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  1. Trade Offer

    So I'm in a 14 Team 0.5 PPR League and have been offered the following trade. Receive Tyler Lockett and Miles Sanders Give Courtland Sutton and AJ Green I'm leaning towards accepting this trade. What do you all think?
  2. Trading for a RB?

    What about this trade: I receive: Kamara Lockett Foles He receives: Hopkins Kerryon Johnson Roethlisberger
  3. Trading for a RB?

    Looking at it further, how does this trade offer sound: I would receive: Alvin Kamara, Cooper Kupp The other guy would receive: Kerryon Johnson, Amari Cooper I would be improving significantly at RB and he would improve significantly at WR. Does this sound like a good trade offer?
  4. Trading for a RB?

    I'm in a 14 Team 0.5 PPR League and due to drafting Hopkins in Round 1 I missed out on most of the elite RB's. I'm thinking about trying to package one of my QB and WR together for an RB and WR. Here is my team: QB: Kirk Cousins, Ben Roethlisberger (bench) RB: Kerryon Johnson, Philip Lindsay, Derrius Guice (flex), Jalen Richard (bench), Ito Smith (bench) WR: DeAndre Hopkins, Amari Cooper, Courtland Sutton (bench), A.J. Green (bench), Ted Ginn Jr. (bench) TE: Jared Cook K: Harrison Butker DEF: Chargers, Colts (bench) I know one of the other guys in my league has already expressed interest in trying to improve at QB and WR. Right now he's banking on Kyler Murray which I think is a pretty big risk, especially with Arizona having the worst OL in the league. He has Kamara, Freeman and Ekeler at RB and Evans, Lockett and Kupp at WR. Should I try to package a trade with him to get Kamara or Freeman? I would be willing to trade either of my 2 QB's and would be willing to trade Cooper as well. Hopkins would be harder to trade but I would consider it under the right circumstances. What do you think?
  5. 14 Team 0.5 PPR League - Thoughts on Team?

    No, I took Hopkins in 1, Kerryon 2, Cooper 3 and Lindsay 4.
  6. 14 Team 0.5 PPR League - Thoughts on Team?

    I'm just not sold on DJ getting back to previous levels. Arizona had a terrible OL last year and they've done very little to address that. Never mind a first time NFL coach and I honestly believe DJ will have a down year again this year. If I'm wrong I'm wrong but I just didn't feel like it was worth the risk when I know Hopkins is a sure thing at WR. That's exactly what I'm hoping for as well. It's good that both Kerryon and Lindsay are the featured backs on their respective teams. Neither team really does the "running back by committee" approach. I actually look at Lindsay as a higher end RB2. Kerryon is definitely a borderline RB1, probably more a solid RB2 but I think he could still have a good year. I'll entertain some trades if anyone offers but yeah I'll stay put for now and see how the first few games go.
  7. 14 Team 0.5 PPR League - Thoughts on Team?

    To me this was the problem picking at 6, I knew it would probably be best to pick a WR but I could potentially be screwed at RB. I absolutely hated drafting at 6 since it meant I drafted later in the 2nd round. But picking at 6 I wasn't going to get one of the top RB's (Barkley, McCaffrey, Elliott, Kamara or Bell). Sure I could've gotten David Johnson but I'm one of those people who got burned by DJ last year and as far as I'm concerned Arizona has done very little to address their terrible OL. I figured it would be best to get the top WR in Hopkins. Do you think there is any combination of QB's and WR's that I could combine to possibly trade for a decent starting RB?
  8. 14 Team 0.5 PPR League - Thoughts on Team?

    I picked 6th in Round 1 (took Hopkins) and then picked 23rd in Round 2 (took Johnson). In a lot of the mock drafts I had done either Chubb or Henry were there at 23 and it didn't happen this time. Chubb was taken at 14th which I thought was crazy early and Henry just before me at 22nd.
  9. So we just drafted in my 14 Team 0.5 PPR League and I wanted some feedback on what you all think. Here is my team: QB: Ben Roethlisberger, Kirk Cousins RB: Kerryon Johnson, Phillip Lindsay WR: DeAndre Hopkins, Amari Cooper TE: Jared Cook FLEX: Derrius Guice K: Harrison Butker DEF: Chargers BENCH: A.J. Green, Courtland Sutton, Jalen Richard. Ted Ginn, Ito Smith, Colts I know the first thing a lot of people are going to say is I missed on RB. I'll admit I did miss there as I was really expecting Chubb to be there in Round 2 and he got taken very early. I picked up 2 QB's and some decent backup WR's with the hope of possibly trading for a better RB. But overall what do you all think about the team?
  10. Hopkins or Thomas at 6?

    Thanks for the help guys. In many ways I probably was overthinking it. Obviously he has to get down to 6 but I pretty much know how others will draft so I think he'll be there.
  11. Hopkins or Thomas at 6?

    Picking 6th in a 14 Team PPR. Now being a Saints fan I'm obviously a little biased towards Thomas. Would it be crazy at 6 to take Thomas over Hopkins if both are available? I'm worried about other teams trying to shut down Hopkins with the Texans injuries at WR.
  12. 14 Team PPR WR Pick at 6

    So as the title indicates I'm picking 6th tomorrow in my 14 Team PPR league. I've decided that I'm going to take a WR at 6 but a little undecided on who. Would it be absolutely crazy to look at taking Michael Thomas over DeAndre Hopkins and Devante Adams? I feel like Hopkins could have the same issue that Thomas had late last year. A lot of injuries at WR for the Texans and now Lamar Miller so I think defenses are going to do absolutely everything to shut down Hopkins. Is Thomas at 6 a good pick or am I crazy for even considering it?
  13. 14 Team PPR League - Picking 6th

    As the title explains I will be in a 14 Team PPR League this year. This is the first time I'll be in any league larger than 12 teams so it definitely seems like a different approach. League owner just announced random draft order results and I'll be picking 6th. It is standard PPR scoring. Team structure will be 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX, 1 K and 1 DEF. I feel like picking 6th is a less than desirable position. It's right after the top tier of RBs will most likely be gone so the question I'm struggling with is do I get the top WR in DeAndre Hopkins or do I pick a second tier RB? Should I go RB/WR, RB/RB or WR/WR in the first two rounds? Thank you for any help.