Trade advice

    Should I try for Cooper or Adams over Hilton?
  12. Trade advice

    Do I give up Ekeler for TY Hilton? Or should I try other options 12 team standard scoring RB-Gurley, Ingram, Conner, Edmonds, Ekeler WR- Julio, Mclaurin, Alshon Jeffrey, Fitzgerald The guy that wants to trade needs help at RB, he only has Mixon and Henry on his roster. He is loaded at WR with A Cooper, Hilton, Adams.
  13. Roster Help

    I am in a 12 team league with standard scoring. Roster is QB- Wentz RB-Gurley, Conner, Ingram, Ekeler, Edmonds, Snell, M Brown WR-Julio, Fitzgerald, Alshon Jeffery, McLaurin TE- Waller Def- 49er's Kicker- I have 2 but that is because I picked up Slye off waivers last week Slye, Nugent One guy in the league has D Johnson and wants me to trade him Edmonds. He has Tyreek Hill so this would be an upgrade for me at WR but who would I need to add with Edmonds that wouldn't kill my team Another guy needs an upgrade at WR because only wideout he has is Ju Ju and rest of his receivers are boyd and parker. He has Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson but we only play one QB. Either Wilson or Jackson would be an upgrade for me over Wentz but once again what can I give up (WR) and not hurt my team.
  14. Need advice on a trade

    The guy that has Conner is the one that offered me the trade.
  15. I am in a 12 team league and I have Gurley, Ingram and Ekeler as my RB's. I also have Miles Sanders and Hunt on my bench. Would you trade Sanders and Hunt for James Conner? I have decent WR's and could play 3 WR's if I needed to. Jones, Jeffrey, Fitz, McLaurin and Hilton.