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  1. Mid season Super Bowl Predictions

  2. TNF 49ers vs Cardinals

    Kittle scores
  3. Trade Predictions

    One trade. Talib to Dolphins
  4. Bennett to DAL for 7th

    He’s coming off a 9 sack year. His lack of playing time contributes to those numbers I’m sure. Patriots are loaded at D.
  5. Urban Meyer open to coaching the Cowboys?

    Not going to happen unless he is a “yes man.”
  6. Darren Waller...sleeper

    He is killing it for me
  7. Your team that looks good on paper but has a terrible record?

    3-3 record because of injuries to my WRs I would definitely proclaim QB: Phillip Rivers WR: D Adams WR: A cooper RB: Chubb RB: Ingram TE: Ertz FLEX: Michel/ J Brown/ G Tate
  8. Weird year for WRs?

    Man I feel this way about every position. What a weird start to a season.
  9. Who are you benching in favor of Amari Cooper?

    He may be limited but I could argue starting him in front of both of those guys. Goff is struggling something terrible and Brown is just as hurt as cooper but on a worse offense.
  10. Let's start top 10 BUST of the year...

    Chubb has done pretty good for me
  11. Fuller/Freeman for Ingram

    Ppr yes. Devonta yes.
  12. Fuller/Freeman for Ingram

    I always like getting second opinions. Who wins this trade? edit: ppr/devonta
  13. All 3 of my RB on Bye...F$@K

    Well why did you go and do that?
  14. TNF: Eagles/Packers

    Any news on D Adams?
  15. I need to drop 1 player for a Kicker

    Adams. He only has 150 yards receiving in the first half. I just expect more. Or maybe trade Adams & Juju for someone like Cole Beasley to clear up a spot.