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  1. Mclaurin or R Anderson

    As long as Case Keenum is throwing the ball you'll still get garbage time points. I see Mclaurin getting more opportunities over Anderson and I feel that crowder will be Darnolds go to under pressure.
  2. Who Has Best Chance to Win This Matchup?

    I give the edge to Team 2 because Team 1 has to many questionable players for me.
  3. Mclaurin or R Anderson

    Mclaurin. Pat's D is insane
  4. Start or Sit

    Should I flex Josh Jacobs at GB or Tevin Coleman at Washington?
  5. First Year Commish needs some advice

    Yeah sorry when I added in the other trade and team lists I swapped a 1 and 2 lol. Typing on a phone at work in the bathroom is hard
  6. First Year Commish needs some advice

    Added team lists and records
  7. So two guys just had a trade accepted and it's being processed right now. There's a little talk about this trade being unfair and that I should veto it. I wanted a second opinion on if they are unfair or fine. Team 1 RECEIVES David Johnson Team 2 RECEIVES Jimmy G and Matt Breida If you guys need more context on what each guys team looks like I can list that as well. Thanks in advance for the advice! So the team lists will be a little weird because these guys also had another trade before this one and there are a lot of dropped players which I will tag appropriately. Team lists will be listed before both trades. Other trade was: Team 1 RECEIVES Russel Wilson Team 2 RECEIVES Jarvis Landry, Metcalf, and D Hop Both teams are 2-4 Team 1: QB Jimmy G, Josh Allen RB Michel, Howard, Breida WR D Hop, OBJ, Marvin Jones, Hollywood Brown, Metcalf, Cooks, Landry, TE Hooper and Cook Team 2: QB Russel Wilson RB David Johnson, A. Jones, McCoy, Montgomery Penny(dropped) WR Ty Williams, Jeffery, Adams, Curtis Samuel, James Washington(dropped) TE Henry, Howard(dropped)
  8. Traded Hunter Henry and Ty Williams for Keenan Allen. Good trade on my part? I have Waller as my TE and Ty Williams has been on my bench most of the season so far.
  9. Quick trade question!

    The kerryon side because I believe you're getting the better back. I also believe cooks is better than juju right now given the offensive setbacks the steelers are having.
  10. PPR Format Team 1 RECEIVES Hunter Henry and Tevin Coleman Team 2 RECEIVES Leveon Bell Team 1 RBs Connor, Ingram, Mack, Hyde; TE Dissly Team 2 RBs Zeke, Carson, Jacobs; TE Darren Waller
  11. Was offered OBJ for Woods and Juju, is this trade worth it with the Browns schedule getting easier? 10 team ppr
  12. Waiver Pick ups

    It is ppr forgot to say. I was leaning coleman too since breida had the bigger game and more people might go for him.
  13. Waiver Pick ups

    Been toying with dropping chris thompson for coleman/breida. If so which of the two?
  14. Digging a Grave for Diggs?

    I would accept this instantly. The Vikings seem to have a new fetish to run run run the ball and barely throw with their new OC. I personally like Ty. Williams over Diggs at this point.
  15. WR / QB start sit question for week 4

    Wentz because I'm pretty sure Alshon is back in the lineup, I could be wrong though. Shepard for wr.