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  1. Who can I trust tonight?

    Hamilton all day
  2. What do you need on MNF?

    DeSean Hamilton, 20.2 points in PPR. LETS (the really bad word)ING RIDE
  3. Elijiah McGuire or Ware/Williams?

    Looks like Ware has a good shot at playing. Feels a bit risky to play him or Williams if he does. Feels like it could be split even between the two.
  4. Chris Hogan worth an add?

    He worth a look at for my WR3 slot over Desean Hamilton or Dante Pettis? PPR Gronk on injury report and Gordon suspended opens up some more looks his way I presume.
  5. Pettis or D. Hamilton

    Pettis vs Min (I know the matchup sucks but he is thier most productive WR) or Hamilton vs Oak. I love the Hamilton matchup but his ceiling is capped by playing slot and only getting 45-50 yds a game. Do I play it safe with Hamilton or go big with Pettis? PPR
  6. Tyler Boyd probably sits out so that could give Uzomah more looks but Cam isnt playing, so the backup could look to dump off to the TE a lot.
  7. Elijiah McGuire or Ware/Williams?

    I agree with you 100%, good luck to you as well
  8. McGuire has a good matchup against GB (probably get at least 20 touches again, I like the volume a lot) and if Rodgers does sit I think NY probably leads most of the game and the script will be in favor of the RB's. Or do I start Ware if he plays or williams if Ware sits? PPR
  9. What do I do with Goff?

    I have Rivers as my other QB. He has a tough matchup with Baltimore. Do I ride with Goff or do I start Rivers ? Josh Allen is on the waivers as well, add him?
  10. As an Keenan Allen owner and a Chubb owner I need all of my other players to do really well. Wilson vs SF or Jackson vs TB
  11. David Johnson or Nick chubb??

    Pardon my Chubb
  12. Traded for Goff right at the trade deadline. I've rode Rivers to a 9-4 record and getting a bye. Do I leave my championship hopes in the fate of Rivers like I have all year (he put up over 400 yes and 3 TD's against the chiefs in week 1) or do I start Goff at home vs one of the worst defenses in the league?