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  1. Flex Help!

  2. You're killing me OBJ!

    Looks like OBJ might be out again this week... If so, I need 2. .5 PPR D. Pettis Z Jones M. Sanu M. Galup Or here are the top 10 projected on my waiver. Thanks for the help!
  3. Which team looks better this week?

    Thanks guys!! Good luck this weekend.
  4. Sit Mahomes and start Rivers?

    No way, play Mahomes.
  5. If S. Ware doesn't go...

    He's "Doubtful"
  6. Flex Help!

    .5 PPR I need one. I have Samuels in right now because of Jone's matchup. J. Samuels vs NE A Jones vs CHI J Landry vs DEN Thank for your help!
  7. If S. Ware doesn't go...

    1st week of the playoffs. .5 PPR I need a new flex since Ware looks like he's not gonna play.. Damien Williams or Breida?
  8. Need some wr help please.

    Thank's guys!
  9. Winston or Rivers

    Winston. The Charger game could get out of hand early.
  10. Which D

  11. Which D/ST?

    I like the chargers as well. But The titans have a great schedule ROS.
  12. 6 point TD's. I'm really torn this week, and I have to win to get in. What do you think?
  13. Need 1, .5 PPR D. Pettis vs DEN Z. Jones vs NYJ Thanks for your help!