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  1. Won 1 out of my 3 leagues this year (2nd in one of them) See yall next year!!!
  2. Tennessee or Chicago. Who you got?

    Asking the same.... *sigh*
  3. Yeah... enough said. Should I play him against ARI (a sh*tty match up for a very sh*ttier situation) or stream this week? Baker Mayfield vs CIN Josh Allen vs NE Nick Foles vs HOU Marcus Mariota vs WAS Dak Prescott vs TB
  5. Make me feel good and tell me everything is going to be alright..... PLEASE.
  6. Connor out...not many options

    Is Connor officially out???
  7. LAST CAL!!!!

    Do I start either of them over Brandin Cooks??? .5 PPR
  8. Jaylen Samuels or Eric Ebron as my TE PLEASE HELP I HAD KEENAN ALLEN
  9. LAST CAL!!!!

    Jaylen Samuels vs NE or Eric Ebron vs DAL HURRY
  10. Play Justin Jackson tonight vs KC Damien Williams vs LAC HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I was able to pick up Jaylen Samuels and I already have Eric Ebron With that being said....... WHO DO I START?!?!?! Jaylen Samuels as my "TE" vs New England OR Eric Ebron vs DAL
  12. Ware's status just turned doubtful so it's a green light on Brandin Cooks Still concerned about Jaylen Samuels at TE. It's just hard to bet against a Top 5 TE that's ALWAYS getting red zone targets. Also... it seems like any time Montana goes against playing Ebron, he produces a manure ton of points lol