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  1. Which rb this week

    Miles Sanders against the Rams or Chris Carson against the Patriots? Philly's O-Line is a little worrisome and that's where I'm having my second guesses. Full ppr
  2. What to do with Wentz?

    So I've been holding out hope on Wentz because he had a decently hard schedule the last few weeks, his wr core is banged up, and his playoff matchups are insane. After today though should I trust Wentz with next week at miami and ros? My other qb is josh allen and there aren't to many good qbs on the wire so it will probably be streaming them for the playoffs. What do y'all think?
  3. Opinion on Tevin Coleman

    So as a Tevin Coleman owner who has been burned multiple times by him this year I'm interested in hearing what everyone thinks about him ROS. Should I continue to roll him out there every week, trade him or maybe there's another Coleman owner out there that is so irritated they think he should be dropped. What's your opinion?
  4. What do I do with this trade.. Oh boy

    I would do that in a heart beat. Even if the wire is pretty bare for picking up another decent qb to get you through Watson's bye week I would still consider the trade and taking the loss if you can afford it.
  5. I was offered Julio

    If I decide to do the trade which rb would should I part with? Carson or Jacobs? Also should I see if he wants a different wr other than Allen?
  6. Finally traded OBJ!

    Nice turn out man! That will definitely help in the weeks to come.
  7. I was offered Julio

    So I was offered Julio for Keenan allen and Jacobs. He also said he would be okay with carson instead of Jacobs. It is a ppr and my current team is QB Wentz, Allen RB Zeke, Jacobs, Carson, Coleman, Pollard WR Juju, Godwin, Hilton, Allen, Chark,TE Waller. What do y'all think?
  8. Pick 2 to start

    Any other thoughts?
  9. Pick 2 to start

    PPR sorry. I knew there was something else I needed to say haha
  10. Pick 2 to start

    As the title says pick 2 out of Coleman, Jacobs, and Carson. I'm leaning towards Jacobs and coleman but would love to hear thoughts on a different opinion.
  11. Jacobs or Coleman

    I switched it last minute and I'm gonna lose too 😂
  12. Jacobs or Coleman

    Start Jacobs at Houston or Coleman at Carolina?
  13. Mclaurin or R Anderson

    As long as Case Keenum is throwing the ball you'll still get garbage time points. I see Mclaurin getting more opportunities over Anderson and I feel that crowder will be Darnolds go to under pressure.
  14. Who Has Best Chance to Win This Matchup?

    I give the edge to Team 2 because Team 1 has to many questionable players for me.
  15. Mclaurin or R Anderson

    Mclaurin. Pat's D is insane