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  1. Risk starting Michel tonight

    Thanks man. I knew you’d come through.
  2. Risk starting Michel tonight

    I can start Chubb & put J Gordon in flex. My other options aren’t as intriguing Idk man they are saying it is likely he will play, but yes risky. If he does get time it may be limited. I might just start Chubb
  3. Risk starting Michel tonight

    If I do & he doesn’t play I don’t have a Monday night RB to fill the spot. What is everybody else doing?
  4. Fitzmagic is in

    Exactly my thoughts.
  5. What happened to Opie?

    I think these forums would say otherwise. You have alot of support here.
  6. What happened to Opie?

    My hero
  7. put an NFL player in a halloween costume

    Hopkins as Whoopi Goldberg’s late nephew
  8. Will Fuller

    You mean, you didn’t see this coming? 🤨
  9. Flex Drake or Golladay

    2 TDS, sir
  10. Sony Michel

    Yes it’s annoying. The site auto logs me out & I have to type it in repeatedly. What a drag. I’ve tried to change it but I guess I can’t. Thanks for noticing my pain
  11. Trade Review - Gronk Odell Drake for Hunt and Edelman

    Gronk injured, OBJ on a terrible offense & drake splits time. Hunt is elite & Edelman is on elite offense. Brady will find him consistently every game. Hunt alone requires just under, but not by much, Gronk & OBJ😯(went there) although some would argue, but fair trade.
  12. Sony Michel

    Any updated news on his status going forward? I’ve been checking ESPN & fantasy updates. Last I heard was no structural damage & is week to week. He hasn’t practiced the last 2 days & I’m sure he will miss Monday night. The patriots aren’t releasing much info as far as I know. I suppose expressing that Michel is week to week is all they are obligated to give us. Frustrating. I just traded low for him hoping he would be a steal. Also, needing to right my wrongs for dropping White early in the season 😔
  13. Flex Drake or Golladay

    Wrong sir
  14. Lamar Miller tonight

    Ehh I would do Godwin but we will see
  15. OverCooking My Grits

    Get out of the kitchen