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  1. Matt Ryan or Dak Prescott

    Well yes if there were less TD passes thrown in his day, naturally his TD/INT ratio will reflect. in comparison we have guys today hitting 35/15 numbers and that is stellar. Something like 20/13 used to be a norm and we didn’t think twice about the ability of the QB in those days. We shouldn't correlate old school players with modern day standard. The numbers will deceive you.
  2. Ekeler/Gordon/Adams/Waller for Zeke/Hilton/Kelce

    Oh my what a trade. I would take Zeke Kelce side
  3. Matt Ryan or Dak Prescott

    Yes but Yesterday’s NFL was not the passing league it is today.
  4. Matt Ryan or Dak Prescott

    By the way your crew played you would think the skins actually got something. Not to be confused
  5. Matt Ryan or Dak Prescott

    Wentz is top 5. Dak has put up top 5 numbers since coop arrived. Statistically I’d argue
  6. Matt Ryan or Dak Prescott

    Best O line in football. Best RB in football. Weapons everywhere. I’d start Dak over anybody right now. There is little reason to believe he will fade
  7. Do I pickup Titans Or Cowboys or Texans as D/ST this week?

  8. Who wins this trade

    Which side?
  9. Who wins this trade

    I’m not one to play around with the anticipation of what “should” happen. Gordon is looming, Ekeler stock is high right now. If I can get a WR1 for him I’m pulling the trigger. I personally love the idea of drafting a 6th round guy just to trade him off for a 2nd round guy after week one. How could it get any better?
  10. Who wins this trade

    “Source said, he still wants to be a Charger.” It actually isn’t me who is disagreeing with your certainty.
  11. Who wins this trade

    You strike me as an Ekeler owner..
  12. Who wins this trade

    ESPNs Fowler reported yesterday: “Fowler's source drew a distinction between Gordon's holdout and Le'Veon Bell's last season. "Not a Le'Veon Bell situation," source said. "He still wants to be a Charger." Fowler intimated that a return midseason or by early November, at the latest, is the most likely scenario. In order for his contract not to toll, allowing him to be an unrestricted free agent in March, Gordon must report 30 days before the end of the regular season, which translates to Week 13 as the Chargers prepare for a Dec. 1 game at Denver. In the meantime, Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson will continue to man the backfield.”
  13. Who wins this trade

    Ekeler & Boyd FOR Cooper & Michel Key points. My thoughts Ekeler is a solid RB2 but will be pushed back when Gordon signs. I’m bugged. Boyd is a high volume WR2 with little target competition until Green comes back. Ross needs to show consistency for me. — Cooper is a low end WR1 with high end upside & my god he can really light it up this year in that offense. Michel is a solid RB2 who had an abysmal outing week 1 to put people in head scratching mode, but I doubt that will last.
  14. What is your strategy when your the clear top guy in the league?

    He has a good team. Don’t be negative Nancy
  15. Trade Andrews and E. Sanders for Dak?

    Go Aj Green straight up. Some may be still excited about him.