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  1. How have you kept your team afloat?

    I used my 1st round pick on dalvin cook in a PPR keeper league and went with the strategy to stack WR (OBJ=keeper, Evans, Sanders, Gordon). Made some clutch moves with murray, yeldon, aaron jones and mack on waivers to band aid my joke rbs minus cook. Ok in reality its PPR and I drafted zach Ertz round 3 because I knew after him it was a big falloff. I thought he would be good but nowhere near this good. That's why my team is afloat. He's been giving me a 20 points head start almost every week at tight end. Also my qb tandem of Ryan and Ben I thought would be just solid has been elite. And now my once terrible rbs are actually now decent due to a few breakouts and cook back so I'm hopeful I can win the league and have one of the better teams at 8-2. It's been a grind🤕
  2. What could you get for Gronk now

    If I needed a tight end desperately I would give some value for him coming off the bye. Outside of the top 5 or so TE its the pits out there 😂
  3. D/ST week 11

    Why is balt available? Grab them
  4. Trade for M Thomas Thoughts?

    Gotcha. In that case I like the AB/mack side a little better but plenty will probably disagree so I'd seek as many opinions as possible ☺
  5. Trade for M Thomas Thoughts?

    Also depends what you need I guess. AB has some tough opponents next few weeks so if you need every win to make playoffs that would be an advantage to thomas
  6. Trade for M Thomas Thoughts?

    Cant see sigs sorry. Many will argue but personally I like AB a tiny bit better in PPR and that's my reason really. Both elite options just trust him a little more week to week
  7. Trade for M Thomas Thoughts?

    I wouldn't but its pretty even so can't really fault either side
  8. Early week 11 WR starts

    Golloday, sanders, fitz is my order.
  9. Zeke or Kamara ROS

    Zeke but splitting hairs
  10. For the record my waiver wire is bare, so if I had options like Denver or washington I would probably use them instead over the lions.
  11. In a similar situation. Think they are just decent enough to do well im fantasy playoffs. They arent a great D but much better than a truly bad one like oakland who is not playable against even the worst teams. At least I hope anyway because I'm grabbing them and hoping the bills and cardinals are awful enough to make me look smart lol
  12. Joe Mixon. Start your studs. Wouldn't surprise me if either outscored him though, both great matchups