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  1. PPR. Mack, Richard, Godwin?

    Was leaning that way. Little hesitant because have Evans also. Thanks for the input
  2. RB Help

    I would sit Chubb
  3. Happy Golladays?

    I'd go golloday
  4. Bench Fournette For....

    Play the rbs
  5. Need help with RBs

    White and ekeler
  6. Lineup Questions

    Mayfield Juju Denver
  7. Trey Burton Woes

    I'd say burton but like you I don't trust him a bit. On paper they should have to throw a lot vs rams and rams corners are good so I expect tight end to get looks.
  8. Flex help....

    Gurley, Jones, Cook.
  9. Gus, Sanders, Ekler..... Pick one

    Ekeler. Bengals are a joke.
  10. Which 2 QB's this week????

    Luck and winston. Texans pass D is mediocre luck should do fine
  11. Wdis at RB???

    Ekeler is the one I see as the must start, the others all pretty even