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  1. Which QB?

    Darnold vs MIA Tannehill vs OAK Fitzpatrick @NYJ
  2. Definitely Jacobs. Would probably lean to Brown
  3. FLEX help.. one more

    Scarborough - he has the best matchup and Sanders is very tough to trust
  4. Who to Drop?

  5. TE Help

    I wouldn’t drop Hooper. For those on waivers, I’d pick up Griffin, Fant second
  6. Streaming QB

    Brissett (HOU), Darnold (OAK), Driskel (WSH), or Carr (NYJ)? Who are the top 2?
  7. Need Help

    I’d target Allen, Parker or Tate. Brown could be good, but he doesn’t have as favorable a schedule.
  8. My team: WR: Adams, Kupp, McLaurin, Parker RB: Chubb, Gordon, D. freeman, Singletary, Sanders, Hunt I can’t imagine playing Sanders at this point - he has a good schedule ROS, but it doesn’t look like he’ll emerge from this backfield. Considering dropping him for either Deebo Samuel or James Washington given they have some short term value at least (and I’m worried about Kupp and McLaurin). Hilton is also on waivers but doesn’t look like he’ll return this week. Thoughts?
  9. Start or Sit??

    Kamara and Jacobs (assuming he plays)
  10. QB this week

    I have Goff (and Jones on bye) - considering dropping Goff for either Carr or Brissett this week. Thoughts?
  11. My team: Chubb, Hunt, Gordon, D. Freeman (out at least 2 weeks), Sanders, Singletary Adams, Kupp, McLaurin, Parker Gerald Everett will be dropping Herndon - which of the following is the best add for my team? (Play 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 flex) OJ Howard, Marquise Brown, James Washington thanks!
  12. WR advice

    Crowder’s not available. McLaurin is definitely trending down unfortunately but feel I should hold him another week or two over Hardman
  13. WR advice

    I have Adams, Kupp, McLaurin, Hardman. McLaurin and Hardman worry me, and I need an option for Adams bye week 11, and a solid backup. Considering dropping Hardman for Parker - thoughts?