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  1. Here to answer your questions while i have time.
  2. Is Carson Seahwks RB worth it?

    This forum isnt very helpful responses are few and far in between lol
  3. Standard 12 team LG Barkley Ingram Royce Freeman my current rbs. I have a chance to obtain Carson for Edleman is it worth it? My other WRs are Evan's Diggs Golliday coutee Robbie Anderson

    It's a risky move but it's looking like he may be traded to philly but I would wait to see what smallwood does Thursday

    Should you do it? Lmao the question is why haven't you done it that is such a lopsided trade lol
  6. HUGE TRADE!!!

    That owner is clever he getting you at the right time but if you look deeper that's a bad trade for you. Yes breed and Odell just had great performances but upside remainder of season I like who you have more.
  7. You are in panic mode and the guys your giving up aren't the reason your 0-5 take a deeper look at your squad. Julio is a big name but it doesn't translate to his performance. I'm not moving hunt on that video game offense or Evan's with winston back under center.
  8. Trade Mark Ingram?

    Gronk and howard dam that's a lot you getting in return
  9. More upside moving forward at RB

    Carson at this point he is the lead dog. There are rumors that the eagles are after howard but that's just rumors at this point and Cohen though dynamic doesn't have a huge roll in a offense with so many mouths to feed
  10. I would've already accepted that trade Freeman is injury prone and out again this week. You have 2 wr1 why not get that rb to compliment McCaffrey that's a no brainer for me
  11. Edelman for Carlos Hyde?

    I'm in same boat with edleman in standard lg but I was offered chris carson but I'm not as big on hyde tbh and your wrs aren't that deep but if you have no rbs I'd do the wait a week move
  12. 12 team standard league Do I trade edleman for chris carson? Current RBs are Barkley, Ingram and Royce Freeman Wrs are Evan's diggs golliday edleman coutee robbie anderson
  13. I'm deep at WR with Evan's, Edleman, Golliday, Diggs, Coutee Rbs are Barkley, Ingram, Royce Freeman Been offered carson for edleman What do I do????
  14. Gurley (Deal or No-Deal)

    I'm not moving Gurley period