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  1. Title says it all - who would you start? Thanks!
  2. Hey all, few questions for you regarding this week's lineup in a 0.5 PPR league 1) QB: WIlson @ SF or Ryan vs. Ari? 2) FLEX: Samuel vs. NO or Drake @ Min? 3) Does the rest of my lineup look ok, or would you make any changes? QB: Wilson or Ryan RB: Barkley RB: Carson WR: M.Thomas WR: Lockett TE: Kelce FLEX: Samuel or Drake K: Zuerlein DST: Bears Bench RB: K.Johnson Bench RB: Breida Bench WR: Humphries Bench WR: Golladay Thanks!
  3. Hang on to Breida and K.Johnson?

    I have Barkley, Carson, and Drake other than those 2. So a very solid RB1, and some meh RB2s
  4. Would you hang on to one or both of these guys for now? My league ends after week 16, so just the 2 weeks left Would you take Dion Lewis over either of them? Thanks
  5. Playoff add/drop suggestions

    Oh sorry, roster below QB: Wilson, Ryan RB: Barkley, Drake, Carson, K.Johnson, Breida WR: M.Thomas, Golladay, Lockett, Tate, Humphries TE: Kelce K: Zuerlein DST: Bears
  6. Playoff add/drop suggestions

    Thanks! Who would you drop? Any other thoughts? Gotta get waiver claims in tonight!
  7. Hey everyone, Looking for some advice on how to play week 15 (without sacrificing too much from week 16), and if I should make any moves. Would you pick up any of the following over any of my guys? RBs: Lewis McGuire Dixon Ivory WRs: Samuel Reynolds Shepard Pettis
  8. I'm going to try to get Humphries for the playoffs (I'm on bye this week, so just preparing for weeks 15 and 16). Who would be my drop? Could be a WR or RB that I drop. Thanks! In case you can't see my signature RBs: K.Johnson, Breida, Carson, Drake, Lewis WRs: Lockett, Golladay, Tate
  9. Pick 2 QBs ROS

    Thanks for the tips! I was actually leaning toward dropping Cousins for Ryan as well, which it seems like that's what you'd do... Just wanted some insight from others. Looks like that's the route I'll likely go, unless some others here convince me otherwise
  10. Pick 2 QBs ROS

    Hey all, I currently own Wilson and Cousins, but Winston and Ryan are now available on the wire. Which 2 QBs would you want for playoffs? Wilson: vs. Min // @ SF // vs. KC Cousins: @ Sea // vs. Mia // @ Det Winston: vs. NO // @ Bal // @ Dal Ryan: @ GB // vs. Ari // @ Car
  11. RB2 and Flex this week - half PPR

    Thanks, but I don’t have White on my roster lol
  12. Who would you roster in my RB2 and flex slots this week? Half PPR, 5 points for 100 rush yards, 2.5 points for 100 receiving yards. Thanks! RB2: - Breida (Q) @ Sea - Carson vs SF - Lewis vs NYJ - Drake (Q) vs Buf - K.Johnson (Q) vs LAR Flex: - Any RB listed above - Lockett vs SF - Tate vs Wsh
  13. Rank these kickers ROS

    Oh my sig might not be updated. I had Greg but had to drop him on his bye for Bryant, and then Butker became available too. Just wanted to make sure Greg is still consensus #1, and that if I can’t get him, if I should stick with Bryant or go for Butker. Thanks!
  14. Zuerlein Butker Bryant How do you rank them? Thanks
  15. I have Kelce, so Brate was just his fill in while on bye