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  1. David Johnson or Nick chubb??

    Pardon my Chubb
  2. Traded for Goff right at the trade deadline. I've rode Rivers to a 9-4 record and getting a bye. Do I leave my championship hopes in the fate of Rivers like I have all year (he put up over 400 yes and 3 TD's against the chiefs in week 1) or do I start Goff at home vs one of the worst defenses in the league?
  3. Spencer Ware Injury?

    I have Williams. Am I crazy to start him over ware if ware ends up playing? (snap count limited)
  4. I need a WR3 bewteen Pettis and Hamilton and should I start Williams ahead of Ware? I just get this feeling his snap count will be limited and Williams will get alot of work.
  5. Spencer Ware Injury?

    No practice today. Still don't worry?
  6. Spencer Ware Injury?

    Being a short week, think he plays?
  7. Pick up Sutton, Humphries or Godwin

    Still Godwin man, trust me.. he will go off in the fantasy playoffs IF Desean Jackson is out. Hes looked at a lot in the red zone a ton and being the WR beside Mike Evans without having Jackson vulture targets? Yeah give me that all day
  8. Fournette or David Johnson

    David Johnson, because it's .5 PPR and Detroit run defense isn't as good as Tennessee
  9. Winston or Rivers

    Rivers. NO defense will make it hard on Winston
  10. Pick up Zay Jones?

    Im thinking about dropping D. Thomas for him. He's the #1 WR for the bills now, and I think will have upside in the fantasy playoffs. I have TY and he's didn't practice again today so I might need a replacement . Think Jones has more upside than Thomas? Especially this week?
  11. Pick up Sutton, Humphries or Godwin

    Godwin. He's gonna win some people their championships
  12. Cohen, Ware or Ingram. PPR

    Cohen vs LAR, Ingram vs TB or Ware vs Bal
  13. Sony or Gus

    Yeah, Gus IF Jackson starts. KC is giving up a good amount of points to every team they play. Even if they do get down they can't throw it 30 times with Jackson. He just is not that good of a passer yet. I think Gus gets 17-18 rushing attempts, as well as 2-3 receptions and a TD, book it.
  14. Ekeler, Chubb , Cook help!!!!

    Never sit Chubb. RB1