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  1. Who would you play in flex this week in a half PPR league? 1) If Gurley is playing 2) If Gurley isn't playing - Mixon - Gurley - Chark The rest of my RBs and WR's will be slotted in as: RB - Barkley, Lindsay WR - Edelman, Woods
  2. How would you rank these guys ROS? - Curtis Samuel - LeSean McCoy - Robby Anderson - Royce Freeman - Miles Sanders
  3. I was able to grab Bears D off the wire as someone dropped them during their bye week. Is it safe for me to drop the Ravens now that I have Bears?
  4. Who’d you want ROS in half PPR between: - Henry - Walker - Herndon - Hock
  5. Who would you go with today?? Thanks
  6. Bears D dropped

    Done - thanks!
  7. Bears D dropped

    Ideally I'd keep Ravens for this week since they have a good matchup, and then drop them next. Yeah agreed - would be Mattison or Sanders I guess. Sanders obviously is more productive, but Mattison is just my insurance in case Cook goes down. Maybe it's best to drop Sanders and then attempt to get him back next week?
  8. Bears D dropped

    Should I grab them for ROS? Who should I drop if so? Half PPR QB - Watson, Goff RB - Cook, Conner, Kerryon, McCoy, Sanders, Mattison WR - Godwin, Cooks, Fitz, J.Brown TE - Andrews K - Gould D - Ravens
  9. Sell high on Godwin? Half PPR

    Thankfully I already have cook lol. Sometimes I forget signatures don’t show up on mobile. I’d def be looking for another WR as I have decent RB depth. More so if we thought Godwin’s production so far was a major fluke. Obviously I don’t expect these numbers every week, but if we think he’ll be a decent mid level WR1 going forward then I’m happy to hold QB - Watson, Goff RB - Cook, Conner, Kerryon, McCoy, Sanders, Mattison WR - Godwin, Cooks, J.Brown, Fitz TE - Andrews K - Gould D - Ravens As for other teams rosters, I can def post them all but didn’t think people would want to look through those lol. So was more looking for some general names that might be good to shop for on a value basis, then I can look at those rosters and see if it’s feasible. But since I want a WR for WR trade it would likely be hard to accomplish. So I’ll likely end up sticking with Godwin in the end which is definitely fine
  10. Do you think I should shop Godwin and hope to sell him high, buy someone else low? Who do you think I could get for him? Or is he a legit WR1 that I should hang onto? My other WRs are Cooks, Fitz and John Brown
  11. Which TE would you take ROS in half PPR? - Walker - Hockensen - Herndon - Everett - Henry
  12. Who do you prefer ROS out of Williams and Moore?
  13. Should I hold Goff?

    Thanks all - yeah Sanders would be the logical 1st drop I guess. Then I'll see if anyone pops up that is worth a slot over Goff As for Samuels - I would like to hold him (or Mattison) to handcuff Conner or Cook. I go back and forth on who to hold (may take Mattison now assuming Conner is good to play this week, as Pit has a bye in week 7 anyways)
  14. I have Watson as my QB1 and Goff just sits on my bench. Is it safe to drop him to grab (or try to at least - waivers) guys like Coleman, Fuller? Or would you keep holding Goff as a backup Team: QB - Watson, Goff RB - Cook, Conner, Kerryon, McCoy, Sanders, Samuels WR - Godwin, Cooks, J.Brown, Fitz TE - Andrews K - Gould D - Titans (streamer)