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    2 Flex spots to fill this week in a must win matchup. Which 2 do I start? half ppr league. RB J. White RB L. McCoy WR DK. Metcalf WR R. Woods WR T. Williams
  2. Looking to trade Singletary and Woods for a better RB. Is that a fair trade for L. Fournette or am I paying overs?
  3. Who do i drop?

    TE has been my biggest weakness this season, currently my starter is Griffin but ideally i’d like 2 on my team as most teams in my league have 2 and im not sold on griffin. Jared Cook is on waivers, should I drop Malcolm Brown for him? or someone else, this is my team (12 team, 2 qb, half ppr) QB M. Ryan QB K. Cousins RB N. Chubb RB D. Singletary WR D. Hopkins WR A. Cooper WR DJ. Moore TE R. Griffin FLX T. Williams FLX R. Woods QB N. Foles RB J. White RB M. Brown WR DK Metcalf WR J. Gordon WR M. Hardman
  4. 12 team, 2qb half ppr league. Looking to pick up a TE as that's my biggest weakness. Should I pick up D. Goedert or R. Griffin? And secondly who should I drop? most teams have 2 te's so I would potentially like to keep 2. Should I simply drop hockenson for one? drop Brown/Hardman/other? or drop hockenson and other for both? Also is T. Gabriel worth a pickup? if so who should i drop? My current team is QB M. Ryan QB K. Cousins RB N. Chubb RB D. Singletary WR D. Hopkins WR A. Cooper WR T. Williams (OAK) TE TJ. Hockenson FLX R. Woods FLX DJ. Moore DST OAKLAND QB N. Foles RB J. White RB M. Brown WR DK. Metcalf WR J. Gordon WR M. Hardman
  5. TE starting help!

    should I start Hockenson or Goedert? eagles without alshon means goedert could see way more target than usual. what are your thoughts? (half ppr)
  6. TE Trade Help!

    Looking to trade for D.Waller as his owner also has H.Henry and has tried to shop waller to me in other trades. who is a fair trade? also happy to attempt a 2 for 1 if needed. My wr core is my strongest so i can afford to get rid of one. (just listing them all so you know what i have) D Hopkins A Cooper T Williams (OAK) DK Metcalf DJ Moore R Woods J Gordon M Hardman

    Should I trade DK Metcalf for T. McLaurin? Have been offered the trade and I think with Gordon now at the seahawks mclaurin is better for the rest of the season, but keen to know your thoughts!
  8. Trade Help

    anything you’d recommend as a counter? definitely interested in henry
  9. Trade Help

    been offered this and i’m very tempted what are your thoughts? i receive H. Henry, J. Mixon and T. Johnson and give up N. Chubb and DJ Moore. lineup atm is (2qb, half ppr) QB M. Ryan QB K. Cousins RB N. Chubb RB J. White WR D. Hopkins WR A. Cooper WR R. Woods FLX DK Metcalf FLX T. Williams TE TJ Hockenson D. Singletary M. Brown DJ Moore M. Hardman J. Gordon B. Allen
  10. Trade Advice

    team in a 2qb half ppr 12 man keavhe QB M.Ryan QB K.Cousins RB N.Chubb RB J.White WR D.Hopkins WR A.Cooper WR R.Woods TE TJ. Hockenson FLX M.Gallop FLX M. Hardman DST Packers WR T. Williams WR Z. Jones WR DK. Metcalf WR D.Johnson RB W. Gallman TE C. Herndon
  11. Trade Advice

    Do i take this trade? I give up M.Gallop for DJ Moore and D.Singletary
  12. RB Trade Advice

    My roster is stacked with WR's so I'm looking at bringing in some RB's. What trades do you think are better for me? R.Woods for S. Michel? R. Woods for J. Jacobs? R. Woods for L. Fournette? (might require me sending another player his way) R. Woods for J. Mixon?
  13. TE Dilemma

    With Hunter Henry’s injury likely being 4-6 weeks is he worth a bench spot to hold until fit or should I drop him? I was lucky to pick up Hockinson on the waiver so so TE isn’t a worry. Only person on the waivers of interest atm is Hardman
  14. Antonio Brown Waivers

    Who’s the best option to drop?
  15. Someone in my league just dropped AB, is it worth picking him up on the waivers and seeing what happens? If so who do a i drop? Malcolm Brown, Mike Davis or Damien Harris?