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  1. FLEX Help

    I'm in the finals and need help deciding my FLEX. The biggest difficulty is knowing whether Boone will be the starter and if Mattison will be playing. I don't know if they'll be determined before Mostert plays saturday. Raheem Mostert Mike Boone Anthony Miller Kareem Hunt Golden Tate
  2. Week 15 Flex Pick

    Related question- I have Julio Jones at WR going up against the 49ers D. Am I overthinking things considering benching him for Sanders this week?
  3. Who's the RB to pickup..

    Mostert - whichever back gets the carries in that offense will put up big numbers and he looks like the guy right now. Safest bet is Laird because there's nobody else to steal carries, but Mostert has the biggest upside.
  4. Week 15 Flex Pick

    Who should I start as my FLEX for the playoffs, all have good matchups: Emmanuel Sanders Raheem Mostert Kareem Hunt Golden Tate
  5. AJ Green on Waivers

    Bump- Any advice?
  6. AJ Green on Waivers

    AJ Green was just dropped in my 12-Team PPR league. I've been struggling to get a solid WR2 behind Beckham (who hasn't been great himself), who do I drop for him: DJ Chark Mike Williams Josh Gordon Marquez Valdes-Scantling Robby Anderson Marvin Jones Related question- how much FAAB dollars should I put towards him? I've got $25 left for the season. Is it worth it to spend what I've got left?
  7. MVS or Gordon

    Who should I start in PPR, Valdes-Scantling or Josh Gordon? Gordon has been a disappointment so far but plays Washington, and Adams is out for Green Bay.
  8. I'm in a 12-team Standard Keeper league where we can hold onto 3 keepers. My team is 3-0 and rolling right now but if there's a chance to steal Barkley I want to pounce, especially since most owners only focus on this season. What's a fair trade for someone out 4-6 weeks? Would Henry and Woods for Barkley get laughed at? Any other suggestions? Here's my team: QB - Prescott, Jackson RB - Aaron Jones, Derrick Henry, Sony Michel, Frank Gore, Latavius Murray, Darrel Williams WR - Beckham, Julio Jones, Robert Woods, Emmanuel Sanders, Terry McLaurin TE - Hooper
  9. Need RB Help

    Would offering Lockett and Woods for Jacobs be a more suitable trade offer? I would still have Beckham, Watkins, Moore and Marquise Brown on my team and could pick up guys like Westbrook, Tate, MVS or Deebo Samuel who are sitting on waivers to fill my last spot (it's a 10-team league)
  10. Need RB Help

    A guy in my league keeps asking for Woods. I'm pretty set for receivers and he has solid RB depth if Mixon comes back (Mixon, Jacobs, Mack, Hyde, Mostert, Samuels). Check my team below, is Woods and White a fair offer for Jacobs? Should I up the ante? QB - Jackson RB - David Johnson, Aaron Jones, White, Murray, Sanders WR - Beckham, Woods, Watkins, Lockett, DJ Moore, Marquise Brown TE - Howard, Olsen
  11. Drop Latavius Murray

    With Brees going down (looks like it could be 6 weeks) does Murray still have any value? Should I drop him for Raheem Mostert, Peyton Barber, or Frank Gore - all available in my 10-team standard league.
  12. Help to Trade for McCoy

    I see a lot of views but no advice. Was the offer too outrageous? Any other trade that makes more sense?
  13. I'm in a standard league and I'm getting concerned with my RBs now that Aaron Jones could get off to 2 bad starts. I'm looking for high upside guys that won't break the bank to obtain and naturally think McCoy could be huge if given the reigns in Kansas City. His owner has him on the bench behind Fournette and Bell and could use some WR help with Hill going down for him. Check out my team below- Is trading Lockett and White going too strong for McCoy? Until Hill gets back Lockett is my 4th best receiver and seattle doesn't appear to want to throw the ball again this year. Any other trade advice would be appreciated, thanks. QB - Jackson, Newton WR - Beckham, Woods, Watkins, Lockett, DJ Moore, Marquise Brown RB - David Johnson, Aaron Jones, James White, Latavius Murray, Miles Sanders TE - Howard
  14. Someone dropped Miles Sanders in my league, I'm assuming after the three-headed RBBC in week 1. I think he's worth picking up cuz he'll likely be the man by season's end. Who should I drop in my standard league? Should I can Newton and run with one QB or drop one of my many receivers (MVS?)? Thanks for any advice. QB - Jackson, Newton RB - David Johnson, Aaron Jones, James White, Latavius Murray WR - Beckham, Woods, Watkins, DJ Moore, Lockett, MVS, Marquise Brown TE - Howard
  15. 10-Team standard league and I'm trying to improve at RB. I'm making an attempt at prying Chubb away from his owner because I know he wasn't too fond of him in the first place but Chubb fell to early second round. Do you think Aaron Jones and either Watkins or Woods is fair trade or do I need to offer up much more to snag Chubb? My team: QB - Jackson, Newton RB - David Johnson, Aaron Jones, James White, Latavius Murray WR - Beckham, Woods, Watkins, Lockett, DJ Moore, Marquise Brown, MVS TE - Howard