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  1. Half PPR - Mixon or Lindsay in the snow? Thanks!
  2. Half PPR. With the weather in KC, would you flex any Of these over Lindsay? Mixon Woods (I’m already playing Gurley and Higbee tho) Jared Cook
  3. 0.5 PPR league. I’ve been debating who to flex, and so far it’s been between Conner and Singletary. With Parker now playing, does he overtake either or both of the RBs in the flex consideration? Also, in the event Josh Jacobs doesn’t end up playing - where does Washington fall in this list compared to Conner, Singletary, and Parker?
  4. RB help (0.5 PPR)

    Thanks all - I’m definitely leaning toward putting Mostert in 100%, just having trouble deciding between Conner and Singletary
  5. Half PPR - pick 2 out of these 3 Conner vs. Buf Singletary @ Pit Mostert vs. Atl Thanks Irish!
  6. I need to choose 2 out of the following 3 to start, and I'm a bit conflicted. Who would you choose? Conner vs. Buf - Unknown how they'll split the work with Conner coming off injury, and also the risk of him re-injuring Mostert vs. Atl - He's had a couple of good games, but SF isn't running the ball as much as they did early in the season, so he's still seeing limited touches overall but has had some big plays lately to boost #s Singletary @ Pit - Seeing a lot of touches (16+ in his last 5 of 6 games), but Pit is stingy against the run and Gore seems to get most of the runs near the goal line
  7. BAL, PIT, or NE Defense this week?

    Lol you have the basically unanimous top 2, and then maybe #3 or #4. I'd prob go with Ravens, but flip a coin between them and Pats
  8. 1) If Andrews is active tonight, would you go with Andrews or Higbee? 2) If Cook is active on Monday, would you go with Cook, Doyle, or Higbee? Luckily Doyle plays Monday as well in case Cook is a last minute inactive
  9. Well at least one of them is mine! Luckily it's in the league that I care way more about winning (league 1)
  10. Need Big Rd 2 Playoff Help

    I think I'd roll with Brown for sure, and then it's close between Deebo and Lockett for me. I may lean slightly toward Deebo, but can see the argument for putting Lockett in
  11. Both leagues half PPR. I know these threads are pretty pointless, but it’s fun to see people’s thoughts 🙂 League 1: Team 1: QB - Garoppolo vs. Atl RB - Zeke vs. LAR RB - Fournette @ Oak WR - Landry @ Ari WR - AJ Brown vs. Hou TE - Ertz @ Wsh Flex - White @ Cin K - Gonzalez vs. Cle Def - Chiefs vs. Den Team 2: QB - Watson @ Ten RB - Cook @ LAC RB - Conner vs. Buf WR - Godwin @ Det WR - DJ Moore vs. Sea TE - Andrews vs. NYJ Flex - Mostert vs. Atl K - Gould vs. Atl Def - Steelers vs. Buf League 2: Team 1: QB - Brady @ Cin RB - Barkley vs. Mia RB - Gurley @ Dal WR - Edelman vs. Cin WR - DJ Moore vs. Sea TE - Doyle @ NO Flex - Lindsay @ KC K - Lutz vs. Ind Def - Seahawks @ Car Team 2: QB - Tannehill vs. Hou RB - CMC vs. Sea RB - Carson @ Car WR - John Brown @ Pit WR - Deebo vs. Atl TE - Kelce vs. Den Flex - Singletary @ Pit K - Tucker vs. NYJ Def - Eagles @ Was
  12. My WR 1/2 and RB 1 are set in stone. Who would you slot in my RB2, TE, and Flex spots? If Jacobs plays and if Jacobs doesn’t play. Thanks as always! RB1: Cook RB2: WR1: Godwin WR2: DJ Moore TE: Flex: Available options: RB - Conner, Mostert, Singletary, D.Washington WR - J.Brown, Parker (probably out this week) TE - Higbee, Andrews (let’s assume he’s playing)
  13. Brady vs Rodgers vs Tannehill

    I would drop Brady for Tannenhill