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  1. Ware's status just turned doubtful so it's a green light on Brandin Cooks


    Still concerned about Jaylen Samuels at TE. It's just hard to bet against a Top 5 TE that's ALWAYS getting red zone targets.


    Also... it seems like any time Montana goes against playing Ebron, he produces a manure ton of points lol 

  2. 1 hour ago, DarkProto05 said:

    Ikr dude. I never understood the folks who thought Gurley was a god. If you get a top 3 RB and the number one overall TE in CMC and Kelce you take that.


    This isn't a knock on you MrMom. This is a knock on everyone who gave you terrible advice and said "no way don't do that trade, way too little for Gurley".

    No worries. I deserve all the knock :unsure:

  3. Team I'm playing in the 1st round has CMC, Kelce, Julio so suffice it to say that I'm slightly concerned


    WDIS?!?!?!?! Right now this is my line-up. 8 team .5 PPR league


    QB: Jared Goff

    WR: DeAndre Hopkins

    WR: Keenan Allen

    RB: Todd Gurley

    RB: Saquon Barkley

    TE: Jaylen Samuels

    Flex: Spencer Ware

    K: Harrison Butker

    DST: Chicago Bears


    Bench: Carson Wentz, Brandin Cooks, Eric Ebron, Tyler Boyd


    It's hard to bet against Ebron right now and Brandin Cooks seem like he would have a good game against PHI 


    Should I change anything?!?!?!?!?!